In January 1997, a Vietnam veteran was betrayed by the US government. His name is Dennis R. Abbey. As a platoon leader and company commander in the US Army in Vietnam, Mr. Abbey faithfully served his country. After the war he spent 22 years working for the Veteran's Administration. But it was not until his relentless quest for an accounting of MIA's and POW's that he fell out of favor with the government in the District of Corruption. Mr. Abbey has pointed out, among other things, that US Senator John Kerry, who claims to care about MIA issues, has other agendas, including locating his Vietnamese wife.

Mr. Abbey was convicted in the US District Court in Denver, Colorado on an apparent trumped-up tax charge. In his final address to the judge, Mr. Abbey took a courageous stand, which I quote here:


"Judge Nottingham, I know that when I am taken from this court room today I will have lost my freedom as a United States citizen. But before I go I want you, the federal prosecutors, my friends here in the court room, the press and anybody else who is listening to know that I consider my imprisonment to be the result, not of my having violated any law, but as the result of the power and influence of corrupt individuals in the United States Department of Justice, the Veteran's Administration, and the crooked politicians in Washington who continue to fund and support these bastions of evil. I served my country in time of war. I served service veterans for twenty years, most of whom were casualties of many wars, all fought, as we now know, to advance the business interests of major corporations in this country and abroad. And behind all this corruption were the crooked politicians who were bought and paid for by those corporations. My only guilt lay in trying to uncover the truth about the MIA's and POW's that were being held in Southeast Asia with the knowledge and consent of the United States Government.

This trial was not about my guilt or innocence. This trial was about my daring to defy the power brokers in Washington and Hanoi who want to forget the MIA's and POW's and get on with business. My trial and conviction have been a mockery of the justice system. I go to federal prison, not as a convicted criminal considered to be a menace to society, BUT as a political prisoner of a corrupt federal government at whose head is a draft-dodging, dope-smoking, flag-burning traitor, who collaborated with the enemy during a time of war. I consider my imprisonment to be an act of honor and I gladly sacrifice my liberty and perhaps my life in the cause of freedom, which you nor anyone else in the federal government will ever be able to take away from the American People, no matter how many of us you imprison. Others will take our place and in the end freedom and liberty will triumph over tyranny and corruption.

Dennis R. Abbey

To put the betrayal of Mr. Abbey into political context, we must take a look at the Talmud, the most holy of Jewish holy books, where it states that the best of the Goyim must be killed. This philosophy is reflected in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It is fruitless to engage in debate over the history or source of the Protocols, as Henry Ford said, they fit exactly with what has happened and what is happening. "Goyim" is, of course, a Yiddish word meaning "cattle," which is what the Zionist overlords call their Aryan slaves.

Only the obtuse, who deliberately deny reality, could fail to see that killing the best of the goyim has been the never-ending aim and practice of the unholy "three - C" triumvirate of: Christianity, Communism and Capitalism, all properly preceded by the prefix "Judeo."

The church began by murdering every philosopher, scientist and voice of reason in Europe. That led to the Dark Ages, many centuries of ignorance, superstition, disease and the outright slavery of the feudal system. The entire continent of Europe was a gigantic slave camp with the folk owned by church and sanctioned kings for many dismal centuries. Orthodoxy was enforced by inquisitions and torture too horrible to relate in these "civilized" times. In contrived religious wars, crusades and suppression, millions died. Millions more died of disease, which can be traced to ignorance. Remember, the pagan Greeks taught atomic theory centuries before Christianity. Running water and sewage systems and systems of hygiene were, also, casualties of the Christian horror. The intellectuals were sent off to be celibate monks, while rabbis encouraged large, scholarly families. Little boys were castrated to become sopranos in the Castrati Choirs of degenerate popes. The girls of Europe were sold to African and Asian slave traders. And the best of the Goyim were destroyed. Truly, it has always been Judeo-Christianity which has caused a steady decline of Aryan man.

Judeo-communism was no better. Estimates range from 30 to 80 million Aryans killed in and after the Bolshevik revolution. Later under Stalin, millions of Ukrainians were starved to death. The most desirable of White girls throughout the communist empire were the property of Jewish kommissars. At the Katyn Forest Massacre the best of the Goyim, the officer corps of Poland, 15,000 victims were murdered by the Judeo-communists.

Judeo-capitalism has been no better. The harm to our gene pool from the Civil War cannot be calculated. The First and Second World Wars caused the deaths of 70 million White Aryans, the best of the Goyim. This figure does not include the 200 million maimed and the 500 million traumatized. Do you begin to understand why I call the Christian Right-wing American Patriots the "C.R.A.P" and think they are as malevolent as their left-wing, liberal cohorts?

As I write this article on Memorial Day 1997, I ask myself, "How much longer will we honor the tyrants and worship our executioners' institutions? Will our folk face reality in time, or will we pass into extinction, because we could not admit our Gods were false? Fourteen Words, Nature's Laws and Reason are the concepts we must embrace with desperate fanaticism -- our survival depends on it!

David Lane

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