Drugs and Governments

To write on the subject of drugs and alcohol is subtly problematic. It presents the same mental roadblock as discussing the "battle of the sexes." The difficulty rises from primarily two circumstances. One is the conditioned mindset of an entire generation, or in the case of sex, of many generations. The other problem is that our folk cannot seem to differentiate between "their" governments (the governments of our enemies) and the governments we desire. We live entirely under enemy rule, and it is futile, as well as destructive, to debate or even care about what goes on in "their" system.

There simply is not any reason to care about drugs or drunkenness or abortion or homosexuality or anything else in America or the once-White nations as they exist at this time. These governments are dedicated to the murder of our race. The perversions listed above destroy political states and that is exactly what we desire.

Let us for a moment consider abortion, which so occupies the minds and efforts of certain fundamentalist Christian groups. It is not our concern that infanticide is legal for them in "their" system. Let us teach our own youth not to murder our grand-children. Our recourse is to remove ourselves and our children just as far as is feasible and possible from their system and its influence.

Now back to drugs. You probably already know that governments create problems so that they can justify police states on the pretext of solving the problem. That is precisely what happened in America.

The father of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, made the statement that, "We do not care about people who use heroin. They are un-American and mainly in Black ghettos." This gave covert operatives license to deal in drugs as a means to an end. During the Vietnam era a Chinese warlord stated that survival in the jungles of Burma surrounded by Communists depends on arms. Arms require money. Money is made only one way -- heroin.

It is now known that the US government promoted and conducted mass L.S.D. experiments on the American populace at large over three decades. This same beast left our Vietnam MIA/POW's to rot in the jungles after the war so that it could continue transporting tons of heroin out of the Burma Golden Triangle and into the United States. G. Gordon Liddy in his book "Will" states that no American has ever gone into the Golden Triangle and come out alive. All of the MIA/POW's were abandoned and sacrificed by the very government they served.

The so-called "War on Drugs" is just another step in the seemingly inexorable march to a nightmare that even George Orwell could not imagine in his book "1984." There are over 1.7 million people in prison in America and approximately 70% are there on drug or drug related charges. The number grows exponentially and prisons are America's premier growth industry.

So while, as you will see, I bitterly and whole-heartedly condemn drugs and the drug culture for our people, it only plays into the tyrants' hands to sanction ever more draconian laws and ever more erosion in basic freedoms within "their" systems.

The fact is, even in an Aryan society, which we do not have, one cannot and must not legislate morality. Morality must be inculcated in children by their parents and by the mythologies and subtle influence of constructive religion.

Remember always, and above all other political lessons, that the danger from governments and from alien, organized religion dwarfs any tyranny that can be imposed by individuals. As heinous as the crimes of Jack the Ripper or Ted Bundy were, they pale into nothingness compared to the tens upon tens of millions that America alone has killed in its never-ending wars from one end of the earth to the other. And the tortures of the inquisition make serial killers look like pikers. Remember, however, after a revolution there must be a period of cleansing, retribution and re-education, presided over by a ruthless leader. It is the only way to root out the entrenched decadence. So, one more time before getting into just how horrible mind-altering drugs really are, let me repeat, what goes on in "their" systems is not our concern.

With this in mind, we can consider what we want within our own families and what we will want within our own nations when we again control our own political states and destiny. Let me begin with a pair of concepts. First, the word "Aryan" comes from the Sanskrit meaning "noble ones." Secondly, every word we speak and every action we take sets an example for someone and influences someone. There is absolutely nothing noble about drug use or drunkenness. It does not advance or aid yourself, your family or your race. In fact, almost inevitably it makes a person a burden to family and friends. Before coming to prison I had virtually no knowledge of the drug culture, so it was a real revelation. One of the first phenomena I noticed was justification. Drug users totally rationalize what they do. They consider it their "right," and often become resentful or even dangerous if you question their actions.

Now, readers should know that the word "rights" is meaningless. Those with the might decide what is "right" for the powerless. And I tell you with all conviction and certainty, that no Aryan will have the "right" to set examples of destructive behavior before the children of our nations when we have them. This does not mean that I endorse police powers for a central government. It does mean that if some degenerate offers drugs, or legitimizes drugs, to a man's children, then the father has the duty to execute the offender. I am not versed in the intricacies of the brain or how specific substances affect its various functions, but by observation it appears that mind altering drugs first affect whatever portion of the mind that controls judgment and morality. Many druggies appear to be able to function quite well in a mechanical sense. They can often continue to perform various jobs, play sports and communicate. Yet, most druggies would shoot their own grandmother in the back and bet on which way she fell for just one more hit of dope.

Here in prison they buy on credit, knowing that their lives are in danger when they cannot pay. Due to urinalysis testing they constantly go "to the hole" (solitary), yet it seems weeks or months in such conditions are worth it for just a few minutes or hours of mind alteration, or whatever the attraction is. Time and again I see them betray their best friends in order to acquire a shot of dope. I do not understand it, but it is a fact that must be understood.

Then, there is what might be called "give up syndrome." As part of the justification process inmates say it does not matter what they do because they are sentenced to 20 or 40 or 80 years and may never be free. They forget that no man is an island; you may influence another person who will soon be released. Will you influence him to be an upstanding Aryan, or will he shoot dope in front of his children, because of your example? The world hates a hypocrite. You cannot want a safe, secure, moral environment for White children, then act like you had no idea what the word noble means.

Prisoners must realize that their possible influence never dies. In prison, even if you are serving a long time, you have the ability to teach yourself, to improve yourself and then influence others. Being an Aryan, in or out of prison, is a lifelong struggle of "becoming," of becoming a higher man or woman.

And alcohol? I once worked with an Irishman who drank about a quart of Scotch a day. Then he would beat his wife and get arrested for drunk driving. But still he had the nerve to be offended when his children used drugs. What could he expect? The world has no respect for a hypocrite. My own father beat my mother during his drunken binges. He beat my brother at age 7 so badly that he broke his eardrums. As a result Roger was never adopted from the orphanage where my siblings and I ended up. Truly, too much booze alters the mind just as destructively as drugs. A further tragedy is that a damaged mind cannot evaluate itself, so the offender will not admit his problem.

It is a waste of time to feel compassion for those who are so weak that they destroy their own minds. Attempting to reform them is promotion of the unfit and the weak. It will bring you nothing but grief, so keep your distance. Unless a substance abuser realizes his problem and reforms himself, he is a lost cause. It is true that our folk have used alcohol in rituals in ages past, and there is some evidence that an occasional beer or glass of wine is actually healthy. But, if you can not control your drinking, then be honest about it and abstain. Booze has destroyed more of our folk over the eons of time than can be imagined.

Some quotations from the Havamal -- Words of the High One, at some time in remote history Wotan indicated that substance abuse is not just a modern phenomenon.

Havamal : 12 "Drunk I was, I was over-drunk, at that cunning Fialar's. It is the best drunkenness, when everyone after it regains his reason."

Havamal : 17 " A fool gapes when to a house he comes, to himself mutters or is silent; but all at once, if he gets drunk, then is the man's mind displayed."

Havamal : 19 "Let a man hold the cup, yet of the mead drink moderately, speak sensible or be silent. As of a fault no man will admonish thee, if thou goest betimes to sleep."

In conclusion, let us all evaluate ourselves with brutal honesty and ask if our actions are noble. Then, remember that a major principle of nobility is the example we have set, either directly to White children or to others who have the opportunity to influence our children.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

David Lane

"Drug use was specifically forbidden by The Order; this is diametrically opposed to what The Order stood for. Besides being a security risk, drug use is a sickness that is destroying many of our youth. Drugs simply represent another medium by which the International J** destroys our folk. Anyone who uses or continues to promote the use of drugs is consciously or unwittingly doing the work of our enemies."

Richard Scutari, POW, The Order

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy