The Eternal Lawyer

Defense attorney Jerry Spence, well-known for his high profile cases, stated in a past speech to the Montana Bar Association that he had never seen a case in the Federal Courts where the prosecutor didn't present perjured testimony and false evidence. As you will see, the revered author Jonathan Swift in 1726 was well aware of the dishonesty and treachery which is the very essence and soul of the devils incarnate called lawyers. As additional proof that this parasitical tribe never changes its tactics, we also include excerpts from a speech given to the American Bar Association in 1992 by a former lawyer who could no longer tolerate living a life of deceit, lies and tyranny. The more I see of this breed, the more convinced I am that when we again have our own ethnic nation they must be ruthlessly suppressed. Shakespeare, you may remember, decreed that the first thing we must do is deal with the lawyers. He was, in fact, quite specific in how they should be dealt with, but in this "free" country it is wise not to repeat verbatim even the words of the Bard of Avon.

David Lane

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