Reality Denial

Those who have been involved for years or decades in our struggle against the Judeo-American and Judeo-Christian murder of the White race are well aware of the major problem. That problem is reality denial by the masses of our White folk.

Reality denial, of course, is not unique to this generation or our present situation. It is simply human nature to desire what is comfortable, profitable, socially acceptable and safe. But what is extremely disheartening, and harmful to our struggle, is the continued reality denial by many self-proclaimed leaders of the resistance, and the acceptance of this reality denial by their followers. Men of perception can only conclude that these leaders are enemy agents, complete fools or cowards.

Work within the system,run for public office, vote, become a lawyer, wait for divine intervention, and on and on, is the suicidal advice of these deceivers. Let us consider their advice within the context of natural law, history and common sense.

We must first realize and accept that, long term, our race cannot survive without exclusive territorial imperatives in which to propagate, protect and promote our own kind. Racial integration always leads to miscegenation (inter-racial mating) and the death of the White race, examples being Carthage, Egypt and India, among many.

Exclusive territorial imperatives means not only nations, but continents populated only by our folk. Even small White communities are at best a very temporary strategy in the struggle against genocide.

Next, we must consider the present demographic situation in America and in our European homeland. We are not only outnumbered by Skraelings, i.e., non-whites, worldwide, by more than ten to one, but in the formerly White nations the situation is a disaster. In America we are already a distinct minority when all the facts are known. The system claims that Whites are roughly two-thirds of the population, but they count perhaps ten to eighteen million jews as White. There are also millions of Hispanics wrongfully labeled as White along with millions of illegal aliens in this country. So in total numbers we are already a minority.

Next, we must consider that already most White females have a sister, daughter, son, brother, aunt, uncle or cousin who has mated with a Skraeling. So usually the whole family will defend the interests of the mixed-race offspring.

On top of this, the entire mass media promotes or defends miscegenation and defames racists as haters and bigots. Also, the entire Judeo-Christian establishment promotes racial integration, the oneness of all mammalian bipeds and racial suicide. Judeo-Christianity is an enemy of our race exceeded in power only by multi-racial sports.

Years ago I asked, only partly in jest, if there was a White man remaining in America who wouldn't strip his own daughter naked and give her to the star negro running back of his favorite football team if it meant one more touchdown?

At any rate, despite all the above, there are still some so-called leaders of the White resistance that tell our folk to vote. I do wish the Christian concept of hell were true so these sorry creatures could burn for eternity.

Have they told you that we are an old race? That more young Skraelings live in one American city than White children in several Western states combined? Vote indeed! Run for public office indeed! In a democracy those who own the media, and thus the minds of the masses, have power undreamed of by kings or dictators. The owners of the media decide who the candidates are, how they should be portrayed, and what their agenda shall be. And the owners of the media have sentenced the White race to death.

But if you point out that words alone cannot save our kind, these leaders,these intellectual escapists, these knights of the ink pen, these word warriors, will verbally attack you with unconcealed hatred. And here is why: INTELLECTUAL SNOBS AND PSEUDO-ARISTOCRATS ALWAYS DISGUISE THEIR COWARDICE BY SLANDERING MEN OF ACTION.

The salt of the earth are farmers, ranchers, craftsmen, teamsters and others who produce and move the needs of life. All others are parasites at one level or another. Parasites have no nobility and cannot be trusted. The revolution to save our kind will come from what the intellectual snobs call the common man. This time we must not let the word warriors subvert our efforts.

As for becoming lawyers or waiting for divine intervention to save our kind, I'll waste only a few words on the ridiculous. The law is what the devil in a black robe says it is. And he is the devil that gave you forced bussing, queer rights, feminist agendas, etc. And no God saved our race anywhere in history once the race mixing began. Do your own studies on civilizations and religions, I think you will find that only the Third Reich and Wotanism ever defended our race.

As the Chairman of White Revolution has pointed out, the resistance to genocide must be divided into sharply delineated groups. They are A) the overt propaganda arm; B) the covert and legal arm which finance the overt arm; and C) the underground army. The third must never contact the other two. We live in the most advanced and capable police state in history, so tactics must adjust accordingly, such as the lone wolf guerrilla warrior.

The ability to be a chameleon is the first prerequisite of the creators and defenders of a White nation. If the beginnings of a White nation are noted by the system it will be destroyed, either by boycotts and economic strangulation, or by military action, just as happened to Germany and Serbia when they resisted genocide.

I hope the readers of this article will also peruse a short novel I wrote titled K.D. Rebel. It is not designed as a detailed blueprint for the White homeland, but the philosophy, the migration, the cleansing of the territory and other ideas are interspersed into the action. Of course, in the beginnings of the nation deniability must be maintained. No burning crosses, no swastikas and no literature distribution within Kinsland until the borders are defensible. And the cleansing must appear to involve accidents.

This brings us to the all-important subject of women, since reproduction is the first necessity for racial survival. Even the few, actually very few, women now dedicated to our cause are denying reality. The days of the suburban dream house, immaculate lawns, safe schools, homecoming queens and dances, corsages, chivalry, romance, etc., are over. The fairy tale life of the 1950s was a tiny unrealistic blip in the life of our folk and in the cold, hard history of civilizations.

Now we shall pay the price for destroying the racial character of our European homeland, and for not being vigilant on this continent. Nature is never fooled for long. Those who give up power, whether it is White males in particular or White people in general, will soon face slavery and extinction.

Women go to dominant males. In the present day society jews and Skraelings are perceived as dominant. They have the power, money, glamour, media, control, etc., and we who plead for racial loyalty are defamed as racists and sexists. Women and minorities,united against the White man is a catch phrase used against us. Of course, minorities is a lie. We will not get back our women by pleading. The female nature despises the powerless male. This is true despite the feminist propaganda about sensitive and gentle men.

All men of all races desire White women, especially the most attractive ones. They are offered the world on a silver platter; they do not appreciate the sacrifices of their ancestors or the inventions of White men. Anesthesia, housing, central heating, air conditioning, flush toilets, telephones and on and on, all invented by White men, mostly for White women. But our ancient enemy offers them roles on TV or in movies. They can be models and centerfolds. Sports cars, adulation, mansions, swimming pools, expensive wines, jewelry, entertainment and much more all awaits the attractive White girl who commits race treason.

We cannot blame them either. It is the fault of our men. It was White men who liberated women at the behest of jews and screaming harridans. It was White men who gave up territorial imperatives, who allowed the repeal of anti-miscegenation laws, who allowed the forced bussing of our children, who allowed the promotion of miscegenation in movies and on TV, who allowed the corruption of our schools, who fought for the North in the Civil War thus destroying states rights and the Constitution, and on and on.

Now White men must pay the price for their own perfidy and that of their fathers and their grandfathers.

A jew (I think) named Hugh Hefner, publisher of Playboy magazine, has had his pleasure with hundreds, if not thousands, of the most beautiful Aryan women in the world, for half a century. Then he published anti-White articles in his magazine. Did White men react according to natural law? Hah! No, they purchased his magazine and financed his evil agenda. They drooled over pictures of images that should have been theirs while pulling their sorry puds in the bathroom. All this, of course, after watching Skraelings kick, throw, hit, bounce and catch balls of various sizes and shapes on the electronic toilet called TV, meanwhile guzzling beer and adding inches to the beer belly hanging over their belt. These so-called White men apparently cheer for Skraelings and their balls because they have no balls of their own.

Well, Whitey, the time of reckoning is at hand. Stand up now or face racial extinction. Build a homeland or die trying. There is no longer anything to lose except slander and slavery. It's time to get tough, physically and mentally. Put away the beer and the drugs. Turn off the TV. Take a course in real martial arts, not the goofy stuff on TV. Richard Scutari of the Order Bruder Schweigen can point out the proper martial arts discipline, as he is a true expert.

Join one of the three arms of the resistance. Build a homeland. Learn the skills of survival without modern conveniences. Learn to avoid scrutiny by Big Brother. There can be no more compromise with reality denial.

Until we have a White homeland with defensible borders, or at least secret borders, you will not have many of our beautiful women. And even then for a while you will have to capture them and re-educate them. From time immemorial those out of power have raised armies with promises of plunder, revenge and above all the seizing of women. This is the time of Ragnarok when all false dogmas die. Morality consists of reproduction, survival of the race, and loyalty to our comrades. And not much else.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy