Nature's Command

I've avoided this touchy but vital subject for many years for various reasons. One being that no publisher of pro-white literature would dare print it, so it will have to be passed from hand to hand among our disenfranchised white males. Also, because even the precious few women who are dedicated to our cause of racial survival are unwittingly so thoroughly indoctrinated with feminist propaganda that they react with denial and anger. But now, as age and the lack of health care in the gulags of ZOG make the future uncertain, there are a few concepts I still feel compelled to express while I can.

Please bear with me as I also use this treatise to expound on the branch of the resistance called Identity and how their holy book called The Bible should be viewed. I believe that both the Identity adherents and the non-Identity resistance will be pleasantly surprised, if they have open minds. We must recognize and accept that every living creature including humans is subject to the harsh and rigid laws of nature. And that nature designed male mammals, be they lions, bulls, stallions or rams, as sexual predators and competitors. Men are no different.

Let me quote from the book, Might is Right: "Fighting is the method whereby the most fitted to propagate, conclusively prove the fact. Animals, birds, reptiles and all life, exists in unending sexual rivalry and warfare, and so do men. Organic life is a ceaseless round of love and war. There is no other earthly passion so fiercely and savagely egoistic as sexual desire and it is the basis of all human "Love," even the most ethereal and romantic. Everywhere the season of love is the season of battle, and when the fires of sexualism burn low in nations of men, they are as unfit for freedom as they are unfit to reproduce their own." Females in nature do not have a choice. They are programmed by nature to accept the conquering male and thus the superior genes are passed along, ensuring the strength and survival of the specie. The superior male takes all the females he can capture and defend. Among humans, the superior males take also the most attractive females, and thus their beauty unites with virility for higher life.

We should note that the original Mormon religion was racially exclusive, limited to White people, and it taught Polygamy. But the race murdering Federal government first forced them to abandon Polygamy, then later forced racial integration on them. Undoubtedly because a race of men who are sexual predators will fight to the death.

It is also worth noting that the Palestinian suicide bombers, who fight to free their land from the scourge of all the earth, are additionally motivated by the promise of 72 virgins for each in Paradise. In Western history, those out of power have always raised armies with promises of plunder, revenge, and above all, the seizing of women. The primal motivation and instinct is universal among all mammals.

This would be a good place to discuss The Bible as it relates to Polygamy, sex and racial survival. First, let's recognize that the Old Testament is primarily Western philosophy, i.e., struggle within the reality of this world, while the New Testament is primarily Eastern philosophy which is suicidal escapism from struggle. Jews followed the philosophy of the Old Testament and conquered the world. So, do not ignore its message or scoff at its concepts. Given that much of the Old Testament was stolen from earlier Aryan sources in Persia, Babylon and elsewhere, we could substitute the word Aryan where it says Jew or Israelite in many places and discover a philosophy of conquering and survival.

Other portions, such as The Book Of Esther, can be taken as either an exposure of Jewish cunning, or as bragging. It makes no difference, the message is still there. There are four concepts that Identity teachers must learn if they want to realize the potential of the most common book in the western world, which is the English language authorized version of the King James Bible, (KJV). They are 1) The origin of religious myths, 2) How to read a Hermetic Parable, 3) The anti-nature purpose of the New Testament, and 4) The coding system of the KJV.

Every Identity teacher should begin with an old Persian book called Job in the Old Testament. In Job, Chapter 12, verses 7 through 9, there is advice to look in nature for truth because nature is the work of the Creator. That must be the basis of all true religion.

The great philosophers then studied nature and created mythologies in which "God said" what nature declared. Why is this so important? Surveys show that the vast majority of Aryans still believe in a higher power which for convenience we call God. But they reject mythical religious absurdities such as: that the motive force of the universe turned itself into a mortal man, in order to have itself killed by mortal men, in order to keep itself from eternally torturing mortal men who fail to worship it every seventh day.

We will not raise up an army of capable soldiers if we appeal only to the simple minded, the credulous, the ignorant and the dogmatic. A religious myth can contain absolute truth, but it cannot be presented as literal truth or actual history to modern man.

Secondly. the Identity teacher must learn to read Hermetic Parables, which contain hidden meanings, in order to conceal the deeper messages from tyrants and mental incompetents. Let us consider the story of Lot, found in Genesis, chapter 19. Lot is considered to be the only man righteous enough to save from Sodom. Even though he offers both of his virgin (although married) daughters to a mob of perverts and later has sex with them himself and gets them pregnant. The major message is in verse 32, which states that the reason for the pregnancy is to preserve the seedline. Like kind after like kind is in fact the first law of the Old Testament in Genesis 1, verse 25. The hermetic philosopher would also note that the "blame" for the incest by Lot is put on the daughters by stating that Lot was too drunk to know he was screwing his daughters, which is impossible, of course. The message is that the primal law which supercedes all others is preservation of the seedline. Also, throughout the Old Testament, male sexual drive is excused of excess because the sexual drive of the males of a race which wishes to survive must never be hindered, slandered, reduced or threatened.

Critics of the Old Testament point out that the Patriarchs were Polygamists, sexual predators, and often had incestuous relationships with sisters and daughters. Abraham and Isaac for example, who married, and pimped their sisters. However, Odin, Zeus and other Gods of Aryan religions were also incestuous sexual predators, as well as bloodthirsty warriors. Such were the cultural and ethical norms of the times. It is the hermetic (hidden) meaning that teachers of our folk must learn.

There are more lessons in the story of the major figure of the Old Testament, named King David than anywhere else. He was a bandit, a warrior, a sexual predator, a nation builder, a cunning deceiver, a politician, a slayer of tens of thousands, possessor of dozens of concubines and wives, father of dozens of children, who lived as a natural man should. On his deathbed, the most beautiful virgin in the land tried to keep his spirit alive. What better way is there to depart? Even the story of Bathsheba is not what on the surface it seems, although David, being a natural male, seeing a beautiful naked female was nature bound to move heaven and earth to get into her panties. Those who want to look for deeper meanings should first note that Bathsheba's husband was a Hittite committing tribal treason.

Thirdly, Identity teachers must abandon the New Testament completely. Over two thousand years ago, Jewry hired Rome to conquer the world for them. Nearly four hundred years later they hired Constantine to force a new religion on the Empire with Jews as "God's Chosen People." Don't believe the propaganda that the church persecuted Jews. That was internal power struggles. Torquemada, the most famous torturer of the Inquisition, was a Jew who often tortured and murdered other Jews.

The New Testament religion is a composite of an old mystery religion called Gnosticism, and Mithraism, with a dash of other pagan religions thrown in to make it palatable throughout the Empire. It was carefully and artfully constructed to control the masses, to justify slavery, to deny natural law, and to emasculate the White race. No amount of sophistry or picking odd bible verses can change its suicidal Eastern philosophy of otherworldly escapism.

A religion must be judged by its results. The Old Testament philosophy allowed Jews to conquer the world, while New Testament religion led the Aryan race to the brink of extinction.

Fourthly, The Identity teacher should learn the "Keys" that unlock the coding system of the KJV because they are designed to show that the New Testament religion is a hoax. The Keys are called the "Key of the House of David" in Isaiah 22 verse 22 which is the Great Pyramid in Egypt. And the "Key of David" in Revelation 3 verse 7, which is a mathematical device related to the famous number 666. These "Keys" were inserted by a Pagan philosopher named Sir Francis Bacon when he formed the structure of the KJV four hundred years ago. Then the coding was updated by Masonic adepts over the years as it became safer to do so.

To summarize, let us recognize that revolution only comes from those who are totally disenfranchised. The term "women and minorities," united against the White male is a clever and deadly efficient strategy, although minorities should read "Vast Majorities." Only a total revolution with an end to technological police powers, communications, transportation and modern comforts can save our kind now. And the revolution must come from White males.

The poorest of White women today live in splendor undreamed by the Queen of England 200 years ago. All due to the inventions of White males, such as flush toilets, washers, dryers, ranges, telephones, central heating, housing, air conditioning and on and on. Yet they revile us as racists and sexists if we plead for racial loyalty. The more beautiful of our women are centerfolds, TV stars, movie stars, playthings for Skraeling (non-white) athletes, Christian Universalist race mixers, who all bask in adulation and comfort. They will not join our cause and must be saved from their own folly.

Call it Ragnarok, or Rahowa or Armageddon, or whatever you like, but White men must bring the day of reckoning soon. Some will live, some will die. For those who live, let them enjoy their virgins or facsimiles thereof on this earth.

I have no faith in virgins in paradise. The wives, sisters and daughters of Christian Universalists, Politicians, Lawyers, College Professors and coaches, media prostitutes and a host of other race traitors will be a fine motivation and reward for the true soldiers of our folk who survive.

Maybe Bob Mathews said it best:

"Give your souls to your Gods and load your guns,
It's time to deal in lead
We are the legions of the damned
The army of the already dead."

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy