Fear and Loathing in America - Richard Kemp

White students in Oregon elementary schools are making “talking sticks” and are learning about Native American Indian arts and culture. Last month they made paper lanterns and learned of Chinese traditions surrounding the Chinese New Year. In February they get to spend most of the month studying Black history. Just a few weeks prior they were taught all about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement.

Reading the newspaper today, I was saddened to see a story where 88 fifth grade students, at a predominantly White school, came dressed as famous people they considered heroes and chose to dress up as Nez Perce, Indian Chief Joseph, or Sacagawea, Mother Teresa, Crazy Horse, and Ghandi. I thought to myself, “Where are the White heroes represented? Are these kids so ashamed of being White that they feel compelled to dress as non-white leaders?”

Like me, you probably ask yourself, “When are these kids going to learn about White European Culture?” Is anyone teaching them Celtic history? Do they sing European folk songs or are they being taught Ceili dancing? Are they reading Eddic Poems or Norse sagas, and being familiarized with epic stories of Welsh or Irish heroes from the Mabinogi or Tain Bo Cuailnge?

White kids have a vibrant history dating back thousands of years, but they won’t find it in their politically correct, watered down history textbooks. Many of their teachers are either unfamiliar with White history and culture or opt to ignore it out of political expediency. Teach white history? God Forbid! That might be considered racist.

In the United States, every culture but our own is encouraged to celebrate their ethnicity. African-Americans have the entire month of February, Juneteenth and the Martin Luther King holiday. Asian Americans have the month of May; Hispanic Americans have all of October, Cinco de Mayo, and even Mexican Independence Day; while Native American Indians get the month of November. Do White European-Americans have a month to celebrate their heritage? They do not. Rather, they get three measly days to call their own. Three obscure days most of you are unaware even exist. Leif Erikson Day October 9th, Tartan Day April 6th, and German-American day October 6th. That is it.

Why won’t politicians award European-Americans a month to celebrate their history and culture? Primarily, they are afraid it would be considered ”racist” and their politicking for an event labeled “racist” would cost them votes and financial contributions from their constituents. Secondly, they falsely believe that Whites in this country are the majority and therefore have everyday to celebrate their culture, which is pure hogwash. White Europeans used to be 20% of the world’s population prior to World War II and now make up 11% or less of that number. In California, one of the most populous states in the United States, Whites are currently less then 49% of the population. In our lifetime, by 2025, it is predicted Whites will be less than 50% of the entire U.S. population. If White women don’t start having more babies, the only way Europeans can maintain their population is by encouraging outside immigrants to move to Europe. That’s a fact.

About a year ago I was a speaker at a Leif Erikson Day Celebration. I asked about a hundred white men present at this event to shout out names of Native American Indian chiefs. With ease I heard them shout out, “Chochise!” “Geronimo!” “Crazy Horse!” “Chief Joseph!” “Sitting Bull!” “Pontiac!” When I asked them to name one Viking hero the room was silent and there were a lot of nervous sideways glances before someone hesitantly ventured to guess, “Um, Leif Erikson?”

That’s it? One name tentatively guessed by deductive reasoning based on a statement I made earlier explaining the reason we were gathered was to commemorate Leif Erikson and Scandinavian contributions to North America. One name when there were so many to choose from including Harold Finehair, first king to unite all of Norway; Sweyn Forkbeard and his son Cnut the Great who conquered and ruled England; Erik Bloodax bane of Northumbria; Olaf the regent of Dublin; Harold Hardraade, mercenary in the Veringian Guard and famed warrior who met his fate at Stamford Bridge in 1066; and even Erik the Red, Leif’s Father, founder of Greenland and famous Norse outlaw. I could list more, but you get the picture.

Granted the Native Chieftains cited lived less than 200 years ago and were part of recent history, while the Viking heroes were from a thousand years ago. I just think it’s a shame that the descendents of these legendary Scandinavian heroes don’t keep the memory of their ancestors alive.

Cattle die, kinsman die
You too shall die
One thing I know that never dies
The fame of a dead man’s deeds


I was doing genealogical research the other day and found I am descended from 10th century Irish kings of Munster on my mother’s side. My great-grandmother is from the line of the great Ard RI or High King of all Ireland, the 10th century “Lion of Ireland,” Brian Boru. How soon we forget our origins. The nobility of my ancestors has been erased through years of oppression. By warfare, years of tenant farming, by having foreign religious doctrines and customs shoved down their throat and their land stolen in order to graze sheep. They suffered indentured servitude in a hostile land and now politically correct teachings have served to reduce us to a state where we have no past, where our children yearn to emulate heroes not of our own blood. Even worse, our genetic memory has been erased. Most people couldn’t even tell you where their family originated nor explain the meaning of their surname. We’ve become part of the melting pot of mass consumers concerned with gathering more toys and working for the weekend.

I know it is not the students’ fault they chose to honor heroes not of their own race. Their actions merely reflect the lessons of their teachers and parents who have been duped themselves into teaching a politically correct version of history. Still, it grieves me to see my people casting away their birthright without objection when there are so many heroes of our own race.

One hundred and twenty years ago there were no buildings taller then ten floors. Slightly over a hundred years ago there were no airplanes. Passenger jets have been around less than 75 years. Color television was not a household item until the early 1970’s, a mere 35 years ago. Our interstate highway system has been around less than 50 years. Before it’s construction a drive from San Francisco to Chicago could take three weeks, a drive I’ve made in 1983, in two days.

The car you drive, the phone, the computer, the microwave oven you use or video games you play; who do you think invented all these modern conveniences? Some dusky savage chasing buffalo on the Plains and stealing horses from his neighbors? Surely it wasn’t some African abiding in his cow dung walled hut nor some South American peasant scrabbling to grow beans and corn in the dry cracked earth. I tell you it was White men who invented, produced and gave us these modern conveniences that we not take for granted. These men are worthy of being considered our heroes.

Let me tell you, a large population of the world is afraid you will discover you were descended from the Kings and Queens of Europe. They fear you will discover your true heroes, your history and noble past. The dark-skinned hordes pray the day never comes where you connect with your warlike ancestors who used to control vast empires. They don’t want you to remove your blinders and reclaim your heritage lest you might rise up and enslave their sons and daughters, or worse, crush them underfoot. That is the reason they get so flustered when White kids start grouping up. That is why they scream “racism” when you teach other Whites about their past. That is the reason we are encouraged to learn about every culture under the sun, but our own. They are hoping you forget your history and your ancestors. They want you to embrace foreign heroes and traditions lest you begin to hate: Hate what this society is doing to you and the people of your own blood.

When the Saxon Begins to Hate ~ By Rudyard Kipling

It was not part of their blood
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good
When the Saxon began to hate

They were not easily moved
They were icy – willing to wait
Till every count should be proved
Ere the Saxon began to hate

Their voices were even and low
Their eyes were level and straight
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate

It was not preached to the crows
It was not taught by the state
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate

It was not suddenly bred
It will not swiftly abate
Through the chilled years ahead
When time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate

Hail The Order

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