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For many years now I have wanted to write something on the suicidal and fratricidal warfare in the British Isles. I am sure some of the participants must think they have some idea of where and how the conflicts originated, but I doubt there is any real legitimacy to the concepts. Even the names like "Loyalist," "Royalist," "Catholic," "Protestant," "British," "English," "Republicans" and so on are senseless, meaningless oxymora. The inhabitants of the unfortunate Isles, now dubbed British, are predominately Celts and Teutons, now thoroughly mixed. I should say the predominant inhabitants until the last few decades. Since Jewry achieved total power earlier this century, they have turned large parts of the Isles into third world nightmares. If there is not a revolution based on White unity soon, then these Celtic, Teutonic former inhabitants of the Isles will disappear from the earth forever.

Let us look at the history of the Isles over the last two thousand plus years. I do not pretend to be an expert on individual battles or the names of either Royalty or Commoners over these centuries. But, the big picture is clear. And the fratricidal warfare being carried on today is only an extension of ancient insanities. There is an old concept used by tyrants called "Divide and Conquer." There is, also, a political and religious strategy that is related and is equally employed by tyrants. For whatever reason, the human animal has the tendency to debate and fight over issues presented to him without first determining if the issues have validity. The world's rulers discovered long ago that the best diversion and control device is to present two alternatives. Thus, over the years the masses have engaged in never-ending warfare over totally artificial issues. In America it has been refined to the Nth degree in two political parties called the Democrats and Republicans. Each party has always been controlled by the money powers. Each party has always led the masses to debate issues which were invented by the tyrants and which were to the tyrant's benefit. But, truly relevant issues like racial survival are not permitted to be part of the agenda.

This is not new. Christians vs. the Devil, Catholic vs. Protestant, French vs. German, Scotland vs. England, Commie vs. Capitalist, and on and on. Well, it is long past time that the White Folk of the Isles wised up to this genocidal game. Over two thousand years ago Rome invaded the Isles. You should honor Queen Boudicca who fought these Imperialists to the death.

And you should learn who the merchants were who invited the Romans and who aided them. A few centuries later Rome found it advantageous to unite the many cultures, races and religions of the Empire by forcing a universalist religion on the world. It should not escape your notice that a people from the Middle East were called "God's Chosen People" in this new religion, especially since one must discover who benefits whenever looking for the source of a government or religion. In 325 CE Caesar became Pope. The new religion said give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's. Now with Caesar as Pope, he could collect both shares. Control of people with religions and brainwashing is far easier and effective than the use of Legions, but the occupation of the Isles by Rome was nonetheless just as real.

With the advent of the Protestant revolution, new but equally greedy and evil powers became players. The so-called Nobles and Kings in the Isles were no longer willing to share their plunder of the common folk with a tyrant in far away Rome. So, the Church of England was born and the secular arm of this new tyranny under the name of Britain set out to enforce their sovereignty over Ireland and Scotland, which had by this time largely accepted the Roman brand of tyranny and brain pollution. So now, White men killed White men on behalf of two different occupying powers, neither of which was native, organic or beneficial to the indigenous population. You all know the heroic stories of Robert the Bruce and others who resisted the British tyrant. But, the sad part of the story is that the masses of Folk who have died and continue to die in these artificial disputes are fighting on behalf of tyrants, no matter which side they choose. Always the tyrant sets up two sides and an either/or situation. That there are other alternatives never occurs to the masses.

It is time that the White Folk of the Isles learned their true history, both secular and religious, and stopped killing each other over either Roman tyranny or British tyranny. Your roots are with Druids and Norse Gods, and in blood, and in land. Celtic and Teutonic Aryans must stop playing the tyrants' destructive games.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy