When I first wrote this article it was before seeing the latest edition of an alleged pro-White newsletter called Allthe Way".But after reading their latest edition, dated May 2005, I found it necessary to rewrite the entire article. In the past I have refrained from naming the individuals who have for the decades plagued and destroyed any resistance to the murder of our race, if there was at least a chance that their motives were pure. Even if their tactics were cowardly, idiotic and unproductive.

But I will not sit silent while cowardly swine, ignorant newcomers, egotistical word warriors, or possibly deliberate deceivers, insult the memory of my friend, the late Pastor Richard Butler. Nor for that matter will I any longer sit silent while a word twisting vermin of a lawyer and his henchmen insult me or my comrades of the Order Bruder Schweigen. Shakespeare and Jonathan Swift stated long ago what should be done with the vile walking talking piles of camel dung called lawyers. If and when day of victory comes we shall make certain that none of these venomous creatures pollute the earth with either words or their breath, ever again.

The Editor of this Conservative trashy misleading rag called All the Way , appears to be a lawyer- no lets tell it like it is- a lawyer is a skunk named Richard Barrett. Two of his"journalists usethe names Andrew Pearson and Travis Golie. Speaking of Matt Hale, Mr. Travesty Golie uses the term " majority"when speaking of the White race. Which alone demonstrates his ignorance since the White race is only 8% of the earth'spopulation and of those 20 years old or younger, only about 4%.

Even the favorite description of themselves given by the Skunk and his cohorts echoes the tactics of our Zionist enemy, as they call themselves Nationalists and American Patriots instead of racialists and racial patriots. Turning White Nation against White Nation, or for that matter all kinds of Nations against each other is precisely the tactic our enemy has employed for many centuries to become rulers of the earth.

Journalist Pearson says his " Nationalist" movement leads skinheads to question tactics of " Hale/Butler/Lane". Well I must confess I know very little about Matt Hale except that he is doing 40 years in prison for pro -White activities. But I do know that Pastor Butler was a true gentleman and a noble Aryan who dedicated his life to the preservation of his people. Later in this article I will talk more about Pastor Butler and the so called "Identity" movement.

I do wish that the Skunk and his journalists would have to spend a few minutes of quality time alone with me in my cell. If they survived it would be with a new attitude that included respect.

Incidentally, the Skunk also brags that he looks at our Struggle in the terms of hundreds of years to come as opposed to those with a sense of urgency. Well, after reading this article, you decide how soon we will be extinct. It will be decades at the most, not centuries.

As our gene pool now shrinks to the point of no return it is long past time that we face reality and stop worshipping or even accepting the executioners institutions. Now only are we a small minority in the world, but due to taxation and various malicious influences we have not been having many children. About 2% of the earth's population is young White female and it is from their wombs that racial life must come.

America as a White Nation is far past saving. Our masters tell us that about 65% of the population is still White. But they outright lie. Most of America's population is in the big cities and they are black, brown, yellow and mixture. Our masters wrongfully count Jews as White. They count many Hispanics and mixtures as White and ignore over 20 million non-White illegal aliens. At best we might be barely half the population and perhaps one fourth of the young population of America is White.

To compound the problem our women, under the influence of an alien religion and system propaganda are leaving their race wholesale. Lisa Presley, Nicole Simpson, and Heidi Klum are rapidly becoming the rule rather than the exception. We also see that any White man that publicly stands for the life of his race is destroyed economically, socially and politically. If he is too effective he is falsely imprisoned or assassinated. By the way Mr. Skunk and Associates, if you are effective why aren't you in here with me or why haven't you been assassinated?

If we are to survive as a race we need a complete cleansing of our minds. We must learn to judge all doctrines, religions, governments, institutions and alleged leaders by their accomplishments rather than by their words. Self evidently and undeniably America and Judeo-Christianity have presided over our slide toward extinction.

In the wars, occupations, revolutions and assassinations that America has instituted or participated in, from Dixie to Cuba, to Mexico, to Panama, to Italy, to Germany twice, to Japan, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to Iran, to Libya, to Bosnia, to Serbia, to Waco, to Ruby ridge, to Afghanistan, and on and on , the dead and maimed number at least two hundred million, half of them White people. In it's determination to mix and destroy the integrity of all races, nations and cultures and most particularly to exterminate the White race, the red, white and blue traveling mass murder machine is , and has been , an engine of holocaust, genocide and death unmatched in human history. American denies us White nations, White schools, White neighborhoods, White organizations and everything necessary for racial survival, then unceasingly promotes inter-racial mating for the last young White woman. That is deliberate malicious genocide, the murder of our race.

So let me ask you, the reader of this document, How many of your so called "leaders" tell you the truth about America? And do they still proclaim themselves to be proud Americans? It is pure insanity. How about it Mr. Skunk and Associates? Americans?

And then there is the other major weapon used by the world's Zionist rulers to destroy us. That is Judeo-Christianity. Does your "leader" tell you about the true history of this alien religion, in which some greedy slimy gangster brokers from the sewers of the Middle East are " Gods Chosen People"? Does he speak of the inquisition, of the torture and murder of all scientists and philosophers such as Galileo and Bruno? The torture of the Knights Templar? The fraternal wars between Catholics and Protestants? Does he speak of the thousands of incidents of torture, murder, bribery and deceit by which Christianity destroyed our indigenous native based fertility religions, especially Odinism ( Wotanism , Wodenism)? Does he tell you how the Christian Emperor Charlemagne murdered 4500 Saxon chieftans in 789 AD because they were Odinists? Then beheaded them and threw their bodies in the Alle river? How about the "witches" burned alive in America?

Does your Leader speak of two centuries of Christian missionaries giving the White man's food, technology and medicine to the Turd World? Does he speak of Christian songs like " Black or Yellow, Red or White, All are precious in his sight"? Does he speak of how Christians now give the White man's countries and even his women to non-White men?

I tell you now "EVERY" major Christian figurehead knows exactly how the Universal religion was created. The word Catholic is Greek in origin and literally menas Universal. The Protestant denominations are only the whoring stepchildren of the Judeo- Roman creation.

As is known by the genocidal, insane bastards who perpetuate this hoax, it was the Roman Emperor Constantine, along with the Jewish money powers behind the throne who created Christianity in 325 AD as Christians reckon time. The events were then backdated three centuries and placed over a thousand miles East of Europe so no one could deny their authenticity. Appropriate forged documentation was then created and planted, to substantiate the hoax.

The facts are, centuries before this the major "God" of the Roman legionnaires was called Mithra. Mithra was said to be born to a virgin on December 25th , was killed and rose from the dead.

A thousand years earlier the birth of the Persian God called Zoroaster was said to be attended by three wise men form the East. Odin was said to have hung on a tree and have his side stabbed with a spear.

Just a few examples of how myths of many pagan and indigenous religions was incorporated into the new Roman Universal religion. And the lying whores that some of you call preachers or priests know it. But the truth would destroy their income from deluded old ladies paying their prescribed tithes.

Yes, I know some of you will now bring up " Identity" So let me enlighten you about a true gentleman and noble Aryan who you remember as Pastor Richard Butler. What you probably don't know is that Richard butler was an illuminated thirty third degree Freemason. And like the illuminated Masters who created the original Mormon religion as a racial doctrine, he used Identity as a tool to reach some of our folk who remain bamboozled by Christian insanity.

But illuminated Masters know that religious myths are not meant to be taken literally by people of perception and intellect. Virgins did not have babies. Dead men's rotting bodies don't rise from the grave. That force which our folk have called God, by many names, over countless centuries did not turn itself into a mortal man, in order to keep itself from sentencing mortal man to eternal torture. Truly as the ancient proverb states, " Those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad." That is what the Universal religion was designed to do.

So , if our "leaders" wont tell the truth about the institutions that have led us to the brink of extinction, have they told the truth about our situation or about possible solutions?

I tell you now , if they use terms like " White Christian Civilization" or " White American Patriot" , they are at best deluded, and possibly enemy agents. As best they continue to compromise with the institutions which are determined to exterminate our race.

Do they speak of running for office, or voting a white nation, or magical divine intervention or waiting for some " Day of Awakening"? If so , shun them like the plague. Let us look realistically at the number of possible recruits to our Cause.

First eliminate the perhaps half of America's population that is nonwhite or Jewish. Then eliminate the 80% of Whites who consider themselves Christian. Next eliminate all who draw checks from some level of government, such as social security, medicare, military and police salaries or retirement. Next eliminate all who have substantial wealth since the creation of a White nation means the end of their privileged life style. Of course since the last young White women are the desire of all males of all races, they can write their own ticket to comfort and pleasure within the system. They will not voluntarily join our Cause. Eliminate the "American patriots" who are seduced by a perversion of the territorial instinct, given by nature, and perverted by our Zionist rulers.

By the way, perversion of this instinct is why White men watch colored athletes from their own locality. Even while pretty White cheerleaders get wet panties over creatures who never invented a wheel or a written language. The subliminal message sent to all young White girls is clear and constant.

Next eliminate all who already have a family member, either immediate or distant who has mated with a Skraeling ( non-White) as they will usually defend the interests of the mongrel offspring over the survival of our race.

Add it all up to find the potential number of recruits to our Cause and we will always be outnumbered 100 to 1 if not 1000 to 1. Any lights coming on Mr Skunk and Associates?

So I ask, is your "leader" talking about true circumstances and possible solutions, or is he still regurgitating the same old right wing trash? Hopefully he has at least gotten past the old deceptions of left vs. right, conservative vs. liberal, Democrat vs. Republican and the like.

The fact is, our race cannot survive without nations exclusively our own. The fact is, America is dead as a White nation. It is a walking corpse, although we must remember that a dying beast is the most dangerous.

We have two options. One is to migrate back to Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine etc and warn folk there. The second is to try to form a White nation in the American continent. I wrote a short novel titled KD Rebel using the second scenario that can be read on this site.

But do realize that such a new nation must begin surreptitiously. For various reasons I have advocated the Colorado Rocky mountains for a beginning. Tattoos, swastikas, confederate flags, emblems signifying racial pride are already the equivalent of painting a target on ones chest. Leave that to a few spokespersons who accept the risks. In an occupied country a wise man does not identify himself to the enemy.

Sustenance and cleansing the new nation are subjects that are best not discussed here or publicly. Except to say , much must be clandestine. Cleansing actions must whenever possible be the work of lone wolves who tell no one else of their actions. Not wives, comrades, relatives or anyone. Braggadocio is suicide. As a philosopher said over 200 years ago " three can keep a secret if two of them are dead".

Remember that for which we fight. For me it is to preserve the beauty of the White Aryan Woman on earth. It is not because of our ability to create technological gadgets. Our technology is always given to other races, and/or used against us. And that technology will be used in an attempt to spy on and destroy the nation we must create.

Learn the meaning of cunning. Courage without cunning is suicide. Brave Aryans have killed brave Aryans for untold centuries while cowardly but cunning Jews rule the world. So under natures harsh law, ie survival of the fittest, which was the more valuable trait? Cunning or courage? Actually we need both! I remain your for truth, reality, reason and the 14 words. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy