It is with money that organized Jewry, some say "Zionists," conquered the world. All the armies of Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon and Stalin have faded away, but the awesome power of International Finance marches on in its relentless quest for total world domination. President Clinton's trip to China finalized the Zionist New World Order exactly as planned by their Kabbalistic target date of July 4th (74) 1998 (666+666+666).

Not that there are not a few loose ends to tie up, a few Nationalists to liquidate and ongoing maintenance. Fundamentalist Moslems, Eastern European dissidents and others outside the circle of power keep alive a few flickering flames of resistance, but the rulers of all major countries are in bed with Zion. If they resist their countries are destroyed by the power of money, with embargoes, hyper-inflation of their currency and all the tricks of the real world rulers.

So what is this thing called "money?" How did Zion use it to conquer the world? Why are we consigned to a lifetime in pursuit of it, yet we never get ahead of the game? Probably nothing is more important to our pursuit of freedom and our victory of the 14 Words than understanding the money game played by International Finance.

Let us back to a distant scenario, so far back in history that the exact date is but a guess. When men began to gather together in social structures it was for safety and to improve the quality of life. Once a community of sorts was formed, it often became advantageous to exchange the fruits of each other's labors. Supposing a man were crippled during a hunt, but he could still manufacture spears for food acquired by others who could still hunt. So trade was a practical and good solution.

However, as the communities grew and began to interrelate with other communities, trading became more complicated. Sometimes the articles to be traded were not of equal value, or perhaps, the articles were only available during different seasons of the year. Obviously something was needed that would provide a store of value and a medium of exchange.

We have no idea what items were first used to facilitate trade, but eventually, for logical reasons, gold and silver became the usual choices. Since weighing gold and silver at each transaction was fraught with problems (such as accurate or universal scales) gold and silver were smelted into coins, which by governmental decree contained a specified amount of the metal with a similarly specified purity. So far, so good. A method of exchange was created and money is restricted to its two proper functions: 1) a method of exchange and 2) a store of intrinsic value.

Unfortunately, however, there have always been those who placed greed and personal gain above the good of the folk. And corruption of an honest money system is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to power. Probably inflation was the first scheme. By reducing the purity of the gold or silver coins, the banker/rulers could issue more coins while keeping the extra precious metal for themselves.

But this scheme pales into insignificance compared to the crime of usury. Usury means charging interest on money. It is still usury, no matter if the interest is 5%, 20% or 90%. Ultimately, the only difference between 5% and 90% is how long until the usurer owns everything within a nation that allows this crime. It is by usury that Zion conquered the world and by usury that they acquired the power to sentence the White race to death. Quite rightfully, ancient religious writings condemned the usurer to death. Usury is slavery and man's murder by deception, for the borrower spends a large portion of his few precious hours on this earth in service to the lender.

Let us consider the big picture. Joe Blow, the typical, honest, working man, has been convinced by media propaganda that he should buy a house. This is, of course, his first error, because in a country with property taxes one does not "own" anything. One rents from the government, but that is another story. Joe goes to the local lender and asks to borrow $50,000 to buy a house. The lender checks around and discovers that Joe is a good little working drone, so he agrees to make the loan. Joe signs a contract in which he agrees to pay roughly 10% interest (usury) amortized over a 30 year period. What Joe does not consider is that the total payments over the 30 year period will add up to $200,000. Now, as pointed out earlier, money is a store of value. In other words, the lender has just acquired 3 houses (or the money to purchase three houses), and he did so with no effort. He chopped down no trees; he sawed no lumber; he smelted no nails; he performed no labor.

In a country like America, where virtually all commerce is conducted by credit, it is now obvious why and how the bankers of Zion acquired all wealth and all power. "But wait!" cry the uninformed, "Doesn't the banker lend money deposited by other working folk, and don't they thus benefit from usury, too?" While it is true that to some small extent the honest folk are induced in this manner to participate in this scheme, they receive only the scraps. For they know nothing of the real deception called "fractional reserve banking." Simply stated, we have a small town with one bank. One hundred of the townsfolk deposit $100 each at the bank at 5% interest. That's $10,000 on the bank's books. Now, old, honest Joe Blow decides to buy a new Ford pick-up that costs $10,000. He goes to the bank and again, after the credit check, he signs a contract in which he will pay the bank back $14,000. Joe takes the check for $10,000 to the Ford dealer and gets his new pick-up. The Ford dealer that evening deposits the self-same check that he received from Joe Blow in the self-same bank in which it originated. So at the end of the day, not one cent has left the bank, but they are richer by the $4,000 interest that Joe has promised to pay.

The next day Joe's neighbor sees Joe's new pick-up and decides he wants one. He goes to the bank and repeats the process, and the bank gains another $4,000. So we see that the original $10,000 deposited by the 100 honest folk is loaned out over and over, until the bank is receiving interest on perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of loans, with only $10,000 on deposit. Unless the car dealers come in and demand cash for the banker's checks the scheme just grows and grows. And naturally, the bankers keep enough cash on hand to cover such a situation. That money on hand is called their "fractional reserve." Of course all bankers must cooperate in this scheme and honor each other's checks, too. And the government has enacted laws inhibiting cash withdrawals and provided an insurance vehicle called the FDIC, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, in case there is an attempted run on a bank. This they must do in order that the scheme is not threatened by disclosure.

Until the 1960's paper currency was silver or gold certificates, redeemable for precious metal at any bank. Today paper currency is merely a Bank Note, or evidence of debt. In this manner "money" can be printed and issued in unlimited quantities without the amount of gold or silver to represent its standing value. Since banks charge interest (usury) on each dollar bill issued, they could effectively receive 1,000% or 2,000% and more on the actual face value of the printed money, without even having precious metals in their vaults. This is the massive deception of Fractional Reserve Banking. For honest money to exist the bankers must have within their vaults a sum of gold or silver equal to the paper currency issued. Their vaults must be open to inspection by the folk or their representatives at all times. And the penalty for debasement of the currency must be capital punishment.

The invention of paper currency opened the doors to unlimited bankster fraud. Admittedly paper currency can be beneficial. Obviously, carrying around large amounts of silver or gold causes problems with both security and transport. But unless every single unit of currency issued represents a specific amount of silver or gold, of a specific purity, held by the bank or government, then the currency will be debased. In other words, if a $20 bill represents one ounce of 99.9% pure gold, redeemable at the bearer's demand, then the possibilities for mischief are minimized.

Once usury is in place within a nation, the banksters have unlimited funds. Their next step is to protect their interest, which means first and foremost, buy the media. So today we see CNN, Time-Warner, ABC, Disney Studios, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the publishing companies, the movie studios and on and on, all under Jewish ownership. With media control comes absolute power, for it controls the minds of the masses. The media barons have complete control over politics, for they decide who will be the candidates, who will be portrayed favorably, who will be called extremist and so on. The politicians then appoint the judges who even control where our children may go to school and with whom. There are many facets to power systems, but behind all there is always the awesome engine of money fueled by usury. By usury the bankster tribe of Zion rules America with members Albright as Secretary of State, Cohen as Secretary of Defense, Berger of the National Security Agency, Ruben as Secretary of Treasury and Greenspan as head of the Federal Reserve (the Fed) running the world. Clinton is only their puppet. Which brings us to central banks, like the private corporation called the Federal Reserve. The last three heads of the Federal Reserve have been Jews named, Greenspan, Volker and Burns. All money in America is loaned into existence at usury paid to the Federal Reserve, which is why America is in debt to the tune of trillions of dollars. Zion gets their cut from every dollar. The Fed decides at what interest rate money should be loaned into existence and that controls another great hoax called the "stock market." The so-called Patriot Movement has long been plagued with writers of "investment newsletters" who purport to know the secrets of the stock markets. They are hucksters and they know it. All that the "gentiles" can do is squabble over the scraps. The stock market rises when the Jewish head of the Fed drops the discount rates (i.e. the rate at which our "money" is loaned) and the stock market drops when the Fed raises the rate. Obviously, the billionaire Jews know ahead of time when to buy or sell and make profits in the hundreds of billions. Anyone who thinks the Jews do not cooperate or that conspiracies do not last should read Isaiah 60:12, "For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish, yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted." Also, the story of Joseph and how the "money failed" in Genesis 47:14. If the Israelites were persecuted in Egypt, then how is it that Joseph controlled all the money of the nation? It seems that the lies of the eternally persecuted ones are not that hard to expose.

The question begs to be asked, how then can our folk survive and prosper in the occupied, once-White nations? The ultimate answer, of course, is that long term we can neither survive nor prosper under the rule of Zion. Short term, however, we can minimize the damage by, first of all, staying out of debt. Credit cards in particular with interest rates averaging around 18% are to be avoided like the plague. If you must borrow to purchase something, be sure it is an item that appreciates in value faster than the interest you pay on the loan so that there is a net gain. In other words, if you could borrow money at 10% to purchase a property that will double in value in five years, adjusted for inflation and taxes, it might be wise. However, such speculation always has risks, too.

Barter is the real bane of the bankster gangsters and their stooges in government. Learn to barter wisely and bypass the usury system. And of course, trade only with racial kinfolk whenever possible. Lastly, it should go without saying, that usury between kinfolk is forbidden. No exceptions! When we have our own folkish nation-states there will be no such think as usury. Remember, the first most profound revolutionary action you can take is to drop out of their system.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy