November 19th 2017 - Heroes of our Folk - Robert Jay Mathews & David Eden Lane. Rest Well Bruders..

November 17th 2017 - Wotansvolks & Defiant Unto Death by David Eden Lane are both available to purchase, ALL PROCEEDS go to funding the site and the rest go to the Bruders still inside!

Click on the below image to be directed to the place of purchase.

November 17th 2017 -

November 17th 2017 - We have had a great response to the below post dated the 16th of November. A heartfelt thank you to our kin for always lifting our spirits after degenerates make us feel like good people no longer exist, the best of our folk work diligently in the background as always! The best of our folk also seek to improve circumstances for those who need help, they don't sit back and cause trouble then gloat in the misery they have caused, thankfully these people have been put on the do not associate with list and life is peaceful again....Once again thank you to our comrades throughout Europe, The USA and Australia who didn't need to be asked twice for assistance. We love these men and we will make sure all three of them are well taken care of because that's what family do!

WAU Sisterhood

November 16th 2017 - We have a new end of year campaign called 10 for $10 Our initial goal is 10 people donating $10 a month; we are setting our initial goal low as we have actually seen how little people actually do care at the core of our movement. It’s really a sad reflection on our people and saddens us deeply, imagine if we had 100 people donating $10 a month, which is nothing for one person to do every month, help us reach 10 people and then spread the word and let us reach 100! This month was the birthday of David Eden Lane and next month is the anniversary of Bob’s death; why not sponsor one of their Bruders as a thank you for their ultimate sacrifice!! Bob stood by these men, remember and honour him by supporting his kin and Bruders! Email us at for how you start today!!

The first 10 people to donate $25 Before December 21st, will get a beautifully crafted Bruder Schweigen Pin and a coloured card with an Original Painting of David Eden Lane on it. Thank you for your support...

November 14th 2017 - Mourning The Ancient done an interview with David Eden Lane in 2002 here is a wee part we made into a banner

November 2nd 2017 - Happy 79th birthday David, we miss you so much dear friend. We hope that we continue to make you proud, it has been ten long years doing this all solo without your daily calls with news and updates. We think about you every single day and your birthday is no exception. We love you dearly.

WAU - Baldursson and Molly

Many readers already know the Fourteen Words, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." But far fewer know of my personal Fourteen Words which are my motivation. They are, "Because the beauty of the white Aryan woman must not perish from the earth." David Eden Lane 2002

November 2nd 2017 - Click on the image to be taken to a larger version of this image to print out for the month of November, watch this space for monthly calendar pages.

October 22nd 2017 - We are working on putting The Movement is Dead, Long Live the Cause By David Tate online. David has asked us to do that recently. We had noticed that a Black Metal Blog had made a really nice booklet with this text, whilst that isn't a big deal, we always like to make sure that the Bruders are being sent money that is being made from anything sold using their words or imagery. Anything we have sold using their work has resulted in us sending them extra money and paying for this site. Anyways, we will have this text up soon..


October 20th 2017 - Mourning The Ancient done an interview with David Eden Lane in 2002 here is another snipit and most likely something that you did not know!

Mourning The Ancient: You have been very outspoken in your admiration of Robert Mathews. Your name and his name seem irrevocably intertwined. Could you tell us the reasons behind your admiration for him? Although some books have been written regarding him, they are usually from either a historical perspective or a biased one, or both, could you help us to better know and understand him?

David Eden Lane: I have no idea how to do him the honor he deserves. In the novel 'K.D. Rebel' I called the hero Trebor, which is Robert spelled backwards. This was to honor Bob. Shall I fill a page with words like loyal, brave, dedicated and heroic? If the day comes that our race secures its existence, and if I am not alive to ensure it is built, I hope the folk will erect a monument in his memory that school children will visit for ages to come.

October 20th 2017 - Do You Want To Support The Order? Then please consider becoming part of our Adopt A Bruder program, for more information email us at


October 13th 2017 - We have added When All Others Are Silent By A New Awakening - British Movement South East London. It is another great piece from these guys and we thank them for making us aware of their continued adoration of these wonderful men. We are glad to add it to the site and share it. We have added it to the Essay section of the site, you can find it under our Friends of The Order section, for your convenience we have linked it below.

READ - When All Others Are Silent


October 8th 2017 -Below is an excerpt from an interview Mourning The Ancient done with David Eden Lane in regards to Robert Jay Mathews!

Mourning The Ancient: Could you tell us about the last time you saw him? Do you remember his last words to you? Did you ever imagine it would be the last time you would see him alive? If you could go back in time, would you say anything differently to him in your good-byes?

David Eden Lane: The last time I saw Bob was in North Carolina about two months before he was killed or best I can recall. He gave me some ideas that I cannot share because of security reasons. I think he knew that the end was near for him at that time. But he marched to meet his fate with all the courage of Leonidas.

When you ask if I would have said anything different to him as a farewell, if I had known the future, it fills my heart with a big empty spot. What could I have said? He was fond of an old Norse Proverb that goes like this:

Cattle die, Kinsmen die, I too shall die.
The only thing that does not die
Is the fame of a great man's deeds.

Mourning The Ancient: Since you were his friend and comrade, from your point of view, how do you think he would want people to remember him? What was your personal reaction and feelings when first learning of his death? Do you remember where you were at that moment?

David Eden Lane: He wanted to be remembered for his deeds on behalf of racial survival for our folk. When I heard on the radio about the siege of his house in Washington State, I knew he would not surrender. There was a full moon outside. I stood outside looking at the moon and thinking that that same moon was looking down on his final battle. It was infinite sadness. Then when the radio said he was dead I went out to a Confederate soldiers graveyard and wrote the poem Ode To Bob Mathews

October 8th 2017 - Click on the image to be taken to a larger version of this image to print out for the month of October,watch this space for monthly calendar pages.

October 4th 2017 - When was the last time you read Intelligence Gathering by David Eden Lane? Maybe now is the time for a revisit! click on the banner below to reread it!

September 29th 2017 - in 2006 we interviewed David Eden Lane for Blood and Honour UK magazine, click the banner below for the interview!

September 28th 2017 - We would like to wish our dear friend and Bruder David Tate the happiest of birthdays, you are in our hearts always and we cherish your friendship immensely!

September 26th 2017 - In 2006 WAU took over this site, we had full permission from ALL Bruder members, we have NEVER put anything on this site that wasn't explicitly sent to us. Prior to parole hearings we have been asked to take stuff down that was sent to us for the site and it was done immediately and without hesitation.

We have been pretty much their only financial support for nearly two decades. They have come first and foremost, their freedom, happiness and safety is our utmost concern. It has been brought to our attention that an OUTSIDER is trying to slander our work and name for reasons we are unsure of, but we as a group stand by these men 100%, anyone who doubts that can easily correspond with them and ask for their opinion on us, ask them who sends them money and who writes them letters. Recently a person waving a swastika banner brandishing the name of a Bruder on it is IRONICALLY saying we are to blame for a recent parole denial etc.

Let us make this abundantly clear NOTHING has appeared on this site that wasn't sanctioned 100%! Keep a close watch on those who slander and cause dissension, like we have said if you the supporters have questions in regards to our support of these men it can easily be verified by contacting them, it's that easy!

And to end it, we would like to say in the two plus decades we have supported these men we have NEVER witnessed such cancerous actions by anyone, not even the enemy has stooped this low in regards to our efforts in supporting these men, it's disgusting, and a huge embarrassment to our folk. This will be our only comment on this from here on out, we have so many new projects coming and we are going to focus on that, thank you for your continued support.

Hail The Order

September 24th 2017 - How could somebody of another race commit treason against my race? Let's be logical. Only my race could commit treason against my race. And they deserve what they get.

David Eden Lane

UPDATED - UPDATED! September 22nd 2017 - Natures Purpose, Mans Mission written by A New Awakening / British Movement South East London WAS NOT EDITED CORRECTLY, the revised copy of it has been added to the site, you can find it under our Friends of The Order section in the menu to your right.

Hail David Eden Lane
Keltica & Baldursson

September 20th 2017 - Natures Purpose, Mans Mission written by A New Awakening / British Movement South East London has been added to the Essay section of the site, you can find it under our Friends of The Order section in the menu to your right. We would like to thank them for a wonderfully written piece.

Hail David Eden Lane
Keltica & Baldursson

September 20th 2017 - Hail David Eden Lane!

September 15th 2017 - We Love The Order!

September 14th 2017 - Today the 14th we have added The Testaments By David Eden Lane to the Focus 14 section of the site, this is a really in-depth and provoking piece, it is not for the kind of Racialist with a narrow world view, David's depth of knowledge and willingness to go there has always been amazing and inspiring, we certainly were not brought here to this space to be one dimensional thinkers! I thank him everyday for everything he has shared with us, i thank him everyday for the people he brought into my life and for the never ending urge to find out more.


September 13th 2017 - A defining issue by John W Gerhardt has been added to the essay section of the site site, you can find it under the Friends of The Order section. Enjoy!

September 12th 2017 - David Lane Quote / Image added to the site.

September 10th 2017 - 14 Words Image added to the site.

September 10th 2017 - Song for David Eden Lane by John Baumgardner has been added to the poetry section of Friends of The Order. The link is in the menu to your left. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, if you have written anything uplifting about The Order email is to us at #DavidEdenLane #Poetry

Hail David Eden Lane
Keltica & Baldursson

September 9th 2017 - Link the David Eden Lane Website please!

September 2nd 2017 - It has come to our attention that someone calling them self freedom-fighter-1889 is selling used copies of the newly released David Lane books on eBay for a ridiculously inflated price. This is nothing but pure profiteering. Please do not be sucked into this scam. These books are readily available for a reasonable price of around $13USD from the WAU Sisterhood Lulu shop that we have linked in a post just below this!

For Our Folk
Hail The Order

September 1st 2017 -

September 1st 2017 - Wotansvolks & Defiant Unto Death by David Eden Lane are both available to purchase, ALL PROCEEDS go to funding the site and the rest go to the Bruders still inside!

August 31st 2017 - Precept 67 & 68 by David Eden Lane

August 31st 2017 - Focus 14 Musings! We will have new printable flyers available this year, watch this space for updates!

August 30th 2017 - Link Us

August 29th 2017 - We are pulling this one from Mourning the Ancients archives, the below interview with David Eden Lane was done in 2002, it is another fantastic interview done with our friend and mentor, he had so much knowledge, insight and wisdom to impart, click on the below banner to be taken to the interview.

August 25th 2017 - We found this great compilation of David's 14 Words and 88 Precepts online, so we thought it would be awesome to share, a big thank you to Deplorable Ylem for compiling it.

August 21st 2017 - The difference between a terrorist and a patriot is control of the press. #DavidEdenLane #Precept70

This particular precept is ringing true in today's political and media frenzied climate!

Added to the Site August 21st 2017

August 21st 2017 - We added both an Introduction to Deceived, Damned, And Defiant By C. Colin Jordan and 33/5 By Pastor Robert E Miles to the site, you will find them both under the new section we have named Friends of The Order these two pieces are under the essay section, they are wonderfully written and 100% worth the read.

Hail The Order
Baldursson & Keltica

August 19th 2017 - We are working on some new booklets using the words and writings of David Eden Lane, we will be selling them as cheaply as possible as we know you all greatly supported the two books we just published, so we are absolutely aware of the cost factor.

Any money made from the sale of these booklets will be used to make some much needed and wanted David Eden Lane tshirts, we are aiming to have them ready by May 28th 2018. We are humbled and grateful for your continued support since Davids passing in 2007, we promised David to always keep his work out there and available for his folk and we thank you for joining us on the journey.

WAU Sisterhood & Baldursson

August 18th 2017 - WAU & Baldursson Would like to thank Stephen Landser of Race and Nation who done the Audio book,we would also like to thank Psiguard for all their help with the editing and Lord Goyhammer for helping with the promotion. Click on the below banner to be directed to the website that is hosting the Audio Book!

Hail David Eden Lane

August 18th 2017 - We have added Farewell White Woman and Ode To Bob Mathews under the Wodensson in Verse section of the site, you can find the link under the Focus 14 part of the menu to your left.

Baldursson & Keltica

August 16th 2017 - Today we remember Bruce Carroll Pierce. We must know our past and honour our heroes or we will be without a future. Thank you for your sacrifices BCP, they will never be forgotten, you are a true hero of our Folk! #neverforget #BruceCarrollPierce

August 15th 2017 - News News News Victory or Death by David Eden Lane has been added to the site, scroll down and find it under Focus 14 Writings! More writings coming soon. Thank you for your continued support.

WAU & Baldursson


  • There has been a major problem within the Racialist movement of individuals altering David's(Wodensson's) sacred 14 words. David and I have spoken at length on this subject and to say it angered him a little would be an understatement. They have been replacing the word "PEOPLE" with the word "race." The 14 Words are more than just a sequence of words put together, read more at the link below.

  • Baldursson

  • 14 Words Decoded

    August 13th 2017 - BOB MATHEWS by Richard Scutari has been added to the site, go check it out under the Robert Jay Mathews link to your right. Enjoy!

    August 12th 2017 - WAU have been doing David's site for 11 years and the FTO site for 12, we worked diligently with David on his site, tons of phone calls to check the status, what was up, what was being proofed etc. what the stats were, how many visits the site had, the last time i spoke to him we had over 50 thousand hits and he was so happy he couldn't contain himself. We (WAU) promised to always keep it online for him, we didn't know that we would lose him when we where 60% done with the site, we try to keep it fresh and interesting but it's hard when the founder is no longer with us, we have recently been told we have more Pyramid Prophecy stuff coming our way,it comes from the man who typed up David's work and from the man who knows' the PP inside and out, he will give us more info on it all and a better understanding of the PP, he is a true asset to us and David chose him well.. We shall keep you all updated! #HailTheOrder

    July 20th 2017 - Click on the below link to go to a truly great old interview with the man who helped us build Davids Site before we merged both Free The Order & David Eden Lanes sites together, he literally typed up 90% of Davids written works for them to be available online! The best of Our Folk are usually working diligently in the background! #HailOurFolk

  • Mourning the Ancient Interview Georg Baldursson

    Best Regards from our Sisterhood and happy reading and learning!

    "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth."

    May 28th 2017 - We cannot believe it has been 10 years since you left us, i remember the day like it happened yesterday, i am proud to have been able to send you on your journey home, hold your hand and kiss you goodbye. We love and adore you as much as we did when we had the joy of listening to you, no matter what you were always positive and ready for the next written project. I hope you are feasting well with your family and folk!

    WAU Sisterhood

    May 14th 2017 - WAU would like to wish Bruce Carroll Pierce the happiest of birthdays, your sacrifices for you Folk will never be forgotten friend, feast well with your family and Bruders! Happy Birthday Bruce Carroll Pierce! WAU Sisterhood

    May 1st 2017 As we are in May & this month marks 10 years since the passing of David Eden Lane, each day I will share one of his quotes in honour of him. And where better to start than the 14 words.

    "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth." WAU Sisterhood

    April 30th 2017 Happiest of birthdays Richard, our love for you is eternal! May the gods comfort you!

    April 2017 Equinox Raffle aftermath & thank yous - Firstly a big thank you to all who bought tickets in our Equinox raffle for our imprisoned Folk. We raised a total of $389USD which was sent to one of our sisters in America to send on to the Bruders. After the outrageous cost of postage on prizes which was a staggering $82.90USD with insurance, we were still able to send each of the 4 Bruders $80USD. Thank you for your support!

    January 16th 2017 Happiest of birthdays to our fallen friend and hero Robert Jay Mathews, we are thankful for everything you have done for our folk, and eternally grateful for your heroic and selfless sacrifices! We will always act with honour and dignity in your name. Feast Well bruder - WAU Sisterhood

    An exciting new project from WAU/USA. This will eventually be made into a book compiled from our brothers and sisters that are currently incarcerated. The subject matter is David Lane's 88 Precepts. Each person chooses a precept to write about. The precept essay is their interpretation and how it applies to our movement during these modern times.

    We rarely get to showcase our people that are imprisoned and their voice often falls upon deaf ears mainly because they do not have a platform to express themselves. That is the main goal of this project. To give them that platform and remind them that we do care about their opinion on important matters that involve our movement. And most importantly that they are not forgotten. If you know someone who would be interested in this project please email for details on available precepts and mailing address.

    Read 88 Precepts From Behind Glass HERE

  • Archived Updates and News can be found here!