Bruder Quotes

'We all knew it would be like this, that it would be our own brothers who would first try to destroy our efforts to save our race and our terminally ill nation. Why are so many white men so eager to destroy their own kind for the benefit of the Jews and the mongrels? RJM

I see three FBI agents hiding behind some trees to the north of the house. I could have easily killed them, I had their faces in my sights. They look like good racial stock yet all their talents are given to a government which is openly trying to mongrelize the very race these agents are a part of. Why can't they see? RJM

White men killing white men, Saxon killing Dane; When will it end, the Aryan's bane? RJM

"I hear the voices of a murdered race whispering, "Beware of the red, white and blue." David Lane

"Let us be done with hypocrisy. The whole world knows why I am here. Do what you will with this tired old body, and the final victory is yours, then if there be gods, may they have mercy on the last generation of White children. David Lane

"History predicts unspeakable horror for the last generation of White children, if I, and others who shall come after me, are not more successful in awakening our people from their sleep of death. Our task is as simple as it is overwhelmingly important: WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN! In the face of that overriding historical imperative, what you do to me does not matter. I am not a brave man; I die the thousand deaths of the philosopher instead of the single death of the soldier. But I willingly sought this destiny, and I will not shrink from it." David Lane

"The Creator made lions to eat lambs, wolves to eat rabbits, hawks to eat sparrows, and the races of men to fight for women, territory, power and life. There is no love, love, love, just law, law, law; harsh, cruel, unforgiving but perfect, natural law." David Lane

"The Creator made lions to eat lambs, wolves to eat rabbits, hawks to eat sparrows, and the races of men to fight for women, territory, power and life" David Lane

“Knowledge is a curse.” “For with knowledge comes responsibility”. David Lane

"The innocent bliss of ignorance dies with the acquisition of knowledge".David Lane

``Nature and nature's laws are the work of the Creator. Therefore nature's laws are God's laws. And the first and highest law of nature is the preservation of one's own kind". David Lane

..then your treachery will be appropriately rewarded. If not, and the White race goes the way of the dinosaurs, then the last generation of White children, including yours, will pay for your vile complicity at the hands of the colored races who will inherit the world.David Lane

"The reality of life is that lions eat lambs and wolves eat deer. We can be lions and wolves, or we can be an extinct species." David Lane

"Fourteen Words, Nature's Laws and Reason are the concepts we must embrace with desperate fanaticism -- our survival depends on it!" David Lane

"Knowledge is the enemy of tyrants."David Lane

"A race which refuses to live and fight within the reality of this world is doomed to slavery. And a race whose males do not lust after their females strongly enough to fight to the death for sexual union is doomed to extinction." David Lane

"Now there is no time left for self-deception, executioner-worship or cowardice. There is one issue, the 14 Words. If your "leader" has another agenda or claims he can sneak up on the ZOG with peripheral issues, he is a suicidal deceiver. It is truly now or never. David Lane

"My spirit shall return and my people will know I was right." David Lane

"True moral authority belongs to those who resist genocide, in obedience to Nature's first and highest law which is the preservation of ones own kind." David Lane

"The masses must be fed milk before they are ready to digest meat, i.e., the brutal and unpleasant truth." David Lane

"Before understanding "compassion" we must consider "truth." David Lane

"Our survival as a race depends on a truthful answer and on understanding compassion." David Lane

"In the eyes of the system we are already criminals, simply because we resist genocide." David Lane

"Sometimes war is action other than guns or swords." David Lane

"Victory goes to the cunning first, then to the brave." David Lane

"Materialism in the heart is not Aryan, but money is the gasoline for the engines of war." David Lane

"Nature's laws force every race and specie to adapt, to fight, to be vigilant. If we deny nature's laws then extinction is inevitable." David Lane

Fair child of light, you are my kin,
In body, soul and mind,
A spirit calls from deep within,
I must preserve your kind,
David Lane


Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy