First Law of Nature.

We have all watched in dismay, or even disgust, as self-proclaimed mouthpieces for the survival of our kind, make fools of themselves on television and elsewhere. Often their intent is noble and the fervency of their beliefs is quite evident, but they are like children in a contest with capable adults, for they are neither prepared nor experienced. The enemy pays and prepares its propaganda experts, disguised as reporters and the like, with great care, realizing that the control of men's minds is their power and protection. So, the first thing we must do is restrict all interviews and contact with the enemy media to those of our side who are trained and capable. The second thing we must do is train and educate spokesmen in the psychology and details of verbal warfare.

In any debate over moral, emotional and important issues it is essential that the debater assume the moral high ground just as quickly as possible. As you well know, our opponents begin virtually every interview or expose of us who oppose the genocide against our own kind with buzz words which evoke irrational antipathy against us through long-time use and conditioning.

Words like hater, bigot, Nazi and racist are to be expected. At the very beginning of an interview the issue of buzz words and their effect must be raised. We must never allow ourselves to be detoured from our issue, which is stopping the genocide against our race. The very first time that a reporter uses a buzz word you must immediately demand to clarify. Learn to answer a question with a question and practice with a friend who plays the role of the hostile media person. And immediately get on the spin that it is your race being destroyed. If the enemy uses the word "hater," without delay ask the reporter why the existing system is not the ultimate hate, a system which denies our race our own nations, schools, neighborhoods, organizations and everything necessary for our continued survival as a biological and cultural entity, which is genocide. And ask why he labels those of us who resist genocide, in obedience to the first and highest law of nature, "haters" instead of "patriots." Be a bulldog and do not let go until he addresses your issues. He is the enemy. You owe him nothing. And you are not there to posture or make your name known. One of two things is going to happen in the interview: the enemy will benefit or our side will benefit. If the battle of the moment is being fought on such unfair terms that you cannot benefit our side, then like any war, you disengage the enemy and regroup for a new attack at another time and place.

Let us assume that you have captured some high ground or at least a level playing field, and you elect to go on with the interview. At some time the enemy is now reduced to personal character assassination against you or against others who represent our cause. Not to either attack or defend the well-known David Duke,(for I refuse to get drawn into these disputes), but many will remember how the media began to make sly and snide references to his sexual and other morality. Never defend when such wonderful opportunities for attack are presented. I would jump on that like odor on a mad skunk by asking why such relatively inconsequential matters concern him when the "Honorable"(with great sarcasm) senator from Massachusetts is not castigated for murder in covering up his adulterous affairs. Or ask why a moral degenerate, draft dodger, pot smoking, adulterous pervert can masquerade as the President of the United States and his media seem more interested in character assassination based on unproven slander. Always remember that you are the holder of the moral position. Their system is such a degenerate perversion that you never have to accept slander while examples abound among their side of crime and moral degradation that dwarf anything they could possibly allege against you or against our loyal Folk.

I attempted to design the 88 Precepts so that a person can give short and precise answers to the sophistries of enemy reporters. When you begin to practice answering the interrogations of ZOG reporters, as seen in interviews with others, I think you will be surprised at how many of their tricks can be squashed with just a Precept. Concepts like "Nature's Laws are the work of God and therefore are God's Laws." and "the first law of nature is the preservation of one's own kind" are effective against religious interrogators. The idea of White men as persecutors of Indians, Negroes and Jews will, of course, come up. Again attack. The Indians are the same race as the Mongols of Genghis Khan, who attempted to destroy our race in our sacred European homeland centuries before White men came to America. The mixed-race Africans called Moors invaded and attempted to destroy our race in Europe 12 centuries ago. So any historical guilt-trip is theirs, not ours. This is especially effective, because it makes use of their own lie that all culture from North Africa is from Negroes. The holyhoax is, of course, the hardest to deal with, because that has been their major propaganda ploy for most of our lifetimes, and because there are many World War 2 veterans still alive who are determined to hold themselves up as heroes for partaking in that fratricidal war. Once a "war story" is told, a man or a nation is stuck with either continuing the lies or admitting them.

You can quote Trevanian, "The propaganda of the Victors becomes the history of the Vanquished" and see where that leads. You can ask why the death of 50 million White people in that conflict seems of no importance in comparison to the alleged holocaust. Lately, I have found that most media do not want to get into the subject in depth, particularly if you are capable and well-informed. There are, for example, newspaper articles showing the reduction of the exaggerated claims. I would have the name and date of the publications memorized in at least two instances. So much depends on the feel of the interview. Sometimes you can attack the holyhoax, sometimes you must soft play. The reporter will likely not want to dwell on the subject too long, as the enemy is beginning to feel exposed and would prefer a race war between others from which he can profit from the sidelines, as usual. I have, also, found it valuable to memorize just a few examples of enemy power. Examples: The last three Chairmen of the Federal Reserve, Greenspan, Volker and Burns, all Jews. You might check my memory here. Also, know the Jewish ownership of N.Y. Times(Sulzberger), Viacom/MTV/CBS(Redstone),ABC/Disney(Eisner) and so on. You only have to know about a dozen exact examples before a reporter will hastily abandon the subject. Again, preparation is essential. In my home town of Denver before I was imprisoned, virtually every full page ad in the newspapers was from a Jewish firm, Dave Cook's, Gart Bros., Waxman's, Levine's Furniture, Jake Javits American Furniture, and on and on. If you are prepared, the reporter will quickly abandon the guilt-trip over the Jews' issue like a hot potato.

Remember that the enemy technique is to reverse everything. The Anti-Defamation League is used to defame. To love and preserve your own kind is "hate." And it is an ancient and successful technique to be "the victim" that has served the Jews so well. We, in turn are the very real victims of genocide, so never neglect to point out that we are the victims. We are the ones the Jews are destroying with their control of all power points of media, finance, industry, law and politics. Always present the scenario as it is, we are defending our own kind against genocide. Do not let the reporter change it around with buzz words and sophistries. Point out absurdities, such as calling the colored races of the world "minorities," when they comprise the vast, vast majority, while implying that our soon-to-be extinct specie is a majority. Well, they hope soon-to-be extinct. We have other ideas. I cannot, of course, cover all the scenarios that our spokesmen will meet, but I hope this will be of assistance. In a nutshell, assume the moral high ground, keep focused on our issue, attack rather than defend and be prepared before venturing on enemy turf.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy