14 Why's

The Images we fight to preserve...

Fair Child of light, you are my Kin,
In Body, soul and mind;
A spirit call from deep within,
I must preserve your kind.

1. Why are we called "haters" when our cause is the preservation of the beauty of our children?

2. Why does the media call 92% of the earths population, that is non white, "minorities?"

3. Why is it evil to talk with pride of our own White race, when all other races are encouraged to do so?

4. Why does the media repudiate the historically proven fact that racial integration is cultural and biological genocide?

5. Why does America disavow the vast differences in civilization between Africa, China and Europe?

6. Why do all major Christian leaders, from Billy Graham to the Pope, promote genocide of the White race by encouraging interracial marriage?

7. Why is an act of self defense by a White man prosecuted as a "hate crime?"

8. Why is the very name of our race, Aryan, condemned as "White Supremacist?"

9. Why is all history being rewritten to obscure and denigrate the genius and accomplishments of the White race?

10. Why are only White people, unlike other races, denied a White homeland?

11. Why do Christian churches promote adoption of colored children from all over the world by White families, when they know the result is genocide of the White race?

12. Why does all entertainment, from movies and magazines to sports, promote miscegenation by making token heroes of colored males to our women and children?

13. Why dos the US government advance White genocide through forced bussing of our school children?

14. Why are we not told that less than 2% of the earth's population is young, White female? As the future of our race is in the wombs of our women, the White race is on the brink of extinction.

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy