Fanaticism of Desperation

In the year 1889, divine providence brought forth to this earth a returning spirit, conceived within a child of destiny and dedicated to the preservation of nature's finest creation. Fifty-six years later the child of destiny left Midgard, having done all that was asked and all that was possible in his appointed time. But, indomitable will does not die with the body. He left us with these words: "My spirit shall return and my people will know I was right."

It matters little whether you perceive "spirit" as a mystical force or as a practical result of effort and teaching. Either way, it was his spirit that moved George Lincoln Rockwell. It was his spirit that moved Robert Jay Mathews. It is his spirit that moves those of you who are here today with noble motives. It is his spirit that formed and generates the 14 Words.

In the teachings of the ancients it was said that there exists a connection between the macrocosm, the microcosm and the mind of man. It is a collective consciousness among a common folk, a cosmic mind and universal mediator, a spirit and a power, an unknowable force, provable not by the senses, but by effect. It is an unknown called divine providence or simply, "the ether." It is that which we cannot perceive, yet allows the homing pigeon to return to its roost and it causes the geometric forms found in nature which cannot be accident. An idea and a cause, rooted in the intent and the laws of nature, motivated by the fires of rectitude and desperation, then projected into ever expanding members of the folk and into the ether with unwavering determination and unceasing repetition, becomes a power as unstoppable as the forces of the universe.

All the perversion and opposition of our ancient enemy, of false religions, of treason, of cunning, of deception, of miscegenation and chaos, of governments, prisons or death shall not withstand the power of these 14 Words: "WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN." These are the words the world shall note and long remember.No longer can we afford to divide our energies or diffuse our focus with religious dissension or peripheral issues. I would like to spend some time on religion, as controversial as that may be. For the sake of unity we must find and embrace a common denominator. That denominator is the self-evident truth that nature and nature's laws are the work of the Creator, no matter what name we use for God or what our perceptions of God may be. Even those who reject the idea of a creative intelligence called God must acknowledge that we are subject to nature's laws. In the Declaration of Independence of the American colonies of July 4, 1776, we find the term "Nature and Nature's God."

The Creators (COTC) among us use a book titled "Nature's Eternal Religion." The Wotansvolk have the second of the 14 Codes of the Aryan Ethic, which says, "Nature's laws evidence the divine plan, as the natural world is the work of the Allfather." And for the Identity folk, I would like to quote three verses verbatim from the oldest book of the bible, Job 12: 7-9. "But ask now the beasts and they shall teach thee, and the fowls of the air and they shall tell thee, or speak to the earth and it shall teach thee, and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee. Who knoweth not in all these the hand of the Lord hath wrought this." Again we see confirmation that nature's laws evidence the divine plan.

Friendly debates about the names for God, about religious symbols or rituals, or parables and allegories used in religious teachings are understandable and acceptable. But the moment such debate detracts from nature's highest law, which is the preservation of our own kind, then the debate violates divine law. Nature's laws are a holy book written by Nature's God, a book not subject to translation, editing or distortion. Let nature's laws mediate any dispute. If that does not work, then put the dispute aside until we have accomplished the 14 Words. Does anyone really care what name the colored races use for God after we are extinct?

Now then, I have decided to take the bull by the horns and discuss something absolutely vital that I have put off for a dozen years, because it is so controversial. It will offend some. including, I suppose, a few of our women, who are already rare in the resistance. Still, I intend to accomplish the 14 Words and it cannot be done if we continue to deny natural law. So, I am going to talk about sex, for Wotansvolk and Creators, in the light of nature's laws and for the Identity Folk, in the light of the Old Testament. For those who wonder why I stress Old Testament rather than the whole bible, please bear with me.

I am not here to demand "belief" of one kind or another. I will not debate whether the parables, allegories and super-natural stories of ancient religions can be taken literally. I am here to illustrate facts, results and the overall effect of religious philosophies. I have pointed out before that Jews followed the ruthless philosophy of the Old Testament and conquered the world. So whether you believe the philosophy was stolen from Aryans or was invented by Jews is immaterial to this discussion. If it works to preserve and empower a people, it bears looking into.

A little research will show that all our ancient religions were fertility religions. Reproduction is the first fundamental necessity for the survival of any race or species. And sexual lust, particularly male sexual lust is, therefore, the divine plan. Sex is a pleasure, a duty and for males it is a curse, for nature decrees that males must fight for females. Sexual lust is the mother of battle lust, and battle lust is the mother of nations.

The Old Testament is a fertility religion. It teaches taking power, territory and women, and living within the reality of this world. Its major figure is King David, whose name appears over one thousand times in the Old Testament of the King James Bible. Incidentally, his name is, also, hermetically placed, an example being that David appears 88 times in the body and titles of Psalms. Despite the incident with Bathsheba (which appears to be a parable telling us that sexual lust must be disciplined). David is an example of natural law. He kills his enemies and the enemies of his people.

Like Thor, he kills a giant with an unorthodox weapon. He defends territory for his people. He has dozens of wives and concubines and dozens of children. He is a lusty man of this world. On his deathbed the most beautiful virgin in the land is brought to him in an effort to revive his spirit. If you young men have the same kind of raging hormones that I once did, I am sure you will agree that is a fine way to go. Incidentally, for any Federal pigdog spies and assassins reading this, "hormones" in this case does not refer to the sounds made by your wives... while you are out murdering women, children and innocent men.

As I said, some women may be offended. "What about the 'rights' of the virgin given to David?" they ask. What about the "rights" of the wives and concubines? What about their "right" to possess a man? What about their "right" to choose whether to have children? I remind you again, nature does not recognize "rights." And nothing in nature is "fair" in the modern context of the word. Maybe it is not "fair" that women suffer pain in childbirth. Neither was it "fair" that soldiers at Gettysburg had their injured limbs sawed off without anesthesia.

The bravest, most determined rooster gets the most females and thus, the best genes are passed along and the species is kept strong. The bravest and most determined bull gets the most females and thus, the best genes are passed along and the species is kept strong. The bravest and most determined lion gets the most females and thus, the best genes are passed along and the species is kept strong. If David were the bravest and most determined rooster, bull, lion, then his proper reward was many of the most beautiful women in the land. And thus, beauty mates with courage and nobility to the benefit of the race.

If the modern White woman wants to "possess" a man rather than being a possession, of the best rooster, bull, lion, warrior, that is only evidence of the effectiveness of centuries of anti-nature teachings. Natural law is why the Old Testament taught polygamy. Natural law is why the original Mormon religion, which was racially exclusive, also taught polygamy. The race murdering American government forced the Mormon Church into apostasy. Mormons were driven from Illinois, from Missouri, persecuted clear to Utah. They were forced to abandon first polygamy, then racial exclusivity.

While we are on the subject of sex, let us, also, explode some hypocrisy. I am sick and tired of hearing men blame women for the destruction of our race each time they see a White female with a colored male. Admittedly, there is an epidemic of such treason, but responsibility must be properly placed. I hear White men using the sour grapes phrase, "Well, she is just bad genetic seed anyway." Horse crap!!! They are the exact same genetic seed as their parents and grandparents all the way back to the beginning. Once I saw a little White girl, perhaps 7th or 8th grade, getting off a bus with two colored boys. They were engaged in sexual flirtation. Like others,

I could have been overcome with rage at her. But for her I felt only incredible sadness. My hate was for the men, the fathers and grandfathers of our race who caused and allowed this. She was maybe 13 years old. From the time she was a baby she had been taught that racial mixing was noble. Her teachers, her preacher, the TV, the radio, newspapers, magazines, movies and every influence in her life told her that mixing was noble. So do we expect her to make a judgment contrary to her entire perceived world?

Defense of nation, power and territory has been the duty of men, not women, from time immemorial. Therefore, men tend to see the world in terms of "nations," while women see the world in terms of "individuals." It was our fathers, not our mothers, who are responsible for betraying their own kind. It was our fathers, not our mothers, who fought the fratricidal wars in Europe to destroy our racial gene pool. It was our fathers, not our mothers, who used bayonets to integrate the schools of Dixie. It was our fathers, not our mothers, who abandoned territory and power. That little girl would never have been in a racially integrated school or neighborhood except for the treason of men. It was our fathers, not our mothers, who gave up all influence in the media. The preacher who told the little girl that Jesus loves colored males so she should, also, was a man, not a woman. It was our fathers who allowed a system of courtship in which men grovel and beg for a woman's favors like a whipped cur.

I tell you again, from time immemorial, those out of power raised armies with promises of plunder and the seizing of women. Such is nature's plan. And so it shall be again, if our kind has the will to survive. The rightful reward for the greatest warrior is the most women and the most beautiful women. Thus, the greatest beauty and the greatest traits of our race are increased.

Nature's laws are pitiless, ruthless, unyielding and yet, evidence a divine justice. For obedience to these laws is life, and disobedience is certain death.Young women, given freedom to choose, pick mates based on instincts given them by nature. Factors she will consider, either consciously or subconsciously, are wealth, power, glitter, security and societal approval. Our young white men have no wealth, no power, no glitter, no ability to offer security, and if they make a statement for racial life, no societal approval. So, why do we blame our women for leaving us wholesale?

We have to recognize that male sexual lust is the generator of all and is nature's plan. Have you noticed we can hardly draw a few dozen comrades to a racial rally once a year? Are you aware that probably 50 million of our remaining White males in America alone spend literally hundreds of billions of dollars per year because of the motivation of sex? Off the top and directly, there are magazines like Playboy and Penthouse, and of course, movies with various ratings for sexual content. Then there are more subtle methods of selling with sex. On TV we see how the man spending $50,000 on a sports car is sure to attract a sexy young dish. Sex is what sells. Our enemy knows it. He uses our great treasures in all their unclad glory to sell tens of millions of so-called "men's magazines" every week. The publishers, usually Jews, become multi-millionaires. All too often, the pictorial of a beautiful Aryan female is next to an interview with a colored athlete or celebrity in which he castigates "the evil White man." Then the pictorial is followed by an interracial sex video advertisement. But the Folk buy because the most fundamental male urge is sex. They sit at home drooling over what Nature intended to be theirs. Our men get to "look," while Jews and aliens enjoy the favors of the last and most beautiful White women. So, what are you going to do, young White man?

First of all, you better realize that our women are not coming back by friendly persuasion. We have exactly nothing to offer. They scoff at us and spit in our faces, calling us the system buzz words like "sexist" and "racist." So, you are going to take them back the way it has been done throughout the ages of history. That is why nature made you bigger, faster, stronger and a creature of lust. If your women had been captured by foreign armies with guns, you would not hesitate to take them back with guns. Do you not see that they were captured with money and deceit, but they are just as gone. Recently I saw a cartoon with four cavemen. Three of them carrying clubs were dragging captured women home by the hair of their heads. A fourth caveman stood alone, holding a bouquet of flowers and looking perplexed that he had no woman. Neither he nor you should be a bit perplexed. Might makes right. All the feminist buzz words about kidnapping, rape, slavery and "rights" will not change one clear fact. Three cavemen with clubs and balls had women. The civilized wimp with flowers had none. Deservedly, his genes pass into extinction.

Of course sex, women, reproduction and preservation of the race are inseparable from the territorial imperative. Hopefully by now we have purged all the reality deniers from our midst. If you think you can vote a nation for our people after seeing what America did to Germany, South Africa, Dixie, Sam and Vicki Weaver, and on and on, then depart now for the nearest mental institution. If you think our race can survive without exclusively White nations after the examples of Northern India, Carthage, Egypt, Persia and on and on, then depart now for the funny farm. If you think your God will do it for you, please depart now for psychiatric help. As Louis Beam once said, "God gave you the intelligence to build guns. But he will not pull the trigger for you."

Remember it is essential to reach ever more of our folk with the message of racial survival. I wish you all the very best. You are dealing with pure, malignant evil, with devils incarnate. You will be targeted by the Federals, as their goal is your extinction. They will demonize you and your beliefs to deflect attention away from their own crimes. Go to the struggle with absolute defiance and accept what the Norns decree in likewise manner.

A Federal is not fit to suck the sweat from your dirty socks. Give them no satisfaction. I am sure that with the strength gained from the certainty of moral rectitude you will bring honor to a thousand generations of your ancestors.With the fanaticism of desperation, yet the cunning and stealth of a Viking warrior, you must live and spread the concept stated in the 14 WORDS.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy