Race to Extinction

Fifteen or twenty years ago I asked Robert Miles about the seemingly incomprehensible machinations of the various governments and religions in the Western world. Sometimes they seem to have contradictory goals, yet in areas of vital interest to those who fight for White survival, every government and religion in the world (it seemed after WW2) was united in denying our folk our own nations, territories, organizations or anything necessary for racial survival.

The hundreds of Christian sects, synods and denominations, for example, argue endlessly on nit-picking technicalities within their holy books or creeds, yet without exception they always unite in universal condemnation of any form of White unity to resist race-mixing genocide. Robert Miles answered that thieves have disagreements and struggle for supremacy in their organizations. But, when they have a good scam going they are not about to allow the kind of fundamental changes that might jeopardize their privileged positions or material wealth. Miles had worked for both the American and British intelligence agencies before becoming a frontline activist for White survival. He had inside knowledge and was in a unique position to know whereof he spoke. In this context we can make sense of recent events and understand why White interests have long been abandoned.

Many have remarked how strange it was that Slick Willie Clinton had a nearly totally Jewish cabinet running the affairs of the American branch of the World Zionist government. And yet it was Jews, like Monica Lewinsky, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg and Judith Goldberg, who were bringing him problems. As you probably already know, Clinton's Secretary of Defense(war) Cohen, Secretary of State Albright, Secretary of the Treasury Rubin, National Security Advisor Berger, Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan, etc., are all Israel-first Jews. To put it in perspective, let us look at three events from the past, one long ago and two recent. 1,970 years ago a Roman general sent to put down a Jewish revolt in Palestine remarked that it was strange, since Jews wrote the laws of Rome. As the Greek geographer Strabo said, also 2,000 years ago, "Jews control all nations." During WW1, before Adolf Hitler was even known to anyone, it was stated openly in periodicals that, "The participation of the Jews in the fights at the front was almost nil. Their participation in the new government has already reached 80 percent! Yet, the percentage of the Jewish population in Germany is only 1.5 percent!"

More recently, the Prime Minister in Israel was assassinated by another Jew. In both cases we are looking at a struggle within the ranks of Jewry, to be exact, a split between religious Jews who take literally the mythological absurdities of the Old Testament, and practical-minded, secular, so-called Jews who rule the world from behind the scenes. The secular Jews have always known that a political state, such as the country called Israel, with Jewish only citizenship, causes problems for their universalist-minded puppets and their Masonic-orchestrated New World Order. Slick Willie was squeezed between two warring Jewish factions. It is highly doubtful that the masses of those who call themselves Jews have any more idea of the real aims of their leaders than do the masses of Christians know about the goals of their leaders. This does not change the fact that a few multi-mega-billionaires, who at least call themselves Jews, control the affairs of the Western world, or that they have sentenced the White race to cultural and physical death. It does mean, however, that in the interest of the greatest possible accuracy we should speak with knowledge and logic, as opposed to dogma.

The stated aim of the Zionist movement, be it of the early 20th century or sometime in the remote past, is the establishment of a Jewish political state in Old Palestine. But, as always, the words of politicians, kings, priestcrafters and other rulers are deception. The real aim of Zionism under the Masonic New World Order is total world power, and they have already conveniently placed headquarters in all the major cities worldwide. Furthermore, it is the universalist, Christian Zionists and the equally traitorous White Masons for whom we should reserve our deepest contempt and hatred. Yes, I said "hatred," for all true emotion has opposite poles. We cannot love our own people unless we hate those who consciously destroy our kind. It is the turncoats from amongst one's own people who always pose the greatest threat. That is why traditionally and historically, the penalty for treason has been death.

To be sure, a tyrant and an enemy must be dealt with accordingly, and all Zionists of any race are our race enemies. So, for the sake of accuracy, and in order to identify the forces destroying our race, we use the term "Zionist Occupational Government" rather than "Jewish Occupational Government" because there are Jewish, Christian, Atheist and Agnostic members of theZionist New World Order. But let us be intellectually honest and give credit where credit is due, even to the enemy. Jews, at least, had the common sense to adopt a religion which teaches them to live and struggle within the reality of this life on this earth. As a result, most Jews now live in luxury and their leaders literally own and control the world. Were it not that they have pushed our White race over the cliff of self-destruction, one might admire their ingenuity and persistence. As is stated in the Old Testament in Isaiah 60:12, written long, long ago, "All nations which will not serve thee shall be utterly wasted." These are not the words of some spook-in-the-sky, but rather a carefully designed plan for Jewish supremacy at all costs, written by the Jews themselves, a plan now virtually complete.

Of course, the highest common sense demands that a religion which serves a people must declare that they are God's Chosen. It is clear with historical perspective to see what the Christian doctrine did to our folk. First of all, by murder, torture and deceit the Christians forced all Europe to accept an alien religion in which a race from the far-away Middle East declared them-selves God's Chosen People. That in itself is a campaign of genocide. Next, they taught the collective White race to abandon defenses against the real predators of this life in favor of some unprovable fairy tale, castle-in-the-sky afterlife. I cannot count or emember all the times I have told a Christian that his White race is being destroyed and he would shrug and answer, "It doesn't matter; we are going home to live with Jesus."

The real blame for the murder of the White race falls most squarely on the shoulders of those lying, deceiving, greedy, selfish, treasonous swine called Christian preachers and priests. They are a cancerous blight to the Aryan race and should be loathed with an intensity that words cannot express. Another of the strange machinations of the bankster tribe has been recently exposed in a book, detailing how Zionist bankers helped finance the National Socialist movement in Germany earlier in this century. On its face it makes no sense. Some have speculated that the Zionists wanted persecution of rank and file Jews in order to drive them to Israel. If so, it is a tacit admission that Jewish rulers use their followers as ruthlessly as they use so-called Goyim-Gentiles. Further, Russian and American Zionist Jews remained silent as Josef Stalin systematically exterminated scores of Jews in the Russian gulags. However, I suspect their primary motive was something else. Looking at the results of WW2 we witness the death of perhaps 50 million of the earth's finest Aryans and the consolidation of power in the Zionist New World Order. In addition, the artificial moral club of the "holyhoax" extracts uncounted billions of dollars in "reparations," while propagating hate against all Whites who resist genocide. This is not meant to cast aspersions on the leaders or heroes of the Third Reich, who fought because they had no choice. They probably even suspected the Zionists' attempts to use and manipulate them. Certainly, the Zionists figured that little Germany had no chance to prevail against the whole world. After all, little Germany was outnumbered 140 to 1 in land area by the British, Soviet, French and American empires. Germany was outnumbered thousands to one in natural resources, and hopelessly outnumbered in population.

Nonetheless, little Germany fought valiantly to fill the traditional Teutonic role as defenders of the sacred European homeland of the White race. Not only were they magnificent, but they may have scared the hel out of the Zionist leaders, at least for a year or two. Critics of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, like most armchair warriors or second-sight fools, do not consider the circumstances of the time. For example, the two-front war with millions of Soviet troops amassing near the Eastern border of the Reich, what choice was there other than a pre-emptive strike? Others say that Hitler should have emphasized a pan-Aryan movement rather than German nationalism. But with the injustices of the Versailles Treaty, he was a prisoner of geographical nationalism until he came to power. The countries surrounding Germany had stolen both territory and natural resources; they imposed impossible reparations which kept the German people in abject poverty, near starvation. Resentment and a Deutschland Uber Alles patriotism were inevitable. However, Hitler, as quickly as possible, attempted to transform National Socialism into an all-Europe phenomenon.

As for those who believed that Hitler compromised with the suicidal poison of Judeo-Christianity, every man aspiring to political power for many centuries has had to pay lip service to it. The private correspondence of many of America's founding fathers showed that they despised Christianity, even though their public statements were designed to appease the religious fanatics. Even in the grudging allegiance paid to the Christian terror, both American founding fathers and Adolf Hitler waffled with terms like Nature's God and The Creator rather than using Christian names. The struggle in which we are engaged is easily divided into two different yet related concepts. One is the ancient struggle between reason and belief. Reason being the protector of freedom, and belief being the tool of the tyrants of Church and State. The other is between imperialists and those who are true to Nature's first and highest law, the preservation of one's own kind. Imperialists, of course, work hand-in-hand with universalist religion. Together they attempt to destroy the integrity of races and the integrity of the cultures, nations and religions rising from the race soul. The world is, and has long been, in flames because races, nations and cultures are forced to violate their Nature ordained instincts for self-preservation.

After decades in this struggle, and watching our race decline ever faster despite the efforts of a few individuals and groups, I have reached the unshakable conclusion that the institutions which we thought were "ours" are not salvageable. We are running out of time. Since many racialists have friends and family members who are Judeo-Christian, they may be afraid to voice true history. Others with emotional ties to America or its military, or having family with such ties, are reluctant to face or speak truth. But we now have no choice. Zionists, in a word, covering a multitude of enemies, are determined to mix, overrun and exterminate our kind. All Zionists, regardless of self-proclaimed appellations, are mortal enemies. Who can defeat an enemy who masquerades as a friend if he accepts the fraud? We will have to choose between uncompromising total truth, discipline with reason, or accept extinction in the compromising comfort of belief. A future for White children depends on a courageous and honest response.NATO's Jewish supreme commander, Gen. Wesley Kanne Clark, in reference to America's imperialistic, anti-White slaughter of innocents in Serbia has stated:

" Let's not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That's a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy