Guerrilla Radio

Militia men and others opposed to the expanding Federal tyranny have found themselves frustrated when attempting to voice opinions on radio talk shows. First they find themselves stymied by the call screeners. When they do get past the censors, they find that the talk show host cleverly turns the conversation to a politically correct mode. So let's discuss how to penetrate the censorship and make the most of the few moments allowed. First let's realize that the purpose of the media in any power system is to mislead the masses and serve the masters. If you think a Gill Gross, or a Larry King, or a Rush Limbaugh would have a syndicated talk show reaching millions unless they were part of the system, then you don't yet understand the reality of the gangs called governments. If a talk show host is allowed on a government licensed station, then he is a well paid and highly skilled soldier in verbal warfare. Opponents of tyranny must therefore approach each phone call as a military campaign. Let's call it guerrilla radio.

Start the campaign by studying the enemy's tactics. You will soon note that the actual time allowed callers to speak during an hour long talk show is seldom over two or three minutes. In the case of "Bag-of-Wind Limbaugh," it is probably even less. Approximately one-third of the hour is used up in commercials, music or jingles, and the system propaganda called news. Another ten or fifteen minutes is "stroking," as the host endears himself to the audience and enhances his credibility. This is done with personal anecdotes and by attacking politically safe targets. After all, we can all trust a man who loves his mother and hates baby rapers, can't we? Once this cozy atmosphere is created the host can be sure that any discordant voice that he squashes will get no sympathy from the listening audience. Of course, having control of the off/on switch, he can disconnect any voice of truth, either by convenient "accident" or in pretended anger. Perhaps we should note here that talk shows serve the master in ways that outweigh small concessions to truth or they would not exist. They allow our masters to keep track of resentment, to direct that resentment into non-productive avenues and sometimes to identify dissenters. In light of this, you might want to consider the advisability of giving the screener your name or means to identify you. With all the obstacles the patriot must plan carefully if his call is to be productive. The first step is preparation of your presentation. Your opponent is skilled in verbal warfare and will attempt to make you look foolish if you are politically incorrect. Present your idea in a few concise but powerful words. A dozen idiots have already asked the host "How are you today?" or in other ways given him ways to fill air time with irrelevant drivel. Do not demonstrate the regressive speech so common today, such as, "Uh, um, well it's like, uh um, see what I'm saying, uh um, you know what I mean." If you make it past the screener, have an intelligent statement ready to fire. As in all wars, battles are won with preparation. Your first words should be aimed to hit target. Battles are, also, won by bringing in fresh troops. You should consider having friends primed or on hold to continue your ideas with the next calls.

You have to get by the screener first. You may be able to lie and say you intend to express a politically correct viewpoint. But often it is best to practice ambiguous deception. For example, during the media campaign to demonize the Branch Davidians at Waco, few people were able to penetrate the screens and point out what was happening. Patriots know that power systems demonize victims before destroying them, so that the sheeple will approve. A Patriot speaking to a screener might have made reference at this time to the "Nuts in the Jim Jones Cult," giving the impression he intended to lump the Davidians with the Kool-aid crowd in Guyana. Then, when he got on the air, the Patriot could in just a few terse words say, "Governments and the media always demonize their victims before destroying them." Then continue with such pertinent observations until the host cut him off. Hopefully your friends would then get through with carefully prepared follow-up. In short, recognize that a government's approved media is just one branch of their army. Those who are out of power fight established armies with guerrilla warfare. So plan your calls like a military campaign. You penetrate his defenses, you make a lightning strike and you have reserves prepared. Verbal warfare is like any other, there are no victories for the unprepared.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy