Our Folk are searching for ultimate truths as expressed in the ancient religions of our people. It is a difficult task since the Judeo-Roman Church and its Protestant step children destroyed all competition. I would like to take this opportunity to share a bit of what our ancestors really taught.

There has been a mistaken notion among our researchers that just because an ancient teaching either originated or was preserved in North Africa or Asia, that it is tainted or springs from alien races. Thus you have for example the Hebrew language called Semitic, or Hindu ideas called Oriental. The fact is, the Aryan race was supreme in power, and perhaps numbers, from North Africa to the Arctic Circle, and from North China to the British Isles, just two thousand years ago. So, when I speak of what many call the Mystery schools and Mystery religions of Antiquity, it is Aryan wisdom being shown.

There has, also, been an ongoing attack of Freemasonry within the White resistance. This is understandable since it appears Masonry was infiltrated and perverted by our ancient foe in the eighteenth century. But what we must realize is that the original Masonry was the inheritor of the Mysteries, and they are still coded in the symbolism and ritual of Masonic rites.

The tendency of many of our Folk to profess Atheism after perceiving the destructive nature and history of Judeo-Christianity is understandable. But it is also a case of throwing the baby out along with the bath water. All of our ancient religions, now called Pagan, or mystery religions were built in degrees with Initiates or Adepts advancing to whatever level they proved to deserve. For the masses the mythologies were designed to instill the attributes necessary for social cohesion in their psychological makeup. But for the Initiates who created the mythologies there were layer upon layer of deeper meanings within the wild tales. The first Christianity called Gnostic was, in fact, one of the Mystery Religions. The Gnostics had only the writings now called the Old Testament for their sacred canon. And the Old Testament, by and large, and even allowing for the centuries in which the church had exclusive possession and ability to pervert, relates a true religion. A true religion illuminates Nature's Laws and how obedience to them will preserve a people while disobedience will destroy them.

I won't debate individual verses taken out of context from the two testaments of the bible for it is a prescription for insanity. Indeed, thousands of competing sects calling themselves Christian have slaughtered each other without mercy for many centuries just because some deceiving priestcrafter cunningly picked the portions of the holy book that allowed him to build his own following of deceived sheeple. The over all philosophy of each testament is clear beyond debate, as are the results of following each philosophy.

The Old Testament teaches living within the reality of this life. It is about taking power, women, and territory. It is about being absolutely ruthless in racial or tribal chauvinism. The race or tribe that follows its ruthless parables and allegories the closest will survive and prosper. Those who deny its philosophy will be enslaved and destroyed. The people we call Jews stole this knowledge, called themselves by the names created by Aryan Hermetic philosophers, and conquered the world. Now they use their power to exterminate our kind. Again, I will not debate who the actual Authors of the original writings of the Old Testament were. In many cases the stories have been re-written to conceal their Aryan origination, but it doesn't matter because the philosophy will preserve our kind if it is adhered to with ruthless determination.

I am sorry for my friends who are determined to cling to the New Testament. I know very well how a few verses have been used by Identity Folk to tie the two absolutely opposite Testaments together. It is a transparent deception by the editors of the Holy Book. The Old Testament is a fertility religion, as all racial religions must be. Nothing is more vitally important to the life of a people than that males fight for sexual union with their females. Nature and Nature's God gave the sexual instinct to preserve the existence and diversity of each race and species. I have had an ongoing debate with some Identity friends whom I respect for their efforts, but the denial of reality of the over all philosophy of the New Testament can no longer be compromised with. Ninety-nine percent of the New Testament is concerned with some spiritual afterlife. Our ancestors did indeed teach of a Creator God and an afterlife, which I will discuss. But they taught that we were put here in this reality on this world and that it wouldn't have been done if we were only meant to live for somewhere else or some other time.

The whole philosophy of the New Testament can be summed up in John 18:36, where Jesus tells his followers not to fight the Jews because, HIS KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD. No more certain prescription for racial suicide could be devised in the mind of a Devil incarnate. It is exactly what our people have followed for many centuries and now we face racial extinction. It is not an isolated anomaly. Here are the words of the three major figures of the New Testament on sex. In First Corinthians Chapter 7 Verse 1, Paul tells us that it is best not to ever touch a woman. The entire remainder of the chapter tells us that if you just cannot resist the evil urge for sex, then marriage is barely tolerable in order to lessen the sin. The compromisers and debaters try to gloss over the whole chapter by saying it only tells us to be faithful to our mates. That is self-deception. That is not what it says by the farthest stretch of the imagination. You just cannot have a holy book that teaches suicide.

In Revelation 14:3 and 14:4, John tells us that only virgin men will be favored and that sex with a woman defiles a man. Besides being insane, such a teaching will lead people to their death.

In Matthew 5:28, Jesus says, that to even look at a woman with lust is adultery. Again the apologists justify by saying that he meant married women. That is not what it says and indeed what it does say matches perfectly with the entire anti-sex, anti-life, and anti-nature thrust of the whole Testament. The Old Testament is a book of life. The New Testament religion was forced upon us because it is death.

There are, also, transparent efforts to combine the major figures of the two Testaments with a few verses calling Jesus the Son of David. That is exposed by the Aryan Hermetic philosopher Sir Francis Bacon. Bacon constructed the English language King James Bible as a coding device to preserve the old wisdom. Space here does not permit showing how the coding system works, but on the overt level please note that David had 19 women and he had nineteen sons listed in one chapter of the Old Testament. He is a lusty man of THIS world. He kills his enemies and the enemies of his people. He takes and preserves territory for his people. Despite the incident with Bathsheba, which is a Hermetic Parable, he is the near perfect example of the leader that a people must have. He is the exact opposite and antithesis of the New Testament figure and philosophy.

Atheists and Odinists, who ridicule the Identity Folk for Identifying with the Old Testament tribes called Israel, are on the wrong track. The Old Testament is an excellent racial religion. A race cannot share its Gods with other people for that is suicide. The Old Testament religion is exclusive and ruthless. Joshua exterminates every person residing in the territory that the Israelites desire, because a race which shares territory will perish. On the other hand Identity Folk must realize that Hebrew is one of the Mystery languages, not a people. IS-RA-EL is the creation of Aryan Hermetic Philosophers used to teach the old wisdom in allegory, parable, gematria, and other formulae. It is not to be taken as literal history. The Original Christianity, called Gnostic, has no relationship to the ninety-nine percent of the New Testament. In their original form the Christian Mysteries, the Odinist Mysteries, the Mithraic Mysteries, the Egyptian Mysteries, the Elusian Mysteries, and others were all Aryan coding. The mythology of an incarnated God born to a virgin at the winter solstice was common among Aryan religions thousands of years earlier than the Judeo-Roman perversion. Jesus, Odin/Wotan/Woden, Zeus, Jove, Mithras, Osiris, and all the rest of the names we have used for God are equally proper in their own time and situation. The secret teachings preserved down through the ages by the Hermetic societies such as the Mystery schools, the Mystery religions, the Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights, Rosicrucians, early Masonic Orders, and others involved the nature of God, the nature of men, and the nature of the material universe. Through meticulous observation of nature, from the spirals, shapes, spacings, and cycles of the cosmos to the geometry of earth bound matter such as the pentagons of flowers and the hexagons of snowflakes and honeycombs, the ancients found evidence under the mathematical laws of probability that there exists a creative force and intelligence that we call God. Naturally, should the masses of mankind be aware that the secrets of life were available to all through observation of nature and instruction in the arcane wisdom, then the tyrants and tricksters of priestcraft and statecraft become unnecessary. So this wisdom has been mercilessly persecuted for thousands of years. Witness the brutal suppression of Gnosticism, or its twin called Odinism, of all the Pagan or nature-based religions, the persecution of heretics, the burning of Jacques de Molay and Giordano Bruno along with perhaps millions of others in inquisitions, the driving out of every philosopher, every scientist, every astronomer, every truth-teller from Europe thus bringing the Dark Ages, and on and on.

In light of many thousands of years of persecution the Initiates in the mysteries long ago developed incredibly sophisticated methods to code the old wisdom right under the noses of the tyrants. One of the major devices is called Gematria. Your lying preacher knows very well that Greek and Hebrew, the languages of the two testaments have numerical values. This practice, called Gematria, allows coding by substituting numbers for letters or letters for numbers according to the formulae that cannot be decoded without a hidden key. The text of both Testaments in their original languages as well as the text in the King James English language Bible conceal and preserve old teachings. That is why I have said that for those who have the key, the King James Bible is as fine as an Odinist book as was ever written. Just substitute names and know the key. Do you think it is only coincidence that Thor and David both killed a giant with a magic weapon? Jacob had twelve sons. Solomon had twelve tribes of Israel. Jesus had twelve apostles. At a given time Odin had twelve lesser Gods. Saxe, who brought Odinism/Wotanism/Wodenism to Northern Europe, initiates twelve chief Drotters or priests into the Mysteries. Mormonism, created by Initiates, has twelve apostles. The structure is common to all Mystery religions. In all cases it represents the Sun and twelve signs of the Zodiac as well as the 666 Sun Square and its twelve factors of even divisibles.

Joseph, one of Jacob's twelve sons, has a coat of many colors. Heimdall, one of Odin's twelve lesser Gods, guards a rainbow bridge. The colors are seven in number. They can be seen in order in a rainbow, running from red to orange to yellow, to green to blue, to indigo to violet. Each is a higher vibration. Each has a correspondence to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Each is one of the seven chakras of meditative religion. Each has a relationship to one of the seven mathematical devices which in the Mystery religions are coded as the seven arms, seven petals, seven lotus blossoms, seven powers, etc., of God. In the Book of Revelation KJB alone they are called the seven churches, seven eyes, seven candles, seven horns, and several other names. Most relevant is the term seven spirits of God in Revelation 3:1 and 5:6. Showing how the Bible codes these seven figures is called opening the seven seals of Revelation.

The seven wonders of the ancient world were built over the course of 44 centuries. Yet each reflects the same sacred number canon concealed in its geometry. The great pyramid was the first. The whole numbers in the famous angle of the Great Pyramid are 38 degrees from vertical and 51 degrees from horizontal. Solomon's temple is begun in its coded form in First Kings 6 with 38 verses and completed in Chapter 7 with 51 verses.

After discovering the evidence of the Great Geometrician/Mathematician of the universe in nature, the ancients then found that the Geometry could be given number through the aforementioned mathematical devices. Thus, they verify the mind of the Creator and are called the seven spirits of God. And thus, the Hermetic societies such as Rosicrucians and Masons still refer to God as the Grand Architect/Mathematician/Geometrician of the Universe.

The Initiates of our old religions would have been horrified at the term "Belief" by its very definition implies abandonment of reason. Belief is the murderer of reason. Belief is the weapon of tyrants. Thus Catholics, Protestants, Germans, English, Frenchmen, Americans, and hundreds of other religious and political groups have been induced to kill and torture each other by the hundreds of millions for seventeen hundred years.

I suppose I should conclude this article by refuting the ridicule that will come my way from determined atheists. Again, I don't blame them for reacting to any idea of God or religion, considering the effects of Judeo-Christianity. And they will say there is no logical basis to postulate God, since this force and intelligence isn't readily available to our senses. I must remind you that our senses are so limited as to the vibrations, wave lengths, and forces of the universe as to consider ourselves blind. We do not see the radio and TV waves that pass through and around us without artificial receptors. We do not see the forces that cause a bee to make every cell in a honeycomb into hexagons. We cannot find the waves that the homing pigeon tunes into to find his way home. The examples are endless. We can see the result and thus postulate correctly that there is something allowing this phenomena to happen. Again, space does not allow me to show the teachings of the ancients about what came to be called the "universal mediator" or for the uninitiated, the "holy spirit". I won't ask the reader to "believe" me, for belief is a great evil. For those interested in the teachings of our ancestors and wish to invest time and effort, the old wisdom is available from various sources and under the laws of mathematical probability, it is hard to deny their truth.

Very briefly on the teachings of the ancients on afterlife. Contrary to Judeo-Christianity, which offers the siren call of the easy way, and equally contrary to the perversion of New Age universalism, the Mysteries teach that there is no shortcut. In Judeo-Christianity a person can live a degenerate life, then profess a "Belief", even on his deathbed, he can be assured of an eternity of bliss on an afterlife. In the old religions the soul is perfected by constant return and struggle within the reality of this life until deserving of union with what we would probably now call the Cosmic mind.

Contrary to the love-love-love of the universalist new ager, perfecting of the soul does not come from the multi-racialism and escapism. The Creator, symbolized as All Father in the Norse religion, is evidenced in nature, which is ruthless. The lion eats the lamb and the wolf eats the rabbit. One species survives by eating another. The second species survives by denying itself as food to the predator. All is struggle and competition with no compassion for any race or species but one's own. Any race that denies the All Father's iron hard laws of nature will perish on this earth. Its individual members having disobeyed the first and highest law, being the preservation of one's own kind, stand in rebellion to their Creator and deserve no reward. Niflheim, the realm of hell, symbolizing return to the struggle to get it right, is their reward. Meanwhile, those who fought valiantly within the reality in which they were placed, those who demonstrated the ruthlessness demanded by observation of All Father's natural laws, those who would not compromise with the universalist tyrant, earn a rest in Valhalla, the hall of heroes. Exactly what the symbolism represents in the way of an afterlife is for my part, fruitless speculation. I offer only what the ancients taught and how they arrived at their conclusions. Let each honest Aryan use reason and common sense in his pursuit of the godsense within us.

The teaching of reincarnation was common to the Mysteries. It was noted for example that two children of the same parents, raised in the same manner, might establish completely different traits. One might be sober and productive, while another might be a scoundrel. This was attributed to reincarnation and effects of the Zodiac. It was found that there appeared to be a subtle but definable influence on personalities that related to the patterns of the Stars, Planets, Sun, Moon, and energy fields of the Earth, as they existed at the time of one's birth. Let me again repeat, I don't tell anyone what to believe. This was the teaching of the Initiates and you can verify everywhere if it interests you. The Zodiac, like the teaching of the seven spirits of God is ancient beyond our records and imagination. In this desperate age I hesitate to even discuss esoteric subjects like the spiritual aspect of a folkish religion. Yet all history shows we have a godsense within us that through our religions become the greatest influence in the circumstances of our folk. Therefore, I offer the above in the hope that readers will realize that our ancestors did not abandon reason or common sense when worshiping God or practicing their religion. Above all things we must recognize that Nature's laws are the work of God or whatever name we use for the Creator. The first and highest law of nature is preservation of one's own kind.

David Eden Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy