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This treatise on diet and health should be judged at least partially by the possible motives of the author, as well as his research.

Contrary to the pharmaceutical industry, the established medical system, the dairy and meat industries, and the promoters of certain vitamins, mineral supplements, the author has nothing to either gain or lose for himself. Who benefits is still a valuable tool in searching for the truth.

The reader should also be aware that despite a life of perhaps unparalleled stress, the author is still alive and is approaching 70 years of age. Nearly dead of starvation and beatings when entering an orphanage at age four, later twenty years of high stress revolutionary activity, and now twenty two years in an Americas strictest prisons, including mental and physical torture, are stress most cannot imagine. Yet so far he remains alive and defiant. So disregard these words about health and survival at your own peril.

The Publisher:

I would like to dedicate this treatise to several girls and ladies who have been true soldiers for natures first law, which remains forever, the survival of ones own land.

Let me begin with some basic concepts and then expand.

First, if given the proper nutrients, and if not overloaded with toxins, the human body will attempt to recover from illness, stay healthy, and survive. This does not mean we are all born with equal immune systems or equal life expectancies. But it does mean that proper diet and exercise increase the odds of health and survival. The best we can do is increase the odds, and hope that destiny is kind. But certainly we do not want to decrease the odds.

Before beginning this article I acquired the wrappers of two processed foods in order to peruse the ingredients. Here is a partial list from a pastry called a Honey Bun and candy bar. 28 grams of fat including 14 grams of saturated fat. 50 grams of sugar. Thiamin Mononitrate. Mono diglycerides, Pyrophosphate, ethoxylated monoglycerides, Calcium sulfate, calcium Iodate, Calcium propionate, Potassium Sorbate, Glutamate, Malic Acids, Sodium diacetate, disodium Phosphate, Articfical colors, disodium insonate, disodium guanylate, and sodium caseinate.

I will not try to assess the possible toxicity of most of these substances. Instead let me begin with the saturated fat and sugar. 28 grams of fat and 14 grams of saturated fat is a little under 10 teaspoons and 5 teaspoons respectively. Picture 10 teaspoons of butter or lard in your mind.

There is abundant information from both establishment and alternative medical sources on the dangers of saturated fat, the most obvious as a clogger of the arteries. Additionally most saturated fats are animal derivatives. The animals raised for food In this era are fed hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and even animal parts of their own specie. The last being the source of mad cow disease.

Representatives of the beef, pork, poultry and dairy industries naturally defend their products. Some even insult followers of a Vegan diet. Two of their claims are that meat is necessary for protein, and that milk is necessary for calcium and vitamin D. Both claims are self serving lies.

Now two sides for men. Prostate problems including cancer are virtually unknown in societies which consume very little animal products. Second, milk produced today is loaded with hormones. Perhaps that is why so many men today have pectorals that resemble womens breasts? Even worse, do you know of any mammal that drinks milk after it is weaned.?

And for women, nature means for your baby to drink YOUR milk, not that of some drugged up other specie.

Is it any wonder that dairy products are the most common food allergen? Finally on the subjects of saturated fat and animal foods, have you ever known a fat person on a Vegan diet? I have not. The suicidal effects of obesity I will cover after a diatribe about sugar.

In the aforementioned pastry and candy bar there were a total of 50 grams of sugar, or approximately 16 teaspoons. Sugar is poison, pure poison. Not because it contains carcinogens, but because it does not contain any nutrients. So when we substitute sugar for healthy foods, our bodies pull the necessary nutrients from their cellular storage tanks. This weakens the immune system leading to a host of problems.

Then if we add sugar to the sufficient diet of otherwise healthy foods the surplus calories turn directly into fat. And fat is the greatest curse and biggest health problem of the western world. Fat is unhealthy, ugly and a sign of little self discipline. Fat contributes to diabetes, heart problems and much more. To say nothing of subtle social ostracism and lower self esteem.

Sadly in this age even many children as young as preschoolers are obese. Usually they are taught to desire junk food by the electronic toilet called television and many other sources of influence. And our socially sensitive media plays games with words like fat and obese.

You often hear someone say they are only 10 or 20 lbs overweight. They should strap 10 or 20 lbs of butter or lard around their waist or onto their rear ends and look into the mirror. Then consider that each pound of fat that person carries is composed of billions of cells, each filled with toxins. This leads me to the subject of thousands of books, programs, articles and so on. That being diets for weight loss. Granted, dieting does take a little discipline and will power. There are no magic pills, But there are ways to make the task quite bearable. And the results in health, appearance and self esteem are enormous.

The staples of a proper diet which is filling and contains fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and all necessary nutrients are in order of importance, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legume and nuts. With vegetables front and center.

First about fiber. Colon cancer is now one of the top killers in the western world. I believe primarily because our refined processed foods have very little fiber. It is fiber that makes food travel quickly through the digestive tract. Without lots of fiber all the toxins, preservatives, nitrates, and animal products in our modern diet sit and putrefy in the colon for days.

Our human digestive system tracts are four times as long as that of carnivorous meat eating animals. Milk turns sour in less than a day in 98 degrees heat and meat quickly turns rotten. If you are determined to eat animal products foods, or packaged processed foods with all the chemicals, at least find a way to eat enough fiber to ensure daily elimination and quick passage. Also drink plenty of water. Constipation due to lack of fiber and too little water is another modern curse.

About Calories: Contrary to the propaganda of the politically correct apologists for obesity, we do not need 14 calories per pound of our ideal weight daily unless we are extremely active. This translates to 1680 calories for a 120 lbs woman and 2240 calories for a 160 lbs man. In each case this is 4 - 5 hundred calories too many. Between 10 and 11 calories of ideal weight, of healthy food is quite sufficient.

This is easy to do, in fact with proper foods is it difficult to pack in that many calories. A fair sized baked potato is about 100 calories. Imagine a 120 lbs woman trying to cram 12 -14 of these into herself per day. Not that I advocate a potato only diet. But do learn the calorie content of foods. A large banana or apple is 100 calories. A kiwi about 60, a slice of whole grain bread about 100.

You can feel comfortably full while eating a large variety of healthy foods and keep yourself fit and trim. Become a lean mean fighting machine in natures ordained battles for life and civilization.

Some things to especially avoid are soda pop which usually contains 40 - 45 grams of sugar per can. Also ice cream, cake, cookies, pastries, pies and candy bars.

About Vitamin - mineral supplements. Alleged medical experts have widely divergent opinions ranging from invaluable to worthless. For most people a wide variety of health foods as aforementioned are probably sufficient. However as we get older our digestive systems become less efficient, and people with existing health problems or weakened immune systems might benefit from supplements.

But whenever possible get supplements derived from plant sources, not from minerals. Humans were not designed to eat dirt. Plants eat dirt, along with water air and sunlight. Then after the plants have processed these essentials they are ready for human consumption.

Women who are worried about calcium deficiency should contact their local holistic health suppliers for natural foods or supplements high in calcium, again from plant sources. Thus avoiding the bovine slime called milk.

About sunlight. I once has a sister in law who spent much of each summer tanning herself in a bikini. At age 35 she looked almost twice her age. If you are middle aged or older, drop your pants, or whatever, and look at your skin where the sun has never shown. You will not see wrinkles, old age brown spots, skin cancer or pre cancers. In fact your skin in that area will differ little from when you were a teenager.

Less than two centuries ago white women wore large brimmed hats and used parasols to avoid the sun, and stayed beautiful well into middle age. Of course that was before many decades of propaganda about the evil white people with their white skin.

The story that large amounts of sun on our skin is needed for vitamin D is also a lie. Exposure of a significant portion of legs or torso to the sun, a few minutes per month, along with a healthy diet is sufficient.

On Exercise: Being physically active is hugely beneficial to health. The human body is wondrously designed to benefit from walking which should be the basic exercise all our lives. Exercises that keep us limber, firm and lean are preferred.

Many will disagree with what I next say, but mortality rates are on my side. Those who strain to the limits of human capability with weight lifting or sports end up regretting it later in life. I repeat, be a lean mean fighting machine. Learn martial arts instead of becoming muscle bound.

About Drugs: Prescriptions first. The pharmaceutical industries lobbier are among the most powerful. Additionally they help find the medical schools where doctors are trained. So we are a drugged up nation that doesn’t know better. Most drugs have negative side effects so whenever possible try to heal ailments without them.

However in cases of needed surgery, trauma, and other vital necessitates, modern medicine is indeed wondrous, so don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

About recreational drugs and alcoholic beverages: They have destroyed more individuals, families, and children than we can count. For my part I won’t touch them. I believe that setting a good example for our children is the ultimate code of morality. We must conquer this idea of rights and instead realize responsibilities.

Two points in conclusion:

First, considering all I have been through, even if I should die in the near future it should not affect the validity of the opinions.

Second, I recommend that anyone who publishes this treasure include a disclaimer stating that the opinions are mine and not necessarily those of the publisher. As always it is best to avoid blood sucking lawyers and government tyrants.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy