May 28th 2016 - WAU would like to send our love and remembrance to David Eden Lane, our friend and mentor as we remember you today! 9 years ago you were taken from you and everyday since we have worked hard in your honour, we hope you feast well in the great halls - WAU Sisterhood

Today, 28th May, marks 9 years since David Lane left us here in Midgard and ascended into the halls of our Gods. I'd hope that everyone today would spare a few minutes to do something in honour of David, in honour of our Folk, or in honour of David's four Bruders still locked away in ZOGs Gulags. David Lane never, for one moment, gave up the fight for our people, he remained Defiant unto Death. - WAU Australia

Sempre nei nostri cuori. David Eden Lane.- WAU Switzerland

See you in Valhalla - WAU Italy

Today marks 9 years since David Lane left us to feast with the gods. Tonight I honour him. I am blessed to have had him a part of my life. David never stopped fighting for our Race. He was defiant till the end! Hail David Lane! Hail the Order! - Sara WAU USA

Hail David Lane you are in our hearts - Kaotic Nicola

May 28th 2007 we said goodbye dearest friend, may you feast well with Bob and Bruce, we will continue to spread your written word as promised xo Evelyn Keltica

In honour of a great man David Lane - WarMaiden of Oz

Remembering you always dearest one, feast well bruder, friend and mentor. Hail David Lane - WAU Europa

A true hero of the folk, he lives on through his writing - Ulster Comrade

RIP, David Lane. Thanks for the bravery you displayed during your lifetime, and for your continuing inspiration today. - Illinois USA

Du vil alltid bli husket, og jeg er takknemlig for inspirasjonen du har gitt oss alle. Kampen vil fortsette. Heil David Lane! (Remembering you always, I am thankful for the inspiration you have given us all. The fight will continue. Hail David Lane!) Siw WAU probate Europa

A truly great man. All whites need to read his writings, they should start with "What to think V's how to think". - byuu

Hail the Order. Took the war to ZOG and scared the shit out of them. 14 words. 88. - UK Supporter

Rest In Peace David Lane - Nico

Heroes Never Die - RIP David Eden Lane - 14 WORDS - Krusty UK

I surely do miss one of the greatest man ever brought to us. We Must Secure The Existence Of Our People And A Future For White Children -14 words 100% true R.I.P David Lane - Steph UK

Hail the order, great man gone but far from FORGOTTEN - RIP David Lane! 1488 Raney Jorgensen

He was great White man. Rest in Valhalla Comrade in Poland

His 14 words,original and the present day version,guided my awakening. - Helasson

November 2nd 2015 - I remember the day David left us like it was yesterday, I was sitting in our office on the computer and the phone rang and it was my roommate telling me that David was dead, I could not believe it, how could this be? We had so many plans, so many projects, who was now going to call me about his site querying the number of visits each day? Who was going to phone just because they heard a joke and they wanted to share it? David was more than the man who penned the 14 words, more than his books, more than everything you read on sites, or from tidbits you hear from people, he was so funny that you would spend half your time on the phone laughing, he was so generous of heart that sometimes you forgot he was in jail and had been there for decades because he would always have words of wisdom or comfort for you, he was my biggest cheering squad and I felt like I could do anything with him being part of my family.

I remember when I first started his site in 2006, it was about 4 years after I took over running and the emails upon emails of his written works arrived and I felt overwhelmed, I thought I could never get this done and do it justice, it was months of hard work and David passed before we truly got it perfected and everything accounted for, the last time we spoke we had 50 thousand or so visits and he was so happy and eager to add more, he asked us to promise to always keep it up and that promise I will never break ever!

My biggest regret is never seeing his face as he laughed or the mischief on his face as he told us stories of first dates, going to dances and various shenanigans he got up too, he told us so many wonderful stories that made us feel like the luckiest people alive to hear them. He always said I wish you gals got to meet Bob, you could hear the love and admiration he still held for his dear friend even after 20+ years in jail, he never once complained about it, never once said what if, he was still determined to make a change, to inspire, to create, to share, to live his life and he did that everyday from the most harsh of circumstances and he did it with such vigour that you could not help but be inspired by him.

To the most wonderful friend I have ever had, to my teacher, my inspiration, we will continue to walk the path you paved for us. No day will ever exist that can erase you from the memory of time.

Love Always Dearest Friend


May 28th 2015 - This was the day we went to see David to wish him well on his Journey to the great halls, we got to cut his hair, put some gifts in his pocket for the journey and kiss him farewell.... Surrounded by women just how he would have wanted it! The world is a sadder place without you and the great halls are a more wise and humourous place because of your presence...14 Words! -

May 28th 2015

May 28th 2015 - We will never forget you! We carry on your legacy. It has been an honour to have you as a part of my family. With respect, honour, and loyalty till we join you. Hail David Lane! WAU USA

May 28th 2015 - 8 years gone dear friend, always loved, always missed! Feast Well. WAU Europa

May 28th 2015 - The world is a sadder place without you and the great halls are a more wise and humourous place because of your presence...14 Words!

May 28th 2015 - It is now 8 years since David Lane was taken from us. David was not only a friend and teacher but also an inspiration to the entire Aryan race, with his 14 words & 88 Precepts, David made an impact on every one of us. He answered Bob Mathews Call to Arms and even after his capture & imprisonment, David never faltered on his path, he remained always Defiant unto Death. I would like to raise this horn in honour and in gratitude to all David has given us, an immortal spirit who gave freely of his life so that darkness and oppression may vanish from our race and from our lands. We hail you, David Lane you truly were a giant among men. Hail David Lane, Hail the Order! WAU Australia

Monday 28th May 2012 marked the 5th anniversary of the passing of David Eden Lane. A few of us got together and traveled down to seaside town of Victor Harbour in South Australia to celebrate Davids life & to offer thanks for all that he has given us and left us with. His 14 words will forever live on in our actions and the way we uphold ourselves.

Always Missed David, I remember the day you passed like it was yesterday, your girls will always fight your fight.... May 28th 2012...

Gone 5 years - Feast Well in the great Hall Dear Friend. May 28th 2012

Rest In Valhalla... May 28th 2012...

Beach at the Pacific Ocean

WAU Colorado doing Winter Solstice Ritual with David Lanes Pyramid..

WAU Colorado doing Winter Solstice Ritual with David Lanes Pyramid..

Richard Kemp and other FCI Sheridan Comrades

Richard Kemp and other FCI Sheridan Comrades

Friends of David Lane in LA

Friends of David Lane in LA

Friends of David Lane in LA

Friends of David Lane in Boston

Friends of David Lane in Spain

Friends of David Lane in Spain

Friends of David Lane in Kiev Ukraine

Friends of David Lane in Kiev Ukraine

Friends of David Lane in Kiev Ukraine

Friends of David Lane in Kiev Ukraine

Friends of David Lane in Kiev Ukraine

May 28th 2007 - Our Friend, Brother, Dad, Hero, Spiritual Leader David Eden Lane started on his Journey to Valhalla, our Gods welcomed him home and now he smiles down upon us with Bob. We Miss You Dearly David. The pledge we made to you will be honoured till we too take our last breath!
Sunshine, Georg, Vicky.

Eulogy For David Lane By Richard Kemp.

Native American lore teaches an owl is a harbinger of death. I do not buy into this superstition, so when I saw a great horned owl perched outside my window on the night of May 27th little did I realize I had lost a dear friend, trusted comrade, and hero of our folk David Eden Lane.

When a man becomes a living legend, we forget he was mortal and possessed many of the same passions as rest of us. Many of you are unaware he was a boxer, or that he was a scratch golfer who used to hustle skins games at various golf courses around the West. When I first met him, he was working for a title company. He was the stereotypical middle aged bachelor who liked to dance with the ladies at the country and western bars on the weekend and had a knack for hooking up with wild women.

The first time I met him, his woman friend was chasing after him with a sword and intended to inflict grievous bodily harm upon his person. It took three strapping men disarm her. I thought to myself; this is a guy who lives life on the edge, maybe he can teach me a thing or two.

Though David had a silver tongue and was a smooth talker with the ladies, he was not given to ostentatious displays. He lived out of his suitcase for the first year that I knew him. At the same time, he often slept on peoples sofas of hide- a- beds, or stayed in cheap motel room. He was given to wearing casual slacks or jeans and a dress shirt covered by a windbreaker. For transportation, he drove a broken down VW bug with no power. One day, he let me drive it to the store, and I swear, I had the accelerator pressed to the floor just to get it up to 50 M.P.H. on the highway. Yes my friends, although he did not have a lot of wealth and finery, this man was a prince. In personal sacrifice, he eschewed all worldly goods and gave his heart and soul to fight for a dying race.

David was most ardent in his beliefs. He was unafraid to speak his mind both verbally and in his many writings. He was an adherent to the By any means necessary” school of thought. He fought for our people with both pen and sword - though it was his pen that proved to be his greatest weapon. He penned “The 88 Precepts” and was responsible for coining The 14 Words. The title of his book Damned, Defiant, and Deceived summarized in just three “D’s” how Mr. Lane viewed the world. In my mind, his defiance is what will forever ring true in my memories of him. David was defiant with every fiber of his being. Even when they took his freedom and locked him away in some of the highest security prisons in the U.S., he continued to tweak the nose of the authorities with his fervor. Even if he had to sharpen the stub of a pencil on the concrete floor of his cell he continued to write and influence our folk half a world away.

There is a huge emptiness in my heart upon hearing of Mr. Lane’s passing. I would like to honor the man with some words and share with you some memories so you can know how this man lived, that he passed this way and made an impression on our hearts.

The night we heard of his passing, about 40 guys stood in our grove and honored him with a moment of silence. As my mind raced with memories of the man, my gaze fixed upon a bird of prey soaring above the farm fields nearby. All these little black birds were flying up to nip at his tails feathers trying to chase it off. I thought to myself; what a perfect metaphor. David Lane was like this raptor, soaring into the heavens; and all these frightened little birds, who could not understand him or his nature, pecked at his behind in an attempt to drive him away.

I remember David told me he was raised in the rural town of Aurora CO. He was born in a cabin there surrounded by fields of grain with the majestic Rocky Mountains silhouetted on the horizon. As he spoke of it, I envisioned this pastoral setting were hardy, ham fisted yeomen hung out at the seed and feed store drinking black coffee, and talking about how the weather is going to affect the crops of the season.

Once, when David and I were passing through Denver, he decided since we were nearby, we’d detour so he could show me his birthplace. I recall David seeming as if he had lost his way. There were blocks and blocks of urban development, brand new condos and shopping centers. Suddenly, the area where he grew up became unfamiliar to him. Where once there were fields of ripened grain - now there was a concrete jungle filled with foreign faces. As we turned into the neighborhood of trash filled streets littered with broken bottles and dirty diapers in the gutters, gang graffiti marked the buildings and Hispanic youths sat on street corners acting tough. We slowed to a stop, and David stared at the home of his youth. I saw tears welling up in his eyes. The windows of this small house were boarded up, and graffiti marred the building. A large construction sign in front of the house indicated that the property was soon to be converted into a soccer field. Already some young Hispanics were kicking soccer balls in a dried up field behind the house. As I looked back, I realize this may have been a watershed moment serving to further enflame the passion and commitment of David Lane.

I truly lament the fact that David had to die in prison - away from his family, friends and loved ones. This man deserved better. Just as it was with the home of his birth, some official probably had a trash can set up outside the door of the cell were he died. He probably tossed most of David’s belongings into the trash, erasing the final traces that a great man passed that way. With any luck, a few items will be boxed up and sent to a family member or close friend. Little does this government employee know that the man whose property he is emptying into the trash was a hero of our folk who ranked with the titans of our people in North America; Robert Miles, Pastor Butler, Dr Pierce and Robert J Mathews. They can go ahead and throw away his treasured belongings. What he lacked in worldly goods, he definitely made up for in the richness of the legacy that he left behind. I think of the scene from “The 13th Warrior” when the chieftain of the Viking Warrior band is dying and he laments he has no worldly possessions worthy of a king, but if a person were to tell his story he would be a rich man indeed. I can assure you, that David Lane is a very rich man because we will tell his story to our children and grandchildren.

I suspect the powers - that - be now feel a sense of justification if not relief in their attempts to muzzle and stifle this man who remained a bastion of opposition until his passing. Regardless of the obstacles placed in front of him through restrictive incarceration, David had remained a beacon of integrity, passion and character who has inspired our folk throughout the world, and will continue to do so in the immortality of his words and teachings - many of which have become tenents of our creed.

In memoriam to my friend David Lane, I ask only that those of us who grieve not dishonor his life or passing by disregarding his commitment to the cause by forgetting the mettle of this man and the sacrifice he made both before and after his incarceration. What I personally will carry within my heart until my end days is the undying love that David held for his people, and the fact that despite efforts to discount and debase that love it remained true and constant even as he drew his dying breath. Remember, if nothing else, David Lane lived and died for the struggle to secure the future existence for us and our children, I can think of no more appropriate words then those of the Havamal..

Cattle Die, Kinsmen Die, Every man is Mortal.
One thing I know that never DIES is the fame of a Dead Mans Deeds
We will Never Forget

Bruder Schweigen
Richard Kemp

Order POW Bruce Pierce: Farewell To Bruder David Lane

David Lane lives his life serving the preservation of our race, and died in sacrifice for that cause. We cannot exceed such commitment, we can only strive to equal it. The cause demands no less from each of us. David Lane will be sorely missed. Good bye, Bruder.

Serving God, Race & Truth,
Bruce C Pierce
der Bruderschweigen

A Few Words From Order Member Randy Evans.

David Lane dedicated his life to the Folk. The fact he died as a soldier while incarcerated has insured his name will be forever written in the Hall of Martyrs as he joins the ranks of Robert Jay Mathews, Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, Gerald L.K. Smith, Dr. Wesley H. Swift, John Singer, Kathy Ainsworth, Gordon Kahl, Pastor Robert G. Butler, Pastor Robert Miles, Dr. William Pierce, Ian Stuart Donaldson, Betty Butler, Dorthy Miles, Kathy Metzger, Lorraine Swift, Adolf Hitler, Otto Skorzeny, Byron De La Beckwith along with an endless list, with apologies to those not mentioned while hailing all the unsung heroes that have dedicated their lives while giving their all to the survival of the Aryan.

Well done mein Bruder David...Well Done...
See ya on the other side.
Randy Evans Bruder Schweigen

Remembering David Lane.

We must ever remember David Lane, his 14 Words, and what he stood for. His life is an example of courage, honor and commitment we would all do well to emulate.

So many proclaim the 14 Words. "14" has even become a greeting and a salute. Reflect where and when David Lane first spoke the 14 Words. These inspirational words were first uttered by David Lane during his final address to the court at the conclusion of the infamous 1988 Ft Smith "Sedition" Trial. David Lane first proclaimed the 14 Words, destined to become a guiding principle and noble cause for many, while he was a political prisoner already sentenced to 190 years and threatened with even more time in addition to a cruel sentence spanning several life times. David Lane was to remain a political prisoner , a POW, one of our more renown, ever defiant to a growing tyranny determined to subjugate if not destroy our Eurofolk people, until he crossed Bifrost to leave Midgard and to be welcomed by the venerable of Valhalla.

During those long years of imprisonment, there were periods during which David Lane, and the other Order POW's, were forgotten or neglected by all but a few. As with almost all of our political prisoners, outside support waxed and waned in ever revolving cycles. As with almost all of our political prisoners, there always seemed to be those shallow individuals who feign to be pro-Eurofolk while backbiting and defaming him. If you seriously, genuinely, wish to remember and to honor David Lane, in a way he would appreciate because it will be in a way which will really matter, remember and support our political prisoners. If you really want to honor the memory of David Lane, never again allow anyone who claims to be pro-Eurofolk to go unchecked if they slander or undermine support for any of our political prisoners. Be silent no more about the attempted come back in the pro-Eurofolk cause of any of the traitors who testified against David Lane and the other political prisoners who were his co-defendants at Ft Smith, and tolerate no one who supports or acquiesces to any of these traitors worming their way back into any pro-Eurofolk circles.

In several state prison systems prisoners are punished, some times severely, for having or using the 14 Words or even just the number "14." Prison mail rooms have withheld mail which included the 14 Words. Only someone warped by the mental mildew and spiritual poison of "political correctness" could find anything hateful or a "security threat" to "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." Honor the legacy of the author of the 14 Words by helping to provide outside support for those of our kinsmen and kinswomen behind the wire and wall who are penalized by self appointed thought police for embracing the undying principles of the 14 Words. Honor the memory, the legacy, of David Lane by doing your part to assure that no more will any of our own trapped in America's gulags be made to feel abandoned and forsaken.

David Lane has now passed into the realm of legend, yet his legacy will live on within each of us who live by the principle of his enduring 14 Words.

Heilsa, David Lane!
John W Gerhardt

Rare are the men today who display deep commitment for their race and heritage. Rare are the men who through ceaseless striving live their convictions and willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good of their people. Such a man was David Lane and his passing at age 68 was a tremendous loss in the ongoing struggle for Aryan survival. For over four decades David Lane poured out his heart, soul, mind and knowledge with such unwavering passion that our people might awaken, unite and fight against the impending realities that threaten our race with virtual extinction . A prison sentence of 190 years did not waver his ironclad commitment to our plight nor keep him from having his voice heard through his thought provoking and extensive writings around the world.

To many, David was a best friend, a kinsman, teacher, philosopher and at times even a prophet, and his passing leaves behind a void that will take a giant of a man to fill. Those of us who have had the honor to have known David over the course of many years throughout the Aryan movement, we salute you dear kinsman and eagerly await the day when we will meet again in Valhalla with so many other noble fighters for our cause who have carried the torch of hope through the darkness and turmoil here in Midgard. Godspeed to you in your journey and new horizons across the Bifrost Bridge, your physical work is done and we will not forget you, nor will we ever forget your crucial 14 words which will resound in our hearts forever! Farewell dear kinsman! Sage andcomrade! Farewell!

Ron McVan

In Memory of David Lane

It is with heavy heart that I write these words. I have never known anyone who could even remotely come close to what a great, honorable, and wise man that David Eden Lane is. He was the finest, noblest, and bravest man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. There will never be anyone greater than him. Words alone cannot express the depth of love and respect I have for him. There are few people in life that can inspire and touch you in every possible aspect of your being. David did that for me and I wouldn't be who I am now if it wasn't for his wisdom, his caring, and his sacrifices. He has enriched my life along with so many others.

David Lane was selfless. He gave up everything we take for granted and risked his life to try to preserve and secure an existence for our people. A lot of so called "men" in the cause have the audacity to join the enemies of our folk in referring to David and the fellow members of the Bruders Schweigen as criminals who made our struggle more difficult in getting our message across. If the Bruders did succeed at that time then these individuals, these fence-sitters, would have nothing negative to say. David and the rest of the Bruders Schweigen never committed any crime in the eyes of Nature or Nature's God. They simply did what honorable White men are supposed to do and stand up and fight against an utterly malevolent enemy that is trying to eradicate our existence. Whether it was Adolf Hitler, Vercingetorix, Leonidas, Hermann of The Cherusci, etc., they were all moved by the same blood and spirit that possessed David Lane, Robert Mathews and all the loyal martyrs of our race. The spirit to preserve our people and our future progeny.

David never faltered and never cowered and remained defiant till his final day on this plane of existence. The enemies of our people thought they could silence him by entombing his flesh in a concrete crypt called a prison but, while his body was bound, his mind and spirit were free and they soared to reach out to our folk everywhere. David continually and persistently tried to warn our folk of the dangers that lie in the future. He did not have to do this. There are three things that motivate most men to take strides in life. Power, Women and Money. David had no possibility of gaining any of these three things, so again, all of his passion and commitment to warning and saving our race was completely selfless.

Times are going to be difficult for us all. I know that David wouldn't want us to stand around and be depressed due to his passing. He would want us to be even more determined in fighting for the 14 Words. He would also want us to remember all the positive memories that we have of him. When David spoke to me about Bob Mathews, he always focused on the positives about Bob's life and not about his death. He would want us to give him that same respect. We must be strong and keep up the fight in his memory.

We Must Secure The Existence Of Our People And A Future For White Children

Because The Beauty Of The White Aryan Woman Must Not Perish From The Earth

Georg Baldursson

I didn't have a last letter just a phone call, i can still hear his voice and smile as i hear him laugh.....

My heart is Broken never to be the same again.

I Miss You and i don't know if I'll ever get over you leaving us so soon.

I'm grateful for the times we spoke, when you made me laugh and blush.

When i spoke to your Bruders they all laughed because at 68 you were still the charmer with the silver tongue, they had many stories to share about your life and adventures, some made me laugh others just made me miss you even more.

I Miss You So Bad, I'll never forget you David..

Please Watch Over Us As We Continue Your Fight...

Love Always

What a terrible day. This is a great loss for our people and our cause.But for David, at last he is free from the confines of Zog's dungeon.

RIP our brother and hero.

In loving memory of my pops.

I love you...
Your Sunshine...

No man has had as much of an impact on my life and no words ever written have served as such a driving force for my reslove in this cause. Your loss is one that will be felt around the world.

May the Valkries carry you to the great halls of Valhalla Mein Bruder where you will take your rightful seat amongst the fallen and by the side of our mighty warriors that have gone on before you.

Sleep Well My Teacher, Mentor and Friend!
Dave L

Rest In Peace, David.
Not only was this man an activist outside, he was also an activist inside. If only more people had the same willingness to put so much heart into everything they do...

Glory to David Lane - 14 Auskin

David Lane, you will be missed - today we have lost a great warrior and leader of our people on both the field of battle and along spiritual paths - but now your spirit is free, and as you feast in the shield-wrought Hall, we who still live and fight can be only happy for you as we strive to live our lives as nobly as you lived yours!

Hail David Lane!! Hail!!

David is now free and his work and dedication will live on forever through our actions. David Lane was one person who greatly influenced my personal activism and who's dedication before and also after his imprisonment helped to mold me. His dedication was always very inspiring to me and his tireless and never ending work always made me want to continue to do more for my folk. His writings have helped to inspire me and his words have helped to strengthen me. They will continue to do so and they will continue to guide our folk as we work towards our end goal. While he will be missed, I am glad that he is now out of the ZOG's clutches. He never did deserve that and finally he is again free.

Let us continue to work on his dreams. His personal contribution was huge but the folk he inspired throughout his life cannot be counted they are so numerous. Together we are all better to have known him. Everyone raise your drinking horn in his memory.

Onward to victory David. Take your place at the head of the table in Valhalla because you have more than earned our respect and your place in the lore of our Race.

Friend in Canada

Let his strength and sacrifice be your inspiration and steel your will.

Tyr Fyrmison

Such a sad day. We have lost a hero and someone very important to our masterful race.

David Lane will always live on in my heart and eyes. I hope he rests well in Valhalla.


Hail Victory! To Valhalla Bruder! xo You will forever be in our hearts. You gave us a voice, may we carry on in your Honour.


David will be forever in the hearts and minds of our people. I know you two were close and my heart goes out to you Vicky.


This news makes me sad and glad at the same time. We have lost a great man, yet David Lane has found his well-deserved freedom. He now belongs to the ages and is bound for Valhalla.

Goodbye David Lane.

David lane was a true aryan warrior and he dedicated his life to the cause. Words cannot do justice to what we owe this man. We must never let the memory of him and what he did fade away.

Never underestimate the hatred our enemies have for us. David lane was a sickly old man and the federal scum transferred him to a prison designed for "domestic terrorists" so they could deal with him however they pleased.

Never forget, Never forgive

I'm glad his torturous days are over. Since White society did not heed his message, theirs are about to begin. Which makes me wonder how any of our heroes can find peace in Valhalla or any other place knowing the destiny that awaits their people on earth. There is no RIP for the defenders of the White race as long as the 14 words remain unfulfilled.


My eyes cry tears..such a wise and brave warrior...valhalla awaits you

14/88 RIP

That's sad news indeed, a brave man and one who deserved far better than to be imprisoned by a tyrannical government for so many years.David and the brotherhood of the Order truly are an impressive story of courage the willingness to fight for the cause. I learned a great deal from Davids writings and will always be grateful.Valhalla receives another hero. I hope brother Robert Matthew's was the first to welcome him home...

Karl Lueger

This is sad news indeed.As I look upon the 14 words printed on the back of my BPP membership card, and remember the man who wrote them first. As I remember the image of a man who knew he would never walk the country paths and city pavements again. The only consolation is that at last he is free.If I ever make it to Valhalla, then I'll surely see you there Brother...


May we all aspire to be men as strong as David Lane. He set an example for all of us to follow.Warrior, Philosopher, Prophet. There will come a time when this day is revered and honored as a day of remembrance for all of our racial heroes. The 28th Day of May. ...


I was fortunate enough to get to know him very well over the past few months and he did tell me that he would be passing on to Valhalla very soon, but he also told me what will happen, and I will now lock those papers safely away.

David shared his numerology predictions with me and one other thing to which he swore me to secrecy. You are correct, it is significant and it goes along with what I foretold in Patriot Act. The time is very near when the pendulum will swing back in the other direction. It is why ammunition and MREs have suddenly vanished from the market.

I feel honored to have known David, if not for a short time, and that he felt I am guided by the same forces as he. Only time will tell.

Today, a great warrior for the cause has left this plane, but will continue to watch over us from the next. David Lane went home on this day, finally freed from the chains of oppression that enslaved him for two and a half decades. Welcome home, David.


I did not know him personally but the impact of the 14 Words on my life has been enormous. There's not a day which goes by that I don't think about how I can incorporate the 14 Words into my daily living.

I know there are hundreds of thousands of other Patriots who owe a large debt of gratitude to David Lane for the contributions he has given. He is truly heroic and will feast today in Valhalla. RIP....


David Lane's words and memory will live on for aeons and aeons. The fire of our cause will continue to burn, and all the future generations will know that David Lane was loyal to the white race till the very end. RIP brother...


We will miss this man, leader, and Brother.He, like his Brothers, have sacrificed everything for the preservation of their people; I hope that we can all be worthy of their sacrifice. May you live forever in the hearts of your folk, David...


Many things can, and will be, said about David Lane. For those who knew and loved him, we feel the loss, and will miss him greatly. For those who never knew him personally, the loss will still be great since every new heart he touched was as personal as was his nature; now is the time for every one of us to re-read his works, study what he and Bruder attempted to do for their people, and seek to finish what was started by such worthy men.

A public sign of support is needed so that all may share in this time of sadness...memorials/funerals are, after all, for the living.

Hail Victory! ..

Caspain C

David Lane. I think of you daily. You suffered alone in that dark cell for decades because of your love for your race. But, your soul and heart will never die; your courage is the blood in my veins. I will praise your life to everyone I meet. Godspeed to you, brother. You will live in my heart forever...


In my search for the Living God, I have come across vast seas of endless squabblings amidst the confusive dogma and creed of un-natural religions.

But...then came David Lane. David Lane put an end to confusion by giving us the Pyramid Prophecy, the 14 Words, and the 88 Precepts. David Lane has given me true meaning in Pride of my People, Pride in Nature, Pride in the Living God, Pride in Wotan.

Not some imaginative man-made dogma and creed, but a real tangible manifested Living God and the Law of the Lord, one Law, one Nature, one Creed of Iron for our People. The Words of David Lane are conclusive expressions of the one Law of the Living God...Nature.

David Lane does not drown us in the bottom-less pit of religious historical dogma and creeds. The 14 Words and the 88 Precepts are non-debatable. Who can debate Nature? There is that wicked un-natural tribe that seeks to destroy Nature.

What can we do about it? The 14 Words and the 88 Precepts of David Lane is our answer.

Hertyrson Whitecrystal

To find words to describe eons of feeling for an Aryan warrior whom I have not met and write it on paper is not so simple. To think of David Lane, to meditate under the stars abiding by his sacred scriptures, and manifest a memoir is saying the least, abruptly difficult. In a world of chaos 'tis tempting to procrastinate but no such lowly excuse will erase my beloved warrior from my heart. If one shall never find the time to relive the past of a comrade, one may never have the time to smell a rose. I have time enough to smell all flowers.

Truth in David Lane's being and all Wotanists enable me to appreciate beauty in its full extent. Before I was enlightened by Wotanism I was reading articles by David, not knowing who he truly was or that he had already passed on, and there all I ever experienced was the beauty of truth. Never before had I read such in depth material directing towards real life, the Laws of Nature. But again, I was not aware of David's true being, a Sage of Wotanism. From the moment I first read his articles to the time I discovered his heart in poems, I was forever attracted like flowers to the sun. There is a calm awareness that holds me to David in hearing his voice in interviews, in hearing his devout soul in poems, in sensing the true essence of a Wotanist. I never dreamt of meeting someone as pure as he is, yet he has dreamt of a woman so pure. Only one thing I wish for David Lane to know, "I am one Aryan White woman you hath not say farewell to." And I would curtsy, in respect for him, donning a homemade Viking gown.

Many have said and will say or sing a eulogy for David Lane, as will I, too. Until then, when I have read everything and felt the entire sculpture of who he is and always represents, I will perform the acts of the Laws of Nature and the precepts he creed. I hold them close inside me forever until I meet him again...under the Song of the Sky.

Hail David Lane...a true Aryan Memoir Essence.

-Chandra Nerthys-

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy.