Focus 14 - No 607

Politically aware activists know that the elite media and the ADL crowd use buzzwords to attack, vilify and silence opposition. Words like "anti-semite," "racist," "neo-nazi," "extremist" and "terrorist" are typical. Some buzzwords like "anti-semite" are oxymorons, since today's Arabs are closer to the classical definition of "Semite" than those who bandy the term about so maliciously.

The New World Order crowd deserves most of all to be taken to task for their use of the word "racist." Certainly, we should condemn placing a stigma on national, racial or religious groups for past actions, either real or alleged. We cannot blame all Roman Catholics for the Inquisition, or all Africans for the Moorish invasion of Southern Europe, or all Orientals for Genghis Khan's brutalities is Eastern Europe, or all Spaniards for Cortez's treatment of the Aztecs, or all Jews for Zionist atrocities against the Palestinians.

But neither can we permit use of contrived buzzwords to silence opposition to genocide or dissuade us from obedience to Nature's highest law. The suffix "ist" does not demonize a word. A Baptist is one who loves and advances his religion. A racist is one who loves and preserves his race. Being a Baptist does not mean one must hate Lutherans, and being a racist does not mean hating other races.

Fundamental to true religion is recognition of a Creative Force and intelligence we call "God." The natural world and Nature's laws being the work of God, we see that in Nature we discern the divine plan. In the oldest book of the bible at Job 12:7-9, we read that nature is the method by which God shows his will. And, in the first paragraph of the American Declaration of Independence we see reference to "The Laws of Nature and Nature's God".

Self-evidently from any objective study of nature, the highest law is preservation of one's own race and species. Wolves, coyotes and foxes, which are capable of interbreeding, don't, because in their natural state nature's God gave them an instinct to breed true and preserve what the Creator formed.

The three major races of man, called by modern science Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid are analogous to the aforementioned canine divisions. They have a natural instinct to love and preserve their own kind. Thus, we have so-called "White flight" for racial preservation in obedience to the Creator's laws. We, also, have forced bussing and other schemes for genocide by mixing. That is a perversion of the Creator's laws and destruction of the Creator's work.

Naturally, when a people are forced into genocide, there is conflict. But, the intelligent man looks for causes, not symptoms. Hatred of all Jews because a few Zionists have sentenced the White race to death is absurd. Hatred of Negroes for protecting their territorial imperatives or for not fitting into White society is absurd. The same with Hispanics.

Nature's laws give an instinct to each race and species to establish territorial imperatives for the preservation of its own kind. There is no conflict or hatred when the borders of those territories are secure and the inhabitants are assured of racial survival by their homogenous nature.

Today 2% of the earth's population is young, White female of child-bearing age or younger. Media, religion and government urge the last White females to mix with colored males. The American government denies us White nations, White schools, White neighborhoods, White organizations and everything necessary for racial survival. Then, those of us who are Aryan and resist this deliberate and malicious genocide are labelled "racist" and destroyed economically, socially and politically. If we continue to effectively resist, we are imprisoned or assassinated. Non-Whites who resist genocide are praised, glorified and hailed as heroes of their people.

I am known worldwide in the once-White countries for a slogan called "14 WORDS." The fourteen words are: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." For that I am called a "racist" and a "hater." I ask you, is resistance to genocide "hate"? Is the word "racist" an appropriate word to vilify and defame?

14 Words,
David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy