New World Order

Early in the 20th century there was a revolution in Russia, now labeled Bolshevik and Communist. The new regime promptly exterminated the aristocracy or intelligentsia of the old, primarily the Nordic element. Conservative estimates place the number murdered in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe at a minimum of 30 million people, while modern scholars are suggesting 100 million. This does not include the victims of subsequent and related wars. In 1789 there was a revolution in France. The intelligentsia of the country was slaughtered in what is now referred to as the "Reign of Terror."

In 1776 there was a revolution in America. In the Great Seal of the United States, designed by the founding fathers over 200 years ago, now seen on the back of a dollar bill, it reads: "E Pluribus Unum" and "Novus Ordo Seclorum," which translates to "One out of many" and "New Order of the Ages." As we now see beyond denial by reasonable men, that meant "destroy the integrity of every race, nation and culture on the globe for a New World Order." So America travelled from Dixie to Cuba, to Mexico, to Panama, to the Philippines, to Libya, to Italy and Germany twice, to Japan, Korea and Vietnam, to Iraq, to Waco, Texas, to Ruby Ridge and a hundred other wars, occupations and assassinations. In the process the red, white and blue travelling mass murder machine has maimed or murdered 200 million people. Over the eagle on the Great Seal are 13 pentagonal stars which form the Star of David, the clear symbolism being that the United States would finalize the World Zionist Empire. So we see that the Pentagon is the home of the police department for a World Zionist government of those who use the six-pointed star.

In the bible we read in the Book of Esther how the biological and religious tribe that uses the Star of David conquered Persia with deceit and treachery. Immediately they exterminated the intelligentsia to the tune of over 75,000 bodies, an event they still celebrate at the Feast of Purim.

Is it a plan? Isaiah 60:12 in the bible states: "For the Nation and Kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish, yea those nations shall be utterly wasted." The better part of two millennia past a new religion was forced upon western and northern Europe, whose most common religion until then was Wotanism (also called Odinism or Wodenism). The Church began by murdering or driving out of Europe every scientist, philosopher or voice of reason, leading to the Dark Ages of superstition, torture, serfdom, feudalism, inquisitions, murder, ignorance, disease. crusades and oppression. Those who blame this on the Catholic Church in order to apologize for Christianity forget that had not the new religion been forced on Europe with terror, deceit and bribery, we would still follow our native and organic religion of Wotan. The Protestant sects are only daughters of the beast. More White Aryan people have been murdered and tortured in the name of the Christian God than by any system in history with the possible exception of America.

"Historians" will attack my words, repeating fabrications, prevarication and documentation accumulated over centuries of oppression. Their protests are drivel. Each power system every generation re-writes history for selfish purposes. The only reliable indicators of the intent of men or their organizations are the "results" and "who benefits." Judeo-Christianity was formed to manipulate and conquer the White Aryan race. Judeo-America was formed to further exploit then exterminate the White Aryan race. That goal is nearly accomplished in accordance with the well orchestrated plan for world control.

The Old Testament initiated the plan. Its philosophy is taking power, possessions, women, plunder, genocide of races and living within the reality of this life. The New Testament is a suicidal doctrine of reality denial, forced on Europe by the Shepherds.

In the allegory of the Shepherd and the sheep, we could call the Old Testament the Shepherd's book and the New Testament the book for the sheep. Shepherds know they are the real predators. They protect sheep only until they are ready to be sheared and led to the slaughter house. In the real world shepherds are bankers, politicians, lawyers, kings, popes, priestcrafters and such. The shepherd kings, of course, are Zionist Jews. Of course, the Shepherds had evil designs. They call it "sublimation." The energies normally channeled toward sexual union were diverted to war, crusades, missionary work and enforcement of the Shepherds' aims. Today's modern White woman lives in luxury undreamed by the Queen of England just two centuries ago, all due to the inventions and labors of White men. Flush toilets, washing machines, central heating, air conditioning, telephones, automobiles, anesthesia, birth control, and on and on. In comparison, the Negro and Oriental males treat their women in ways that horrify Aryan males (e.g. female circumcision without anesthesia or sterilized instruments).

So how do the modern White women reward those of us who fight to preserve their images? They echo the fantasies of Jewish, feminist harridans, lambasting the evil White male. They repeat the buzzwords "sexist" and "racist." They call child bearing and nurturing "being a brood mare." They mate with the dark races and destroy their own kind. They lord their affirmative action positions and money over true White males. They mock and scoff at those who stand alone against the murder of their own race. They are only rivaled by the White male in their ability to self-destruct.

So while White women bear colored babies and White males kill each other off in fratricidal wars, I fight on, for failure is unthinkable. The race of Bruno, Shakespeare, Bacon, Galileo, Edison, Wagner, Leonidas, Hermann and Bob Mathews must not die! Finally, we are all subject to Nature's Laws. A people can choose to pursue the upward course, honoring and following the most intelligent, the most courageous and the most beautiful. If so, they will survive and preserve their best traits. Or they can love the weak, the ugly, the misfit and nature's errors. That is the road to extinction. "Equality" is the pursuit of the lowest common denominator, and its pursuit is the destruction of excellence. We must be a people with a vision, seeing ourselves as a whole folk, rather than individuals suffering a slow and humiliating end. Choose life and struggle, or accept ignoble death.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy