Dissension in the Ranks

This internal and seemingly eternal bickering within the ranks of groups and individuals who claim to care about stopping the genocide being practiced against the White race in every Western nation must end. It is counter-productive and thus, serves the tyrant. Let us assess the situation logically and without preconceived notions. First, let's be honest enough to admit that yes, there certainly are agent-provocateurs and misleaders among our ranks. It is a standard practice as old as governments to infiltrate any resistance. The tyrant even builds alleged resistance groups in order to identify and destroy potential opposition, or lead it into non-productive paths. And, of course, the agents of the tyrant are the first to create dissension by casting aspersions on the abilities, motives, morality and actions of others.

Therein is the Catch 22. How do we know if a "Leader" is for US or THEM? We may end up wrongly condemning a patriot, or we may continue to follow a deceiver in misplaced loyalty. The situation is compounded by modern technology and the inability of our Folk to accept or deal with the tyrant's methods. The governments and those who control the governments of the once White countries can create any "evidence" they wish in order to defame a patriot. Even in the past they could literally turn a God into a Devil and make the appellation stick. Witness the name Odin, which was the name by which the European people worshipped the Creative Force for thousands of years. Judeo-Christians still today call Wotanists "Devil Worshippers."

With modern techniques for fabricating evidence and mind-control the ability to demonize someone is total. I can assure you that when the time comes that I am considered too popular or effective in the resistance to ignore that there will be absolute and documented "proof" that I am a secret Zionist, that I am a baby raper, that I once collected and sniffed little girls' bicycle seats, that I am the son of the commandant of a Nazi death camp and that my racial background is suspect. There will be books in "my handwriting," cassettes in "my voice" and witnesses without end. Sadly, not only will the masses believe the character assassination, but so will those who should know better. Over 17 years in the worst of the tyrant's prisons, a 190 year prison sentence resulting from unconstitutional trials, and the self-evident truth of my words will mean nothing, because the tyrant owns the media and the masses are totally incapable of independent thought. If they can do it to me with my credentials, then you must recognize how easily they can destroy others. But we cannot afford to just give up. We cannot let the enemy win and destroy our racial existence forever just because he has the ability to create dissension. So what is the answer? How do we unite for victory and end the name calling amongst each other?

I would like to make three suggestions. First, focus on the issue, not the individual. This is one reason I created the motto of Fourteen Words. The enemy can make me into a Devil incarnate, but the Fourteen Words express a sacred premise that stands by itself. Even if torture or drugs were used to force me to recant, the Fourteen Words would retain their validity. To some extent you might, also, judge whom to work with or associate with by their commitment to the fundamental issue. There is, also, some validity to the concept that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," although the time has come that we must not be diverted from the singular issue of racial survival.

Second, protect yourself if you have doubts. Protect yourself if you do not have doubts. There is no reason for the rank and file supporters of a resistance movement to have their true identity known to either friend or foe. As Bob Miles pointed out when he wrote of the fifth era of the Invisible Empire, "There is a need for a few public spokesmen. The rest of the Invisible Empire must be like the fog." In an occupied country a wise man does not paint a target on his chest and tell the tyrant, "Here I am."

Some say the British lost the Revolutionary War because the Colonists did not fight fair. The British marched out in nice straight lines with their drums and bugles and pretty red coats. The Colonists hid behind trees and picked them off with squirrel guns. The Confederates lost the Civil War fighting by the rules. Then they won the next war with an invisible empire and terror in the night. If you feel a leader or a group is involved in a constructive project or has valuable literature that you can use for the cause, you can send money anonymously or use a false name. Is that not better than making a decision on some slander, when in all honesty, there is no way to know if it is true? If the leader is a provocateur, you have now used that portion of his game which is beneficial to our side. If he is one of us, you have supported him and our cause, and you have not falsely slandered him. You have protected yourself, not only from the possibility of his being an enemy agent, but from the results of the enemy intercepting mail unbeknownst to anyone. And finally, you have not played into the tyrant's hands by giving the resistance the appearance of dissension.

Third, for the umpteenth time, I must repeat the absolute necessity of demonizing your enemy. That is what the tyrant does to us and it is why juries convict us, even with obvious false evidence. People function with emotion, not logic. If you are still worshipping the executioner's political and religious institutions, such as America and Judeo-Christianity, then you are going to have a tendency to believe slander created by the agents of those systems. If a government spokesman or a media person presents "evidence" that your leader is actually working for them, you will "believe." Not, as I said, that some leaders might not be agents, but you will not make a rational decision on how to deal with accusations until you purge yourself of ALL BELIEF in ANYTHING the establishment says. The governments and religions we live under intend to exterminate our specie. You must develop the proper attitude about such institutions. It is beyond irrational to continue to honor the flag and the political entities which stand for the murder of our race. What flag flies in the courtrooms of the Federal judges who order the mixing and extermination of our race? What flag did the Union fly when they destroyed Dixie? What flag did the 101st Airborne fly when they used bayonets to integrate the schools of the South? What flag did the destroyers of our ancient European homeland fly? It is true that we are mass insane. But, it is not a permanent condition unless we choose deliberately to deny reality. Thirty some years ago I was a blind believer and worshipper of the flag. But when I learned the facts I accepted them. We have a leader in the movement today who twenty years ago condemned George Lincoln Rockwell as a dirty Nazi. Today he sells Rockwell's books. He has begun to teach reality, which is to his credit.

People do change and learn sometimes. This should be considered, also when judging a potential leader. My personal policy has been to not criticize anyone who advocates the Fourteen Words, even though I will attack their religious or political philosophy if I think it is counter-productive. But I will attack the reality deniers by name. Even they, however, I would forgive and welcome into the struggle if and when they become honest. An example would be Col. Bo Gritz. This man has set himself up as a leader of dissident Americans. But, he continues to worship the American precepts which destroy our kind. I have pointed out before that retired American military will seldom, if ever, admit that America is the murderer of our race and must be totally abandoned, because they draw wealth, benefit and false glory from keeping the beast alive. Gritz publicly admits to an Oriental wife and half-breed children. He brags of his activities as an assassin for the CIA. He wore an FBI wire bug as he "negotiated" with the Weavers. He proclaims his first loyalties are to our executioner's institutions. He has insulted "Racists" and "Nazis." He has a Negro godson. He works to destroy our race. But still, should the day come when he admits his racial treason of the past and pledges to give his future for the Fourteen Words, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children," then I would welcome him into the struggle. We must recognize that even so-called leaders have been deceived. I suspect that had I been drafted into one of America's never-ending wars as a teenager or before becoming aware of historical realities, that I would have been a gung-ho assassin for the red, white and blue murder machine, also. To my way of thinking, the real criminals are those who know better and continue to commit treason.

I hope this will be of some benefit in ending the ongoing dissension.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy