It is probably long past time that the White resistance, such as it is, engaged in serious dialogue on methods to succeed in the preservation of our people, as well as cataloguing the endless crimes and plots against us. In order that such a dialogue not become immediately bogged down in fruitless debate over hopeless and self-defeating concepts, let us first enumerate the problems in total candor, no matter how brutal or seemingly hopeless our situation might seem. The path to victory does not permit continued self-deception or refusal to accept reality.

Once the totality of the problem we face is outlined, then let us consider some strategies with possibilities of success. Hopefully those with the best minds among our folk will use their creativity and determination to expand on these suggestions or form their own concepts. When necessary under these occupation governments, keep strategies under wraps. Only a fool shows all his cards to an opponent.

First, once and for all, let us dispose of arguments from the fantasy-world- people who think they can vote a nation for our people, or those who request such a nation, or those who believe their God will do it for them.

A look at the demographic pool from which voters could be drawn in the United States is illuminating. First of all, the government lies. Sixty years ago the population of America was approximately 150,000,000 with roughly 80% White. The other 20% were Jews, Indians, Negroes, Mexicans and Orientals. Since then, with the exception of the so-called "baby boom" of 1945-1955, Whites have been having on average three children per two couples, or 1.5 children per couple. Meanwhile, courtesy of tax money extorted from White folk, the coloreds have been reproducing at an astounding rate with huge broods of offspring. Then there is colored immigration.

As a result, a true census would show that Whites are at best 50% of the population. Remember that Jews, whose determination to exterminate the White race knows no bounds, are counted as White, that Whites mated to non-Whites are counted as White, that many Hispanics and Arabs are counted as White and millions of illegal aliens are not counted at all.

But that is not the worst. Because of these breeding patterns, we Whites are an old race. There are more colored children in one major U.S. city than White children in several western states combined. Probably at best, one quarter of the children of America are truly White. That is the future voting pool. If any of that selfish, cowardly generation of Whites who caused this problem think those coloreds are going to pay a large portion of their income to support the ponzi scheme called Social Security, they need psychiatric help. Even if the coloreds were not on welfare, and even if they could maintain a civilization, they are not going to support a bunch of degenerate, old, White scum.

What about a voting pool today if someone thinks it is possible to vote for White territories or states? First remove from the possible converts all who have someone in their family who has already mated with coloreds. The vast majority of White families have a sister, daughter, son, aunt, cousin, or whatever, mated to a non-White. They will usually support the interest of the mixed-race offspring over racial survival.

But, let us assume optimistically that 10% of the population has no family members who have mixed. From that 10% we must cull perhaps half who are under the thrall of Judeo-Christianity and its race-mixing fanatics, like the Pope, like Jerry Falwell, like Pat Robertson. At least 99.99% of all who call themselves Christian deny their own race with fanatical passion. This leaves a pool of perhaps 5% from which to draw recruits. But from that 5% we must cull virtually all so-called "educators," virtually all who are wealthy, government employees, federal agents, politicians, lawyers, bankers, most of the military, cowards, fence-sitters, the greedy, the ignoble, the druggies, the drunks, the media whores, social workers, virtually all who draw checks from the government and all levels of police. Now you see why it is so hard to recruit large numbers into our alleged movement. As always, forever and always, revolutions come from the totally disenfranchised. In this age the disenfranchised are almost exclusively young, White males.

Hopefully these words will pound some sense into the reality deniers, the constitutionalists and the ballot box bozos.

Then there are debaters who think they can reason with the almighty zog. Some have heard this before, but it bears repeating. We deal with the government that has travelled from Dixie to Cuba, to Mexico, to Panama, to Italy and Germany twice, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to Waco, Ruby Ridge and Whidby Island. The dead in the wars, occupations and assassinations tha America has instigated, financed and participated in number far exceeding 100,000,000. The maimed number twice that, and the traumatized twice again. You cannot reason with a mad dog or with pure, unadulterated evil.

On the Great Seal of the United States printed on the back of a dollar bill, the thirteen stars representing the colonies form the Star of David. Nothing in politics happens by accident. The red, white and blue travelling mass murder machine was planned long ago. The words of politicians of 1776 or 1998 are equally deceptive manure. Only actions and results evidence intent.

There are many who are waiting for God to save them. Did any God save the Aryan race in India, in Persia, in Carthage, in Egypt or anywhere else in all history? In what condition was our race, vis a vis survival, 2,000 year' ago compared to now? In the name of what God have more Aryans been tortured, murdered and oppressed than any other in all history? Did Christianity stop the 2nd World War or forced bussing or the present murder of our race? Will our race survive if our folk "escape" into a religion "not of this world" to await an afterlife? Or is this denial of reality the path to slavery and extinction?

Certainly there are many more obstacles that we could relate, not the least of which is a generation of our folk who have never heard a word of truth in their lives, who are totally controlled by religious and political propaganda, and who have no sense of heritage, culture or race. The stated monumental mountain of obstacles should convince all but the most determined reality deniers that there are no easy answers.

From the facts alone one might be forgiven for concluding that there is no hope. But, that is not the case. However, we must consider our resources when formulating a plan. And we must fight smart, that is, cunning. Much of the literature disseminated within the "movement" over the last few decades calls for courage and heroism. That is fine if combined with wisdom and cunning. Unfortunately, our "leaders" have been prone to sending young, idealistic men off to be cannon fodder. A wise man does not paint a target (swastika) on his chest and dare the government to react.

Custer and the 7th Cavalry were brave, also, defeated and dead. Leonidas and the Spartans were brave, also, defeated and dead. Millions of heroes of the Third Reich were brave, also, defeated and dead. All the courage in the world is of absolutely no avail against Tomahawk missiles or monster bombs falling from the stratosphere. Wars are won before hostilities begin. Wars are won with superior resources, greater man power and above all, cunning. The Confederates of the Civil War and the soldiers of the Third Reich were among the bravest and most chivalrous warriors in history. But resources and ruthlessness made non-combatants (Jews) the winners in both wars. Politics are only another kind of war. So how do we, the seemingly hopeless underdogs, propose to win a war in which the enemy owns the world along with its resources, governments, media, money, courts, police, armies, communications, etc.

Louis Beam wrote about "The Revolutionary Majority." This war will be fought at first without the knowledge of the asses called the "masses." They have never known what really happens and perhaps never will. They wait for the winner to tell them what to do and what to think. The exact number of recruits to our cause needed to achieve victory is unknown, but our cause is not hopeless by any means!

Our most fertile recruiting grounds, first and foremost, are young, disenfranchised White males. From time immemorial those out of power have raised armies with promises of plunder and seizing of women. The most fundamental male instinct is for sexual union and our young men must know that the fruits of victory are women. There is a virtual epidemic of White women who date and mate with colored males; it is promoted incessantly by the zog media. Those women are for the victors, and our young men must fight to the death to get them.

Another fertile recruiting ground is among White women who already have children, especially disenfranchised sons. Unfortunately, many are brain-washed to deny the abuse done to their own children, but a higher percentage of women who might listen is found here.

There are, also, those very few who are motivated by some power or idea bigger than self-interest. Whether they are sent by the Gods or stirred by some genetic memory, they are treasures we must cherish and follow. Bob Mathews and George Lincoln Rockwell were such men.

Regardless what motivates recruits to join our ranks, they must devise a strategy for themselves, the cause and their families or friends. Resistance in an occupied country must be rigidly divided between the military arm and the non-military arm. Because of the nature of governmental persecution in this land of "free speech," we cannot discuss details of military actions necessary to silence our enemies or destroy the system. However, if you are not exceptionally capable, mature, dedicated, ruthless and able to be a chameleon, the military arm is not for you. And remember, when two know a secret, it is not a secret.

For many, especially those with families, the non-military arm is the way to go. Do not feel that this is less honorable. Recruiting, bearing children, rearing them properly and other functions are vital to the resistance. Both the military and non-military branches of the resistance are absolutely necessary.

The old soldier of the movement from England, Colin Jordan, coined the term "proximity communities." Recognizing that families need the reinforcement of others who share the cause, he recommends that those who must remain in or near cities in order to find jobs should move to neighborhoods close to each other. Often in order to keep jobs, the folk must be chameleons at work, but can then be themselves with friends. Children especially need to be with peers who are racially educated.

Money is almost always the biggest problem. Thousands of our folk have tried migrating to the Pacific Northwest, especially Idaho, over the last 20 years. Most of them had to return whence they came because they could not make a living. Our best minds need to work on this problem perhaps more than any other. By nature Aryans want to produce something of value and trade it for other items needed for living. But we cannot compete with prison slave labor and Asian slave labor that pays $20 an hour. In order for our young men to attract and keep women, it takes substantial cash and other assets bought only with money. A few of our men with highly technical skills might command a substantial salary, but their "political incorrectness" would have to be carefully hidden in order to remain employed, probably hidden even from family, which is self-defeating for the cause. Plundering the enemy is, of course, an alternative, but very risky considering the expertise of today's police state.

Barter is something to be considered in some cases, but the potential for wealth sufficient to attract and keep women is small. It is difficult to compete with stockbrokers, colored athletes, lawyers, millionaire Jews and the system's other favorites in the money game. It is totally fixed.

Technically speaking, of course, no matter what we do to make a living, we will be breaking either de facto or de jure law. We are outlaws simply by virtue of political incorrectness. While racial loyalty is reality for Jews, Negroes, etc., it is illegal for Aryans. If we form a business we are required to employ a mandated ratio of homosexuals, of coloreds or whatever group is favored, and that we must not do. Unending regulations, taxes, inspections and harassment await the politically incorrect. The question then arises, "What level of outlaw does each racialist choose to be?" Penalties for some "crimes," such as repeating or spreading the 14 words, may be loss of jobs and character assassination. "Crimes," such as resistance to the tax collection thugs or even self-defense (if the assailant is colored) result in severe penalties, including enhanced sentences for "hate crimes."

For those willing to be chameleons, there are junior colleges and trade schools at which our youth can learn something technical that will allow thrifty families to eke out an acceptable, although not gaudy, lifestyle.

We should never feel reluctant to take advantage of government paid programs to enhance income or education. Some have called it "bleeding the beast." Remember that it is money stolen primarily from White taxpayers that funds these programs, so it is ours from the beginning. But beware to not become so dependent as to compromise your commitment to the 14 words. Use it to breed and rear White children or it will be used to breed even more colored children.

A positive step would be moving several or several dozen families into a sparsely populated county and taking over the local political system. Control of the local taxing system, as well as a sheriff tapped into the national crime computer system, would be valuable beyond words.

In a final analysis, there are perhaps two basic principles upon which the survival of our kind rests. One is the most basic male instinct, the sex drive, which must be guided toward building families for breeding, supporting and rearing of children. The second is the necessity for food, clothing, shelter and money, the materials needs of life. Armies, political movements, religious movements and families all run on money. It is an unfortunate, but basic fact of life, and it is one we have most ignored and least understood.

In the eyes of the system we are already criminals, simply because we resist genocide. In truth, the criminal system which rules over us is fueled by money. Let us not abandon the life line of all movements simply because the pursuit of money is the joy of Judah. Sometimes war is action other than guns or swords. In World War II Aryans killed Aryans, and Jews with money conquered the world. Materialism in the heart is not Aryan, but money is the gasoline for the engines of war. Dirty hands and a pure heart are not mutually exclusive. Victory goes to the cunning first, then to the brave.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy