Let's Win

Recently, we were sent a copy of an article from the Idaho Falls newspaper "exposing a hate crime". It seems some supporters of Fourteen Word Press had distributed some fliers saying that White people should secure their existence and have a future for their children. In fact, the article quoted the Fourteen Words verbatim. Thus, our cause reached thousands of people courtesy of the establishment press. In the past year the Fourteen Words have been quoted on national TV and in the Washington Post, as well as in most resistance publications worldwide. None of this would have happened if the supporters of Fourteen Word Press had been content with preaching to the choir, as does most of the so called movement. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank each and every one of those with the vision and motivation to take positive action.

Let us remember that our first job is to awaken sufficient numbers of our people to our imminent extinction and what that means. Most of our Folk still believe White people are a majority, due to the enemy media, who call over ninety percent of the world's population, which is colored "minorities". In order to penetrate the media curtain we must focus on the single issue as stated in the Fourteen Words and not be deceived into pursuing peripheral issues. Certainly we can recognize that there is some value in exposing the exaggerations of the alleged holocaust, the power of central banks, such as the Federal Reserve, violations of the Constitution and all the other issues that occupy the minds of the so-called Right Wing. But, I really don't give a damn what monetary system the colored hordes adopt after our race is extinct. I just don't give a hoot in hell whether they call themselves conservatives or liberals. I don't care if the Jews convince the colored hordes that sixty billion of the "chosen" died in big WW2. Frankly, I don't give a flying you-know-what if the world even continues to exist, if the Jews are successful in exterminating our race and therefore, the beauty of the White Aryan woman will cease to exist forever. Let's win or blow it to atom!

Another reason to use the Fourteen Words unceasingly is that they are designed to make prosecution under the evermore repressive "hate laws” very difficult. Can you imagine a ZOG prosecutor telling a jury that they must find a person guilty of a crime just because he wants a future for his children?

Let me share a bit of history from my life. Nearly two decades ago when I discovered what was going on, I set out on a campaign to distribute a half million pamphlets that I designed. The headline on the fliers was, "The Death of the White Race". That is what earned me the undying hatred of the ZOG. After the Jews discovered who it was distributing the pamphlets, they had my Real Estate Brokers license taken away. Economic reprisals are their first response to resistance. They used the excuse that I disobeyed the law by not selling homes to coloreds in White neighborhoods, which was true, since such actions would be race treason. However, where there is a will there is usually a way. I used my knowledge of Real Estate to get a job at a title insurance company where I was able to surreptitiously run off five hundred or more copies of the "Death of the White Race" pamphlets daily. I spent lunch hours and weekends stuffing them in merchandise in department stores. In libraries I slipped thousands of them into books. At bookstores I did the same. The windshield wipers of cars in shopping malls and phone booths, also, got plastered. The opportunities are endless and you are limited only by time, money and initiative. I had friends steal hundreds of the free newspapers from shopping centers. On Friday nights I'd spend hours wrapping pamphlets around them and securing with rubber bands. Then, Saturday night thousands of them were delivered to people's yards and driveways, just like the Sunday paper. If you have a job worth keeping and don't want to be exposed, you can develop your own guerrilla tactics to avoid being identified by the thought police of this so-called free country.

I don't expect every reader of Focus Fourteen to have the time or the resources to spend on distribution that I once had. But, let's extrapolate. If just one hundred of our supporters distributed only fourteen "WHAT IS HATE?" or other pamphlets per day, that would be nearly 10,000 per week, and over half a million per year. Is that too much to ask in pursuit of our holy cause? The enemy cannot take that kind of pressure from the Fourteen Words indefinitely, or even for a prolonged period. Additionally, we can expect more and more highly motivated recruits to join in the effort, for the Fourteen Words as the Sacred Battle cry of our Folk are growing at an exponential rate that must be terrifying to the enemy. It is long past time for never-ending reflections on the failed institutions of the past. Let the Folk join us or stand aside, for we intend to win. But, let the losers, the nay Sayers, the hobbyists and the shirkers be aware that on the day of justice, it will be found that we have long memories. Those who did not fight for a place in the sun for White children will not live in that place after Ragnarok. To allow them to live among us would be a disgrace to the memory of Robert Mathews and to all who have sacrificed their lives, their freedom, their time or their wealth for the Fourteen Words.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy