Security and Infiltration

It is a well known fact that Federals, as well as their lackeys and controllers, have initiated attempts to infiltrate the various resistance groups around the country. Those whom the media call White Separatists and who unabashedly say we intend to have the territorial imperatives necessary for the survival of our Race have been targets of Federal tyranny for many years. For racial activists to avoid capture, imprisonment, or death, the following guidelines are reccomended:

1) Beware of all strangers. Historically resistance to tyrants has taken the form of small autonomous groups whose members know and trust one another from long experience. These groups are then united by common interest, common goals and common literature. But a strict heirarchy will soon be broken by the tyrants' agents.

2) Beware of the man who is "too perfect." He says all the right things, he needs little persuasion and he supplies money. The wealthy are usually in bed with the tyrant and they are the last to oppose despotism.

3) Be doubly aware of a stranger who proposes illegal activities. You will soon find him testifying against you in a Federal court. (Matt Hale missed this one....)

4) Beware of those who draw checks from the enemy. They are very likely to have divided loyalties. It is very difficult for a man to destroy the beast from whose teats he sucks.

5) Avoid drunks, drug users and anyone of unstable character. Always chose quality over quantity.

6) Recognize the media tactics and do not react to buzz words. Religious separatists, White separatists, tax resistors and other groups are called cultists, bigots, Nazis and other words which the masses are conditioned to hate. After the media have demonized a target, as in Waco, Texas, the Government is free to murder at will. Ask yourself, "Is it wrong for people to preserve their religion, their race or to resist oppressive taxation?"

7) Avoid sensitive discussion on the telephone, and use discretion when inviting someone to your home.

8) Beware of someone whose intellect, education and background appear different from those with whom he attempts to associate. Most people inter-relate with others of the same interests or background.

9) Investigate. Do a little investigation. To be sure, the Federals can create good cover. But they seldom bother because up to now resistance groups have almost never checked their associates backgrounds.

10) Recognize the ruthlessness of the tyrants and act accordingly. A government which will mass murder women and children is not going to play "fair" with you. You must recognize the scope and age of the One World Government conspiracy. It is coded in the Grear Seal of The United States which is over 200 years old, and is coded in other devices much older. They intend to have their One World Government with one brown, mixed race, one universal humanist religion, one worldwide economic system and control over every human being. The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women will submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy