Wotanism Lecture

What I have to say today will not make me popular. You may not invite me back, or some of you may not wish to attend again, and of course our keepers, who undoubtedly are listening in, have never liked my political and religious teachings. However, facts are facts, and the circumstances at this juncture in history demand cold, hard truths.

Wotanism (Odinism) is a religion. A religion is not a hobby. It is not a gang, a club, a pleasure, a safety net, an escape from reality or responsibility, or a part time diversion. Unlike an alien religion, Wotanists cannot "convert and repent" on their deathbed and then believe they will forever float in heavenly bliss upon a cloud, singing, "Jesus Loves Me."

It is rightfully said, "Knowledge is a curse." For with knowledge comes responsibility. The innocent bliss of ignorance dies with the acquisition of knowledge. That is one reason our folk refuse to accept truths about governments and religions that rule over them.

Wotanism in prisons or in occupied countries will not make us into tough guys. The only tough guy in this prison is the guy in the gun tower with a .223 caliber rifle, and if that's not enough, he has the whole U.S. Army and Air Force to back him up. I remind you again, the government that holds you in prison has, in the wars, revolutions and assassinations it has financed instigated and participated in from Dixie, to Cuba, to Mexico, to Panama, to Grenada, to Columbia, to Italy, to Germany twice, to Japan, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Serbia, to Waco, the Ruby Ridge, to Iraq, to Iran, to Afghanistan, and on and on, maimed or murdered 200 million people for their New World Order, half of them our folk. So let's forget about being tough guys inside their prisons.

Wotanism is the big picture, incorporating the perennial philosophy which is timeless, eternal and infinite. Wotanism is disturbing, uncomfortable, and it demands sacrifice. Just as Tyr sacrificed his hand to save the Gods of Asgard, Wotanism asks that we give of ourselves for a higher cause. We know that Wotanism is a religion, but how many of us have rationally explored just what a religion is? Let us consider some of the many aspects and powers of a religion.

First of all, a religion and what men have called God by many names over countless centuries are not the same. The simple fact that different religions have opposing beliefs is incontrovertible evidence that religions are the inventions of men, not the work of a higher power that mortals call God. Religions are created by men for specific purposes, always involving control or guidance of those to whom it is disseminated. That control or guidance may be for the benefit, or enslavement of the targeted population, depending on the design of the religion's creators, the motives of its agents and the vagaries of historical circumstance. The major religions have all been created by the Adepts in the ancient "Mysteries," so they incorporate similar structures. One of many examples being the 12 + 1: Odin with 12 Brothers of Zeus with 12 lesser deities at a given time, or Mithra or Jove, etc. In the alien religion forced upon our people, Israel has 12 tribes, and Jesus has 12 disciples. In all cases it represents the sun and 12 signs of the Zodiac to the insiders. Of course that's also why Christmas is at the Winter Solstice of the sun, and Easter is at a designated time after the Spring Equinox of the sun. It is astrology and sun worship to the powers behind the scene.

The Adepts call God the "Grand Mathematician of the Universe," partly because of the shapes into which nature forms, including hexagons like snowflakes and honeycomb. In plant life we often find Polygons. Cut an apple in half, through its equator, and you will see the 5-sided figure. This geometry is the real or insider wisdom of the Adepts. Literal belief in religious myths or parables is for the simple-minded masses, the apple and Eve in the Garden of Eden being a prime example. In a true and non-suicidal religion, God, the Grand mathematician of the universe, is not irrational or insecure. In the alien religion, the creative force of the Universe, "God" turns itself into a mortal man, in order to have itself killed by mortal men, in order to keep itself from sentencing mortal men to eternal torture, in someplace called Hell. That of course is irrational, but it serves the purposes of the tyrants who created the religion. A famous philosopher once said, "Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first drive mad." The world's rulers consider themselves to be Gods, or at least to be "God's Chosen People." The religion forced on our people, with them as God's Chosen People, has certainly driven us insane.

A study of the mind of the Grand Mathematician of the Universe is called Cabalism by jews and Christians. Our folk call such students Hermetic Philosophers. It is fascinating, but also is not a subject that I'll dwell on today, because civilizations have cycles. At times circumstances allow spiritual pursuits to be predominate in a society. But when threatened with genocide and with extinction, then the males of a tribe of humans must deal with the physical realities. The foundation for a rational and non-suicidal religion is simple, as always the great principles are revealed in brevity. That foundation is this: "Nature and nature's laws are the work of the Creator." Therefore nature's laws are God's laws. And the first and highest law of nature is the preservation of one's own kind. That makes the 14 Words a divine command. It also raises the question of what "Creator" means.

First of all, at this time, the perception of "Creator" is not necessarily uniform. Even a professed Atheist can be a Wotanist. To be an Atheist Wotanist, the "Creator" simply means the results of chance over eons of time. However, the fact is, the vast majority of our folk have always believed in a creative force and intelligence that we call God, or us Wotanists call Allfather Wotan. It is ingrained in our genetic memory, in our race soul, in the collective unconscious, and in our heritage.

Sir Francis Bacon was called the greatest mind sent into the world in a thousand years, by the Adepts. He once said, "A little philosophy leadeth men toward atheism, but depth in philosophy leadeth a man toward religion." Before exploring his reasoning, let me make an insertion at this point.

Our folk, especially our young men, cannot be blamed for embracing atheism today. Neither should we blame our brothers for the destructive deeds they may have done before hearing the great truths of Wotanism. However, with knowledge comes responsibility. Unlike Christians, who teach that no matter how evil a man may be he can repent on his deathbed and go to eternal bliss, Wotanists know that for every action there is a reaction, and for every wrong there is a penalty. Justice requires punishment for wrongdoing.

Elaborating on why we do not put blame on our brothers for deeds of destruction before hearing great truths, we must consider the nature of our minds. The human mind is much like a biological computer, G.I.G.O. (Garbage In, Garbage Out). And 99.9% of all sensory experience in the lives of the young men of our folk has been anti-nature garbage. The "evil White man," who oppresses women and minorities (actually vast majorities) has been a dominant theme in America and all Western Nations for generations. Our young men have rebelled against a system that grates against their very soul. Unfortunately that rebellion has seldom been constructive and it has led many into prison. Then, here in prison the rebellion usually continues in a self-destructive pattern. Drugs, drunkenness, gambling on Skraeling sports, bluster, and such, are of no value to the individual or his people. All too often our young men, when incarcerated, are quickly led into what I call the "Code of the Convict," or the convict mentality. How often have you heard the phrase, "He's a good convict?" Time and again I see a young man come to prison with a short sentence, maybe 5 years. Sometimes in this era they are railroaded into prison on false charges, just because they promoted the 14 Words. But as soon as they get here some group or gang starts to pressure them to join up. Almost always there are some members of the group who have destructive habits and when they have a collision, as they always do, the new recruit is required to support his "brother." So the 5-year sentence becomes 10 years or 20 years or life. "Brothers" like this we do not need. If it's the last thing I do before dying in the prisons of my enemy, it will be to change the "Code of the Convict" to the "Code of the Revolutionary."

I had a friend, a noble man, named Maynard Campbell. About 35 or 40 years ago he worked for a short time as a radio repairman for the Denver Police Department. But upon seeing what a corrupt organization the police department was, he quit and became a TV repairman. Then later he went into the lumber business. Then about 10 years ago the Ruby Ridge Massacre happened. The Feds murdered a woman named Vicky Weaver, and her son Sammy. They blew her head off while she was holding her youngest baby in her arms, all because the Weavers were White Folk who wanted to live with and preserve their own kind. After the murders, the Feds began their usual propaganda, demonizing the Weavers and justifying the murders. This was too much for Maynard Campbell. He wrote a short book exposing the lies and brutality of the Federal Assassins. So the Feds falsely charged him with cutting down trees on Federal property. And after the usual farce called a trial, instead of a fine, they put him in this prison; then labeled him an ex-cop. Naturally the "Code of the Convict" got Maynard killed. Maynard is no longer exposing the Federal murder of the Weavers, or the Federal murders of our race. The "Code of the Convict" did their dirty work for them. All the system has to do is accuse someone of being a rapist, a child molester, a snitch, an ex-cop, or whatever, and the "Code of the Convict" will do their dirty work for them. Part of the "Code of the Convict" grows from the mistaken belief that by putting down someone else, we raise ourselves up. I see drug dealers that may have ruined the lives of a thousand children attacking someone accused of a sex crime that may have harmed one person. That is hypocrisy. The man who is secure in his own self-image is not concerned with others in "their" society. When we have our own nations for the life and benefit of our folk, then we will worry about morality. In here we need to learn to mind our own business, and we need to remember that the "crimes" of others who have never heard truths and who have never been taught a sense of destiny, are "crimes" of ignorance as often as crimes of malice. I say quote crimes unquote for a reason, and this too is related to self-image. Far too many of our young men accept the label "criminal" or "convict," when in actuality they should consider themselves rebels and revolutionaries.

The U.S. Constitution restricts the police powers of the Federal Government to three areas. Treason, crimes on the seas or waterways, and counterfeiting. And since the Federal Reserve that prints "our" money is unconstitutional, that leaves two areas. How many of you here today are convicted of treason or crimes on the high seas? You see, the criminals who violated the supposed supreme law of the land are the ones who put you in prison. You are not the criminals.

Another famous philosopher once said, "He who kills one man is called a murderer, but he who kills millions is worshiped as a President, a King or and Emperor." Not that we should justify unjustified and unnecessary killing, but the point is, governments are always the greatest criminals, a million times over. So we do not need to support our self-image by denigrating other individuals. The forced bussing judge who destroys the lives and sensibilities of tens of thousands of the children of our folk, is also tens of thousands times more vile than any so-called convict. Even a Ted Bundy is an angel compared to a Federal bussing judge.

Let me take another detour. We need to understand money. Money has two lawful functions: they are as a store of value and a medium of exchange. All other uses such as social engineering and especially usury are forbidden under natural law. Usury, which means charging interest on money, at any percentage is as destructive to a society as war or mass murder. Even the Christian's so-called holy book calls for the death penalty for usury, although as hypocrites they ignore their own laws when it is uncomfortable to obey them. At another time, if the Gods are willing, we will discuss the origins of money as precious metal, the change to paper money, central banks, and the most powerful tool the tyrants ever devised called fractional reserve banking. For now just be aware that while charging interest to Skraelings or to traitors is acceptable, we cannot practice usury of fellow Wotanists.

Returning to Wotanist behavior in prisonËœin the so-called holy book of the religion forced upon our folk by deception, torture and murder is this proverb: "Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves." As usual it is suicidal deception. It should read, "Be wise as serpents and appear to be harmless as doves."

There is a small lizard-like creature called a chameleon, which changes color to match its surroundings so as to be invisible to predators. Those who live in an occupied country or a prison must above all things learn to be chameleons. A spy in a foreign country does not go to the embassy and announce he is an enemy of the regime. One soldier does not challenge a whole army to battle in an open field. A wise man does not paint a target on his chest. A wise oriental wrote a book called The Art of War. In it he showed that all wars are won by deception and preparation. I understand the emotional reaction of young men who first learn of the betrayal by their elders and the plans of the Sons of Muspell. Now you must understand this: "The emotional man will always be conquered and destroyed by the cold, hard, cunning, calculating man." So control your emotions.

Back to religion -- all religions are created to be anthropomorphic. That means human attributes are given to the God, Gods, or Goddesses, attributes such as gender, love, anger, vengeance, etc. There are good reasons for this. One reason is so that the creators of the religion can put words in the mouth of God. The power of religion relies mostly on the words, "God said," usually inserted in alleged holy books.

At this point I must necessarily detour again. A religion implies a deity -- a God, Gods, and/or Goddesses. So what does this word God imply, both in the understanding of our ancestors and in the light of our so-called "Age of Reason?" To the Adepts, God was a creative force and intelligence in the Universe. As Wotanists we might symbolize this force as Allfather. The relationship of this force to a particular race or nation was symbolized with a name for the God. Thus, Allfather Wotan becomes the God of our Folk.

Does God exist? Understand this: evolution is nonsense from the deceptive minds of the Sons of Muspell and their deluded underlings. If evolution were true then we of the North Folk would have evolved fur to protect us from the cold. Instead we need the artificial devices of fire, clothes and housing to protect us. If evolution were true we would not get skin cancer from exposure to the sun. Evolution cannot explain male and female. Evolution cannot explain which came first, the chicken or the egg, etc.

It is true that the biblical story of a six-day creation just six thousand years ago is nonsense if taken literally instead of as a myth with hidden meaning. But that does not negate intelligent interference in an evolutionary process or outright genetic manufacture by intelligence or beings beyond our understanding. Our five senses are extremely limited as to the wavelengths and vibrations we can detect. Theoretical Physics and Quantum Mechanics now suggest other dimensions, parallel universes, time travel and other concepts to which our senses have no access, just as we cannot detect the radio and TV waves passing through and all around us at all times. But nonetheless, they do exist.

The best way to explain the teachings of our ancestors regarding God, the soul and reincarnation is in the light of modern science. Everything that exists consists of electromagnetism in patterns, vibrations and wavelengths. Atoms are made of electromagnetic force; so are the solar systems of the Universe; most importantly to our discussion, so does thought or ideas. When we think a thought it is a pattern of electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy is eternal and indestructible and it exists both within and without of biological life forms such as humans. What the Adepts call the soul is the patterns of energy that form thought or ideas. It is all interconnected with the patterns of the whole Universe, also called the cosmic mind. Reincarnation means the deliberate return of our pattern. In Wotanism the daily return to battle in Valhalla symbolizes reincarnation.

Back to the words, "God said," as inserted in "holy books" -- it is both necessary and dangerous to anthropomorphize "God" so that words can be put in the Creator's mouth. In the past it was necessary because to tell the uneducated masses that "God" consisted of patterns of electromagnetic activity would have been greeted with blank eyed stares of no comprehension. In this age it is necessary because of the power of symbolism, because of its value in molding the personalities of our children, because of the absolute necessity of ritual and ceremony to a healthy society, and as a form of oral shorthand. After all, it is far easier to say, "Allfather Wotan," than to recite, "The Cosmic Mind consisting of a compilation of the electromagnetic forces and patterns of the Universe." That is not only too lengthy, but it is incomprehensible to children. We cannot overestimate the necessity of ceremony and ritual either. Weddings, funerals and events to honor heroes and martyrs are absolutely vital to the health of a society and survival of a unique people.

To anthropomorphize God is, however, dangerous because it carries great power for either good or evil. There have been two completely opposing philosophies at war with each other in this world for thousands of years. One believes in mixing and destroying the integrity of the three root races created by "God." The other looks at nature's laws, formed by the Creator, in which the highest law is the preservation of one's own kind, and then resists the mixing and destruction. Nearly 1700 years ago the dying Roman Empire and its secret Muspellheimer rulers created a universal religion in an attempt to unite the many races, nations and cultures under their control. The word Catholic means universal. The new religion created in 325 A.D., as time is now reckoned, then backdated the events in the myths and placed them over a thousand miles east of Europe, in Palestine, so that no one could deny they happened, and the real rulers were called, "God's Chosen People," to perpetuate power.

When wise Europeans resisted the new religion in favor of their indigenous religion of Wotanism they were tortured, murdered and bribed until finally the Universal Religion prevailed. The Adepts of Wotanism then pretended to convert, but in actuality they infiltrated the church and coded the old wisdom into the bible, especially the King James Bible. The King James Bible is actually a time bomb designed to destroy the alien religion at a given time with mathematical codes that prove the dogma is a hoax. More recently as the alien religion faded away due to contradictions with science, the Universalists began to promote the New Age Movement. It too is anthropomorphic. The major attribute the New Agers ascribe to God is "Love." "God is Love," they proclaim. It is a lie! The Creator made lions to eat lambs, wolves to eat rabbits, hawks to eat sparrows, and the races of men to fight for women, territory, power and life. There is no love, love, love, just law, law, law; harsh, cruel, unforgiving but perfect, natural law. A people can recognize that law, obey it and they will live, or they can ignore it and die.

Another great danger of the Universalists and their New Age Movement is the feminist movement. Young and healthy societies are male dominated. Decadent, dying societies are feminist. The sex drive of the males of a race that wishes to survive must not be subverted, slandered, hindered, or lessened. In our indigenous religions of the past the male Gods were often depicted with huge erect phallus. This is now ridiculed by the enemies of nature's God as penis worship or evidence of a fertility religion, which only demonstrates their ignorance or their malice. Fertility is necessary to life. Those out of power raise armies with promises of plunder, revenge, and above all, the seizing of women. The testosterone level of the male is 20 times that of the female for a reason, as are all the ratios of nature. That overwhelming sex drive of the male must be directed toward women of their own folk.

The United States was created by the Adepts. The plan was encoded in the novel The New Atlantis by Sir Francis Bacon. At least 53 of the 56 signers of The Declaration of Independence, on 7-4 or July 4, were Masonic Adepts. But when the Sons of Muspell took over the new nation, within just a few years the true Adepts tried another tactic. In the early 1800's they formed a new religion now called Mormonism. The original Mormon religion in many ways conformed to Natural Law, particularly in that it was restricted to our folk, and it taught polygamy. But the Sons of Muspell would not allow a religion that might preserve our kind, so they first banned polygamy by law, knowing that sexual-lust is the mother of battle-lust and battle-lust is the mother of nations. Next they promoted the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, giving women the vote. Finally a Son of Muspell named Kurtz, the head of the Treasury Department of the U.S. Government, told the Mormons to racially integrate or the I.R.S. would seize their church property. So, because its men were castrated by anti-polygamy laws and the "liberation" of women, the Mormons caved in. Just one example of why a religion of the folk must promote the male sex drive. A man will fight to the death to keep the harem he dominates.

Finally, we must recognize the power of symbolism in our nature or indigenous religion. It appeals to our warrior soul, both through genetic memory and through its overt character. The three great movements of the last 2500 years have all been religious movements -- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The first allowed the Son of Muspell to conquer and rule the world and sentence our folk to extinction. There is no greater power than a religion. We must now embrace a natural religion, true to the laws of nature and nature's God, with the fanatical dedication of desperation. That religion is Wotanism!

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy