Focus 14 - No 502

A little commentary on what passes for news seems in order this issue. As usual in "their" system there is more than one way to interpret what we see and hear. But more and more we can see our masters have major problems. Probably everyone is sick of the O.J. Simpson trial. We all know he did it. The blood of Nicole and Goldman was even found on his socks at the foot of his bed. But this doesn't mean necessarily that his Negro brothers and sisters on the jury will convict him. All that DNA testing stuff sounds like White man's voodoo, huh? Be that as it may, the whole affair is a plus for our side. At least a few more Whites will awaken to the nature of alien males, and the loss of Nicole and Ron Goldman will bring no tears to the eyes of knowledgeable racialists.

As you know I have little interest in the alleged holocaust (holyhoax?) of Jews in big WW2. I figure that organized Jewry set out to conquer, use and finally exterminate the White race over 2,000 years ago. Their tribe has not been dealt with as it must if we are to survive. But still we can take some pleasure in watching the holocaust myth shrink. The Dallas Morning News according to G. Gordon Liddy on Jan, 26, 1995 had a front page article declaring the Poles had reduced the number killed at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1 million. We have watched the claims shrink from 18 million, to 11, to 6, and now I guess 3 million total. Will we one day discover that one of God's Chosen Pets stubbed his toe in the orchestra pit at Auschwitz? Seriously, I would not be surprised if a few captured Jewish commissars from the Red Army were dispatched and certainly some thousands of Jews died of typhus in the camps near the end of the war. Fifty million of our race perished, but it appears that does not matter.

Also, on the holyhoax, Japan's leading conservative magazine just ran a feature story stating the gas chambers and genocide campaign are a Zionist hoax and flatly stating that it never happened. Even though it's not our issue, and even though our masters will trumpet that if even 6 Jews were killed, the White Gentiles are all guilty Nazis. Let's enjoy the destruction of the myth.

The wars in the provinces of the former (?) Soviet Union, also, appear to have a bright side for us. It seems the "New World Order" has not yet destroyed the desire of some groups to maintain their religious, cultural or biological identities. The world Zionist government seems to have a timetable and wants to finalize its plans in the near future. I guess we can only speculate on the reason for a timetable, but I suspect they will not succeed.

On the home front we can see a few political figures timidly raising their heads from the sand and a couple have even ventured to point out that White people are an endangered specie. The backlash is coming, folks, but we MUST make sure leadership positions are not co-opted by our ancient foe. Already Jews are moving into leadership positions in some state militias. And they immediately proclaim them a rainbow coalition.

We know that our Folk are searching for ways to both preserve our kind and yet live some kind of life of their own. Endless debates have been carried on about strategy. We all realize it is difficult to function in "their" society without compromise. I've told you how my Real Estate Brokers License was taken away because I wouldn't comply with racial integration mandates.

Some of our people have chosen survivalist tactics. Others operate as chameleons within the system. Some accept the poverty that comes from open advocacy of racial survival. Unfortunately a few, or maybe a lot, are waiting for their God to do it for them. In the long run nothing but territorial imperatives (nations of our own) will save our kind. Even a caste system based on religion such as existed in India will not preserve us. This is what we must strive for and it won't happen until substantial numbers of our people are educated. The highest priority is breaking the media curtain and bringing the message to our Folk.

Until next time, I remain yours for the Fourteen Words.
David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy