Auto Biography Introduction


Over the years of captivity, which now number over seventeen, I have continued to struggle in whatever ways have been available, mostly with my pen. Several themes I continue to try to instill in the minds of our folk. Chief among them is the idea that nature and nature's laws are the work of that creative intelligence that men call God. God's laws and nature's laws are one and the same. Nature's laws are a "bible" that men cannot invent, alter or otherwise pervert, and the highest law of nature is the preservation of one's own kind. I see this as the ultimate arbiter of the religious disputes that have for so many centuries divided our folk. Naturally, this has alienated many who come from fundamentalist Christian backgrounds. It seems to equally infuriate those who deny the existence of a higher power men call God. I believe our ancient enemy has always presented two sides neither one correct, and prompted us to pursue an either/or conflict between the two. The truth lies elsewhere. Just as they convinced the patriots of both Russia and the Western nations that the only options were political/economic systems called Communism and Capitalism. Both, of course, are anti-nature. In recent years I have been studying the origin of all the major religions and have found them to be the creation of initiates into what some term "Hermetic Philosophy." This, also, led to research on the Hermetic coding hidden in the Bible and particularly the English language authorized King James Version. I am well aware that this has distressed some of my friends of Christian, agnostic, atheistic and pagan persuasions. Additionally, I hope to soon heal the rifts between Wotanists and Identity folk by proving through the ancient science that both the original or Gnostic Christianity and Wotanism have the same roots in the Mystery schools.

I have pondered the "battle of the sexes" at length over these years of incarceration. Particularly difficult was the irony. As a male mammal and true to the instincts thus derived, it was the hard reality that the beauty of our women may soon cease to exist on earth that drove me to this struggle. Any eloquence or determination I might have displayed was born of desperation and from emotions of love and lust present in all healthy males. Yet, for nearly ten years not one unmarried, attractive woman on the entire planet visited me or pledged her love to me. When Black Panthers went to prison, thousands of beautiful young White women pledged their love. Sitting in my cell I can observe May Britt(Mrs. Sammy Davis Jr.), Nicole Brown(Mrs. O.J. Simpson), Lisa Presley(ex- Mrs. Michael Jackson) and the creme de la creme of our young White women across the country, by the millions, as they desert their race. It is a mockery of my love and struggle. My opinion has solidified that the women of our race by and large will not return by verbal persuasion. As has been the case throughout most of recorded history, and who knows how many eons of time beyond, women will again have to become prizes, treasures and possessions. White men will have to reattach their balls, reacquire a barbarian spirit, arm themselves and seize women, territory, power and the needs of life, or the race will die.

Additionally, although it will stir controversy, I have come to believe that in certain cycles of a culture or civilization, polygamy is a preferable lifestyle. To name only two examples, (1) when through war the male population is decimated, then common sense and nature's laws demand that wombs be filled, or (2) in the abomination of a multi-racial society, if a White man of energy and ability can support many wives and thereby keep White girls from mating with racial aliens. Furthermore, since I fear the tyranny of religious and governmental oppression as much as anything on earth, I believe that the marital arrangements of the Folk should not be subject to regulation. The primary concern must be that men support and take responsibility for mates and offspring. I don't want to rush to judgment, but it appears that the whole women's liberation movement was flawed. Maybe eons of time in which males protected tribe and territory while women tended hearth and home have created differences in which women usually see individuals rather than the whole race or tribe. Whatever the reason, the decades since women were "liberated" have castrated our males and led us to the brink of extinction.

We cannot, however, absolve our men from blame. It was they, too, who swallowed the Zionist propaganda and it was they who abandoned defense of territorial imperatives that in turn led to the abyss. I will continue to hope that the beauty of our women can be preserved. Of course, as long as I breathe I will continue to fight for a future for our children. So let me end this tome with one more repetition of the 14 WORDS which I hope will become the most sacred in history.

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."