The survival of our race demands clear thinking and integrity from all who disseminate ideas. Our meager numbers are far too few to allow the luxury of the following non-productive or deceptive paths.

1) Does anyone think a "justice" system that includes forced bussing Federal judges, endless mockery of the Constitution, cover-ups of mass murder as at Waco, perjured prosecution testimony as standard practice, enhanced penalties for so-called "hate crimes," anti-White discrimination, unlawful usurpation of jurisdiction, group trials, conspiracy laws for "thought crimes" and arbitrary confiscation of private property will provide us with legal recourse to stop the murder of the White race? This is to say nothing of two million people in America's prisons, four million more on parole or probation, and a prison industry which is the largest and fastest growing in the world.

2) The American government and media destroy any individual or nation that resists the forced mixing and murder of the White race. The destruction comes first politically, socially and economically, then if necessary, by false imprisonment, assassination or war. So, can we build a political resistance by peaceful means?

3) Every major Christian leader, from the Pope to Billy Graham, has stated that conquering racism and breaking all barriers to interracial marriage are the highest priority of the 21st century. So, how many recruits to our cause will come from the ranks of such a religion?

4)True demographic figures, considering that the self-chosen people who have sentenced our race to death are counted as White, that many Hispanics are wrongfully counted as White, that Whites mated to non-Whites are counted as White, that millions of illegal aliens are not counted, place our percentage of America's population at best, perhaps 50%. And most of our folk are old, while among young people and children we are already hopelessly outnumbered. Additionally, the families and friends of those who have already mated with aliens not of their race will usually defend the interests of the mongrel offspring. So, do you think we can vote our way to a White nation and racial survival?

5) Since nothing but total revolution can save our kind, and since such revolution means the end of a privileged lifestyle for military officers and retired military, for deceiving preachers, for government parasites, for politicians, for judges, for prosecutors, for everyone who draws a paycheck from government, for media moguls, for movie stars and producers, for participants in interracial athletics and entertainment, how big is the pool of potential recruits to our cause? Perhaps 2% of the population? Can we take political power with such numbers?

6) Is it possible to build a centralized command structure of a hierarchal nature for armed resistance inside the most advanced police state in human history?

7) Can wars and revolutions against tyranny be fought without sacrifice, death and bloodshed? Did it ever happen in recorded history? Has terror and genocide ever been defeated except by greater terror?

8) Did any God save our race from extinction in India, Carthage, Egypt, or anywhere else in all history once the mixing had started? Can we continue our existence without exclusive nations of our own? What good is a religion of "afterlife," when our race is exterminated in the true reality of this life?

I could ask many more questions, and have done so in my book "Deceived, Damned and Defiant," and elsewhere. The one question that remains to be asked is this: Do the so-called leaders who still preach "God will save us," "the Constitution will save us," "a political party will save us," and on and on, ad nauseum forever, do they really care about the 14 Words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children?" Or are they deceivers, cowards, enemy agents or perhaps, self-deluded fools? Harsh reality leaves no more time to expend our energies on "safe" and cowardly fantasies. Hail Robert Jay Mathews, who had the courage and integrity to face reality as it is. He was no stranger to the warrior's reality:

When the rich die, they lose their pleasure;
When slaves die, they lose their pain. For the slave, death is his freedom.
So, there is no choice but to fight for freedom, for in either victory or death ... we win!

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy