February 9th 2018 - We have added two written pieces by Robert Jay Mathews to the written works section of the site titled....Letter to the U.S. Congress and Rise My Sons.

We retrieved both written pieces from the Mourning The Ancient Website.

February 9th 2018 - Below is the introduction Mourning The Ancient wrote in 2002 when they interviewed David Eden Lane. We hope you enjoy it.

David Lane. Poet. Writer. Revolutionary. Soldier. The story of David Lane and the Br¸«äder Schweigen is as complex and compelling as the man himself. Undaunted by his incarceration and sentence of 190 years in a federal penitentiary with no possibility of parole, David Lane continues to spread his message from the confines of his prison cell. So far, in his eighteen years of imprisonment, he has written two books and a large number of articles. His message is as simple as it is urgent: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

We won't delve into the reasons for his incarceration, as they are long and detailed. But if you would like to read about this, in his own words, instead of the many biased accounts found elsewhere, you can go to: www.davidlane1488.com

The fact that when a person of European descent expresses pride in his or her race and culture it is seen as an evil thing in today's society has always been of interest to us. For example, David's fourteen word message quoted above, is seen by the media as a slogan of hate. That is absurd and obscene. We, as a race, are being taught self-hatred, and this will only lead to bitterness and hatred against those who teach this ridiculous way of thinking. To love your race, to be proud of its accomplishments, does not imply nor suggest the hatred of another race. It is indeed a positive, healthy and natural trait, for every race.

It is time to wake up to this truth and to many others. Turn off the television. Cancel the subscription to the newspaper. The media is a cesspool of lies, propaganda and misinformation. No longer should we let others tell us what to think of ourselves and the world around us. The world governments have led the world into dozens of wars and brought about countless deaths, and yet they continue to bring us closer to our collective destruction. They are preaching the doctrine of the grave. Human life has become a commodity. Nature, an industry. Religion, a tool. Freedom, a memory. The truth, a lie. But to the masters of this world, we leave you with this to ponder... An angry world awaits.

February 8th 27th 2018 - If you wish to write any of the Bruders you can simply go to inmate locator via your browser and it gives you all the details you need to know, you will be directed on how to send mail and money for their canteen.

Those who send Adopt a Bruder money via us do so because they don't want to attach their name to the money order due to many reasons so we do it, any of the three bruders we send cash too can easily confirm such donations by you sending them a letter and asking them directly.

The rantings of the unhinged are tiresome and go in a ceremonial fire as we don't want any negative energy in our circle.

To those who have stepped up this year thank you so much, the bruders typically let us know if new people send cash and don't also send a letter, just in case the people in question had previously contacted us and we can pass on their thanks. We recently had two new females do that this past month, they asked us for assistance on how to do it themselves and we helped them to do so, shortly after the Bruder who got the donation confirmned he received support from both and we were able to pass the thank you on and ask if the Bruder in question could have their address to thank them personally.

January 27th 2018 - Please take a moment to read the introduction that we wrote for the site many years ago...Former members of Der Bruder Schweigen who are still living do not support or condone violent behavior from people who claim to fight on their behalf. The organization ceased to exist when their members were incarcerated, this site is only here to share an important part of our movement history. Introduction to this site....

January 27th 2018 - Below is an excerpt from an interview Mourning The Ancient done with David Eden Lane.

Mourning The Ancient: So much has been written about the man David Lane, The Order, the Fourteen Words, and the days prior to your incarceration. Much of this has been written by the media who strongly disagrees with your views and life's work. So, we'd like to use this opportunity to look into the man himself, in your own words, unedited and unbiased. Can you take us back to the day when you first realized your views on this world and its situation? Can you recall your first memories of when you felt something was wrong with the world and the direction it was headed?

David Eden Lane: There are times when a person finds it necessary to begin a discourse with a disclaimer of sorts. So let me say that while I have, as Bob Mathews, a mystic facet to my nature, it does not in any way lessen, or interfere with the struggle against genocide within this reality, or this earth, at this time.

Now, that out of the way, you asked when I first felt something was wrong in this world. The answer is, "From my earliest memories." A stranger in this world is how I have always felt. Exactly why some people are "different" is a question that sages have pondered for ages.

I remember two emotions from earliest childhood. The first was fear. My father was a drunk who often beat his wife and children, causing severe injuries. Then at about the age of five I went to an orphanage. From there I was soon adopted by an equally scary fundamentalist Lutheran minister and his wife. So fear was the first and most enduring emotion. However, in the first grade at a little country school near Morehead, Iowa, I saw a little blond goddess named Mary. I was bewitched, enthralled, enchanted and in love. That love has never died although several "goddesses" have passed through my life since then.

Many readers of this discourse already know the Fourteen Words, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." But far fewer know of my personal Fourteen Words which are my motivation. They are, "Because the beauty of the white Aryan woman must not perish from the earth."

My struggle is over aesthetics, and in obedience to nature's highest law which is the preservation of one's own kind. It has nothing to do with the "Aryan Technology," that some racialists use to justify their struggle.

So, over and above the instinctual feeling that I always had that something was wrong, the first time I saw a white woman with a male Skraeling (i.e. non-white) I knew intellectually this was genetic perversion.

January 16th 2018 - Happiest of birthdays Robert Jay Mathews we know you feast well in the great halls. Thank you for inspiring us, we will NEVER forget you.

Hail Robert Jay Mathews

January 14th 2018 - Your Donations at work, a small part from a recent bruder letter.

I hope this finds all going well for you and that your Yule went well. Life here is going ok now that we are off lock-down. There was a to-do between two different Schraeling groups on New Years Eve so we got to eat bologna sandwiches for a week. Yum. Actually, I only ate one and gave the rest to my cellie. Thanks to y'all I had enough healthy food in my locker store just in case we do get locked-down. In USP's this happens a lot and the putting away food for such is a habit hard to break, especially since I was very much into the survivalist movement when I was on the streets. Out there I had a full year's food supply for my whole family. Something I believe all our folk should have right now.

January 7th 2018 - You know you are doing your part for our Folk if... You are utilizing the resources of your local library to the fullest, i.e. holding meetings, showing educational videos, having lectures with guest speakers, or encouraging the libraries to feature displays for Leif Eriksson Day, Oct 9th or National Tartan Day, April 6th.

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    January 7th 2018 - We need both laddies and lassies contributing to their fullest potential if we're to succeed. And we must have 100% cooperation and appreciate and recognize one another's talents and abilities and use them to the fullest advantage.

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    January 7th 2018 - At the onset of consciousness each race of man, in an attempt to understand both themselves and the world around them, brought forth their gods. Myth and legend served as the primary vehicles of expression for these gods. In the hearts and minds of our ancestors these gods embodied the virtues our race held most dear. These virtues included the aspect of the "Shadow Self" - an ideal or manifestation our ancestors recognized, acknowledged and accepted as part of themselves, and even called forth during the heat of battle.

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    January 6th 2018 - Link Us

    January 5th 2018 - The below text was archived from the old Wotansvolk site from the 90's

    The upward path of the Aryan Spirit!

    Before the dawn of recorded history was Wotan. Through the millennia the Aryan tribes have called him Odin, Woden or Wotan. Recognizing that religious belief springs from the soul of a people, from the consciousness of the blood, so sprang Wotan. Volk is Nordic for 'Folk,' the culture-producing, culture-bearing part of the race, who value ancestry and heritage! Wotansvolk live by these 14 Words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

    Wotansvolk have appeared and reappeared throughout the endless chapters of history. When Aryan survival is threatened, the spirit of Wotan re-emerges in the race. Wotansvolk is a state-of-mind, a folk-consciousness, both individual and collective.

    To be Wotansvolk is to fulfill the upward evolutionary path of natural instinct and biological determination. It is the will to preserve our own kind by the acknowledgment of our genetic uniqueness. It is to honor our ancestors who have built the greatest civilizations ever to exist on this planet. It is an innate battle spirit with a noble mission and the courage of steel which knows not fear. It is the will to victory and the ability to secure it.

    Wotansvolk is a pure expression of Nature in its unquestionable perfection. The first and highest law of Nature is the preservation of one's own kind. Nature decrees that 'might is right' and the will to survive justifies the means.

    After two thousand years of universalist, alien religion imposed by force of government on the Aryan tribes, White man must face his reality. Racial integration is genocide, forced integration is deliberate and malicious genocide. Until the Wotan consciousness awakens our racial imperative, extinction is a very real danger. Wotan is the spirit within the Aryan male which tortures his soul with the knowledge that the beauty of the Aryan woman may soon cease to exist on the earth forever if the 14 Words do not become reality.

    The spirit of Wotan must again stir the souls of our valient warriors, to unite us in purpose and to inspire wisdom, courage and noble deeds. The power of Wotansvolk is invincible and eternal. To be triumphant is the only recourse; there are no alternatives; there is no compromise. So, as generations of our martyred forefathers laid the foundation for our continued existence, we strengthen that chain of heredity with our nature ordained determination and duty.

    It is the mystery of the blood. Wotansvolk rises out of the mystical soul of our people to bind us together as one Folk, one Destiny, certain Victory!


    January 3rd 2018 - Artwork by SSA ART!

    January 3rd 2018 - Focus 14 Musings! We will have new printable flyers available this year, watch this space for updates!

    January 3rd 2018 - Click on the below link to go to a really great old interview with the man who helped us build Davids Site before we merged both Free The Order & David Eden Lanes sites together, he literally typed up 90% of Davids written works for them to be available online!What you now get to read online is thanks his hard work and commitment to David. The best of Our Folk are usually working diligently in the background! #HailOurFolk

  • Mourning the Ancient Interview Georg Baldursson

    Best Regards from our Sisterhood and happy reading and learning!

    January 3rd 2018 - Below is an excerpt from an interview Mourning The Ancient done with David Eden Lane in 2002 with regards to a typical day in his prison life.

    Mourning The Ancient: Can you shed some light on your typical day, from the time you wake to the time you sleep? Do you get many letters from people showing their support, or opposite? Do you still communicate with other formers members of 'The Order'?

    David Eden Lane: My spare time here in prison is spent writing articles for various publications and on letters of correspondence with activists around the world. I also have designed daily exercise routines which fit my age and problems. I've always been quite slender physically and by exercise and diet, hope to stay alive to continue the struggle as long as possible.

    I am not allowed to communicate with other members of the Order BrĆ¼der Schweigen, but occasionally I hear some rumors of where they are and how they are doing. I hope readers of this discourse will send their support to these P.O.W.s in the manner they deserve.

    January 3rd 2018 - Please take a moment to read the introduction that we wrote for the site many years ago...Former members of Der Bruder Schweigen who are still living do not support or condone violent behavior from people who claim to fight on their behalf. The organization ceased to exist when their members were incarcerated, this site is only here to share an important part of our movement history. Introduction to this site....

    January 1st 2018 - Wotansvolks & Defiant Unto Death by David Eden Lane are both available to purchase, ALL PROCEEDS go to funding the site and the rest go to the Bruders still inside!

    December 31st 2017 - To all of you who have supported the Adopt a Bruder program in 2017 we thank you so much, we hope most of you continue to still support this wonderful program in 2018. Hail Our Folk - We hope 2018 is a great year for you all.... 14 Words.

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