Now or Never

There may be little time left for the truth-tellers. That means that brutal truth about the hypocrisy of an alleged resistance to the Judeo-Christian, Judeo-American murder of the White race must be exposed in detail...NOW. Hopefully, it has not escaped your attention that "leaders" with a compromising message seldom receive the treatment from ZOG that I have gotten. It is the focused power of the message in the 14 Words that the enemy fears over all else. Those who refuse to accept and teach the true history of the executioners' religious and political institutions seem immune from any persecution beyond verbal abuse.

But then, those who teach obedience to the executioners' race-murdering "law," or preach "occupy till he comes," or wait for "der tag" or other deceptions serve the tyrant perfectly. I repeat, political, religious and economic systems can be destroyed and replaced, but the death of the White race is eternal. Therefore, the only issue deserving the consideration by any sane White man today is the 14 Words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

If you are a White male who still wonders why it matters, I give you these 14 more Words: "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth." This is why a true White man fights.

For all the deceivers and cowards still looking for a safe and painless method to save our kind, here is a summation of the brutal realities of governments, religions, history, demographics and the near future: For the common folk, who have been soldiers and supporters of religions and governments, this is not meant to defame. Many have been led to "believe" these institutions were noble. Unfortunately, "belief," as opposed to rational thought, has always been the tyrants' best deception. The sad fact is, the leadership of all religious, political and revolutionary systems have been deceivers for thousands of years.

The much revered Nathan Bedford Forrest, a founder of the Ku Klux Klan, is an example. He was a high ranking, initiated Mason. His closest friend and mentor was Albert Pike, master of the entire Scottish Rite and author of the Masonic bible called "Morals and Dogma." The motives of rank and file klansmen were White survival, but the big picture is different. The White race had to be kept alive in America until it could be used to conquer the world and destroy the racial basis of our sacred European homeland on behalf of our Zionist masters. The methods of secrecy used by the Klan are straight from Masonry, as is the name. Look at the Star of David over the eagle on the Great Seal of the United States seen on the back of a dollar bill. The words "E Pluribus Unum" (one out of many) equals genocide by race-mixing.

The seal was designed by the Masonic founding fathers over 200 years ago. So, the Ku Klux Klan was formed, not to repatriate Negroes to Africa and create a White nation, but to keep the White race alive another 150 years in America. Now that the Zionists rule the world, they have sentenced the White race to death. White survival groups are not tolerated.

National Socialism, or so-called Nazis, is another example. There can be no doubt that members, both earlier in Germany and now around the world, are sincere and good-hearted folk. In this case, perhaps even the leaders of Nazi Germany were of good heart. Nonetheless, wealthy, Jewish international bankers behind the scenes financed the early Nazi movement. They knew that tiny Germany had no chance against the entire Zionist controlled world. And the end effect of the Nazi effort was the creation of Israel and the consolidation of Jewish power worldwide. Of course 50 million dead White people did not hurt their feelings either.

Judeo-Christianity is a really tough nut to crack, because of the nature of "belief." Get a child young enough, or repeat a tale often enough and an artificial reality is created in the human mind. If I told you that Bob Mathews' mother was a virgin and he had the power to raise dead men from graves, you would call me crazy. But if such tales are repeated by priestcrafters unceasingly for centuries, given the "authority" of antiquity and social respectability, then your mind accepts what natural law denies. These are some of the facts: Our White race was secure in its existence and territories prior to Judeo-Christianity. While America may be responsible, directly or indirectly, for the murder and maiming of more of our folk in actual numbers than any other system in history, Judeo-Christianity is hands-down the greatest butcher of the folk in percentages of population for many centuries. In the 30 Years War alone, ostensibly over whether Jesus was Catholic or Protestant, the population of central Europe has been estimated to have been reduced from 20 million to six million. Others estimate only one-third of the population to have died. Regardless, it was too many.

Knowledge is the enemy of tyrants. So the church began by murdering every scientist, mathematician, philosopher and voice of reason in Europe. This caused the Dark Ages. As late as 1600, the church burned Bruno at the stake for saying the earth traveled around the sun. Uncountable numbers died in horrible tortures by the inquisition. There were the slaughters of the Cathari, the Bogomils, the Waldesians and, of course, the murder of all followers of our nature-based Wotan religion. The Protestant offspring of the Roman whore were no better. Hundreds of attempts to modify the basic poison from Judeo-Rome have resulted in never-ending new sects or branches, each claiming to know the hidden and real "truth" which makes their version "divine." Identity is only one more such attempt. Furthermore, from the beginning Identity was created by and run by government agents, primarily military intelligence agents. It neutralizes resistance with double-think, leading people to believe that Christianity and America, the executioners of their race, are sacred entities of their race. And, of course, the government agents posing as leaders identify potential opposition. Again, the rank and file and a few leaders may be of good heart, but the effect is obvious. Identity has been promoted for decades and during that period our race went from having a chance to near oblivion. It takes only around 2-3% mixing to seal the doom of an Aryan country, for the family and friends of mixers almost always defend the interests of the mongrel offspring. During the decades when Identity folk hid in their basements listening to Wesley Swift tapes, the mixing went from 2 or 3% to many times that figure. And our race grew old. Somewhere around 12% of America's population is young White female and around 2% of the earth's population is young White female. The number of young females of a race is by far the most relevant demographic statistic relating to survival, although, of course, interrelating with other factors, such as exclusive territory, education and religion. The last young, White females are leaving their race almost wholesale to mate with colored males. The remainder are having very few children. So, when your "leader" speaks of America being 50% White for awhile longer, he is a deceiver. If you discount the millions of Jews falsely counted as White, stop counting Hispanics as White, count illegal aliens and get a true count, America is not 50% White now and the vast majority of young people are colored. So, the "leader" who speaks of voting a White nation is a lying whore-deceiver. If he pretends our race can survive without exclusive White Nations, he ignores the lessons of India, Persia, Carthage, Egypt, etc., then he is a lying whore-deceiver. If he leads people to rely on the Constitution to preserve us, he is a lying whore-deceiver. If his issues are taxes, money and the Federal Reserve while the race dies, he is a lying whore-deceiver.

Let us discuss why the lying whore-deceivers have prospered for 2000 years and why for the same number of years our folk have loved to be deceived. Fear, selfishness, greed and a human weakness for seeking the "easy way" have led us to the abyss.

Years ago I coined the acronym C.R.A.P. for Christian Rightwing American Patriots, and for good reason. Although, let me emphasize that many of the rank and file calling themselves by those names are good-hearted people. But, we can no longer play the game of half-measures. New-agers are fond of the phrase "paradigm shift." That is indeed what we must have if we are to accomplish the 14 Words. But the new paradigm must be nothing like that envisioned by new-agers, established religions, etc. The Creator, whatever that means to you, made lions to eat lambs, wolves to eat rabbits, hawks to eat sparrows, and so on. There is no "love, love, love" involved, just "law," evidenced in the work of the Creator, or as some say, Nature's Laws...brutal, pitiless, unyielding natural law, to which every living thing is subject. The world's rulers got their position by following the philosophy of the Old Testament, which uses allegory, parable, myth and legend in a historical setting to show how a people must live in relationship to Nature's Laws if they wish to survive. It teaches ruthless removal or extermination of others in order to establish exclusive territories. It teaches fertility. It teaches war, plunder, sex and living within the reality of this life on this earth in the present. It teaches an exclusive God and the "chosen-ness" of one's own people. All this is necessary for racial survival.

On the other hand, those to be conquered and enslaved are taught 180° the opposite, the New Testament, to be exact. Despite a few transparent efforts to tie the Testaments together, their fundamental philosophies are as opposed as master to slave. Imperialism and its whoring cousin Universalism were its reason for birth and its legacy. Submission and slavery are its creed. A hoped-for afterlife and abandonment of the struggle for life in this reality are its poison. Unearned eternal pleasure is its sweet seduction. The murder of the White race is its effect. A racial religion must be a fertility religion, as were all ancient Aryan religions. Because the first necessity for racial survival is reproduction. The alleged major author of most books in the New Testament, Paul, says, "It is best not to touch a woman." (I Cor. 7:1) It is not an error or an anomaly. The entire remainder of the chapter tells us that if we just cannot resist this evil urge, then marriage is barely tolerable in order to lessen the sin. Revelation 14 tells us, only virgin men are favored and sex with women defiles a man. Jesus takes no wives, has no children, he kills no enemies of his people, he conquers and defends no territory. Instead, he said in John 18:36, do not fight the Jews because, "My kingdom is not of this world." And, he says, that even to look at a woman with lust is adultery. I tell you again, a race which refuses to live and fight within the reality of this world is doomed to slavery. And a race whose males do not lust after their females strongly enough to fight to the death for sexual union is doomed to extinction.

Love your enemy, turn the other cheek, think not for tomorrow, give unto Caesar and seek not vengeance are other examples of the suicidal philosophy of the New Testament. The fact is, evil not punished and avenged swiftly and ruthlessly will be continued without end. See the story of Melissa McLaughlin, for an example, and know that her case is not unusual in this age. Let us realize that the C.R.A.P. are deceivers. They are at best "conservatives," meaning they want to conserve the present state of chaos, while conserving their money, their possessions, their safety, their status and the executioners' institutions which provide these benefits. The retired military officers that lead much of the alleged resistance are good examples. Like Bo Gritz, with his Oriental ex-wife, his Oriental children, his Negro godson, his assassinations for the CIA and his big Federal aychecks. If he cared one iota about White children, his assassinations would have been of those who bus little White children into places where no sane adult goes without shotguns or police protection. Then there is the Colonel from Mississippi who brags without end of his heroism in Korea and his Christianizing of Koreans. He tells us that millions of commies are hiding in tunnels under the Mexican border waiting to attack. I told him many years ago that millions walked across the border and were mating with many of the last White women. Also, that America had no business in Korea, Vietnam, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia or any of the dozens of wars where the victims number tens of millions from one end of the globe to the other. I told him it was for a Jew World Order, and I told him we cannot share Gods or religions with other races. But, he loved his money, his fairy tale religion and his false hero status more than the survival of his race.

Most of the rest of the "leaders," including the militia fuhrers, also, are misleaders on the Federal payroll. Do you really think that Identity ministers and rightwing talk show hosts would be on ZOG licensed stations if they were not deceivers, or at least harmless? For 30 years I have watched these deceivers hold their seminars on gold, the Federal Reserve, the Constitution and so on, while little White children suffered the tortures of the damned. I have heard a thousand of them announce in astounding pretension that they had discovered the magic sentence. Just tell the Federal judge this or that, or do not tell him this or that, and presto, the whole red, white and blue traveling mass murder machine will dissolve. And talk about selfish, while their very race is exterminated, the Libertarians are angry because they do not want to use driver's licenses. These are the fools who do not realize that tyrants have always banded together to pick off individuals one at a time. Then there are the "right-wingers" who clamor for tougher laws and more prisons, exactly as their masters desire. Do they not know that governments create crime so they can imprison political resistance? Of course they know! The Federal Bureau of Prisons and the federalization of crime exists for the identical reason as the so-called war with the "commies." The cold war hoax was to use America's racially integrated military to mix races near bases all over Europe and America. Now the Federals plant prisons in little White towns all over America, then move colored staff into those towns. Usually these transplanted federal employees make more money than the locals and the White girls are bedazzled. Colored tourism becomes the primary business of the town, as the visitors to the prisons are 90% colored. Already America imprisons more people both in total numbers and per capita than anyone in the world. But right-wingers do not care one iota about freedom or justice. They are the epitome of ignorant selfishness.

About 80 years ago Henry Ford told us there was only one way to free ourselves from the Zionist tyranny. He said we must call our sons back to pride in their race. Now there is no time left for self-deception, executioner-worship or cowardice. There is one issue, the 14 Words. If your "leader" has another agenda or claims he can sneak up on the ZOG with peripheral issues, he is a suicidal deceiver. It is truly now or never.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy