Intelligence Gathering

Nearly two years ago 14 Word Press published a booklet called "Revolution by Number" and at approximately the same time issued an advisory bulletin on infiltration and security. Included in both publications were reccomendations for protection against a malicious and criminal government which is determined to exterminate our race.

In light of recent developments, ranging from technology to governmental criminality, it seems appropriate to elaborate on the subjects of intelligence gathering and self-protection. Hopefully, the points elaborated will, also, serve to end some of the dissension among our ranks.

We must recognize that "documentation" and "evidence" often mean nothing in this age. Remember the doctored video which the Feds and media used to demonize David Koresh at Waco? Koresh had been accused of getting a 70 year old woman pregnant, so sarcastically he joked, "If I can impregnate a 70 year old woman, then I guess I am God." the media played the last three words, "I am God," endlessly to demonize him. Then, also, of course, they employed their favorite tactic, accusing him of sexual impropriety with young girls. And that, too, turned out to be false propaganda. Not that I am defending Mr. Koresh for his religious views, which were multi-racial and universalist, but the points are as follows:

First. Our enemy is totally without honor or scruples. The lives and freedom of us mean nothing to them.

Secondly. They can and will fabricate evidence for the media and for their courts of injustice. I understand that with computers they can fabricate a whole book in their victim's handwriting. They can recreate voices. Some say that using computers, lasers and holograms they need only your picture and a sample of your voice to make a movie of you as a camp guard in Hitler's alleged death camps, or as Caesar sporting with Cleopatra.

So, you must know how simple it is for them to create a history in which you or any other White resister is a child molester, a secret Zionist agent, a traitor, a career criminal, a psycho or whatever serves their purpose. Neither the documentation or accusations mean one damn thing. The Federals are expert and famous at dividing us with malicious gossip spread by their own agents posing as our "leaders."

The sad thing is, there is no reason to let ourselves be deceived. As stated in "Revolution by Number," resistance in an occupied country must be rigidly separated. The propaganda arm and the action arm cannot be associated. They must not be associated, because the propaganda arm is under close survailance by the enemy. The action arm is divided into autonomous or semi-autonomous cells, so in most cases the only intelligence gathering on resisters is on those within their own cell.

The role of the propaganda or information arm is to distributethe message. It is not to attack other resisters. It is not to determine which other "leaders" are "pure," particularly since documentation and accusations are easily fabricated and almost impossible to verify or disprove. So, simply make a determination whether the message in a publication or or organization is valuable, then use it or discard it as you see fit. All this speculation and gossip is as stupid as it is counterproductive.

Now, about "leader." It is tru that all nature declares the leadership principle. Undoubtedly, there will emerge a worldwide White leader. We have hundreds of mini fuhrers totally unqualified to lead themselves to the bathroom, but who assume a title, print some literature and pretend that they are a new Napoleon or Hitler. Determined to be acclained, but without paying their dues, they attack men many times their better. I am reminded of one such egomaniac who could not accept that Pastor Miles was his superior. As Pastor Miles sat in prison, this "leader" announced that actually Miles was vacationing at some resort, courtesy of the Federals, and that his mail was being forwarded to him from the penitentiary. Now, I have met many men who knew Pastor Miles at Marion and such slander is disgusting.

A leader must be judged by sacrifice, determination, longevity, dedication to unwavering principle and above all, his ability to motivate others to the shared goal. He must not be judged by the propaganda or "documentation" of the enemy media, agents or agent-provocateurs.

On the subject of picking associates, I must emphasize again that those without self-discipline should be avoided. Drunks, drug users, gluttons and others who do not have the strength to control base urges will seldom be strong when the hammer falls. Be doubly suspicious of a stranger or recent acquaintance who proposes illegal activities. You will soon find him testifying against you in federal court. If you are in the propaganda arm, do not keep items in your possesionwhich could even be construed to have an action arm purpose. As you know, an innocent sack of fertilizer will be called a bomb by the Federal inquisitors.

Remember that those who draw checks, especially large checks, from the government do not really want the revolution necessary to accomplish the 14 Words, because it means the end of their priviledged situation.

It is time our folk study true history and realize that the clever and cunning have forever ruled the brave, the chivalrous, the honorable and the noble. They use our altruistic traits against us. Brave American Aryans killed Brave German Aryans and the Jews conquered the world, because they were calculating and decietful, while we were brave and gullable.

Fredric Morton in his book "The Rothschilds" writes: "Mayer Anschel Rothschild [reared] five incredible sons who conquered the world more thoroughly, more cunningly, and much more lastingly than all the Caesars befor and all the Hitlers since."

The endearing traits that make us Aryans let us keep deep in our hearts for the day we have political states of our own. But, when dealing with terror and treachery, the only answer is greater terror and cunning. Some deceiver once said, "It is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game." In this case it is "win" or "die," and there are no other rules.

Finally, on ego. We all have it. Like others, I would like to have the power to rectify past injustices and accomplish the 14 words, and that can only come as an empowered leader of the folk. Furthermore, only I can know what is in my heart, meaning, love of our folk, hate for what destroys us and a longing for freedom for all our people. Not knowing what is in the hearts of others, I must, therefore, pursue a leadership position as nature declares.

Conversely, however, there may be others who can inspire, whose motives are equally pure and whose sacrifices are equal evidence. And that is why I will not attack or defame anyone who declares his motive is the 14 words and whose actions demonstrate commitment to those words. I have said before that debate over religious, philosophical and political doctrines is legitimate. But, please, let us refrain from attacking individuals unless we can prove beyond dispute that their words or actions are detrimental to the fundamental message in the 14 Words. I have, for example, seen and heard the infamous Bo Gritz, in real time, declare his race treason and his support for our executioner's institutions. Therefore, I think we can legitimately say he is an enemy of our people. But, now if the media were to slander Gritz with stories that he molested little boys, or if the Federals said he commited a crime, I see no reason to give their accusations a second thought, regardless of their witnesses or evidence.

For my part, my "leader" is Nature's God, whom we as Wotansvolk symbolize as the Aryan Allfather. Wotan, through his laws of nature, declared that preservation of one's own kind is the highest law. Wotan commands the 14 Words and they will be my cause as long as I live and have control of my mind-until Victory is ours.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy