I have had some feedback from a few of our folk who have expressed distress over recent articles on the subject of Polygamy. Particularly as one might expect from our few loyal women. But also from established monogamous families who understandably prefer the security of this tradition.

So please bear with me as I attempt to clear up any misconceptions inadvertently created. And also, again please, recognize that these following concepts are not my egotistical invention. These are the teachings of our indigenous religion based on observance of nature. Be assured that the special romance between one man and one woman, as well as the time tested structure of monogamous marriage are not threatened by the beliefs, practices or history of our Norse, Germanic, European forebears.

Our wise forefathers, and mothers did indeed structure their social and religious teachings on nature's laws. And nature's laws do indeed declare that superior males should have many mates and many offspring, while inferior males do not deserve the pleasure of either mates or offspring.

However, our forebears also realized that the needs of a structured society required that certain instincts, as well as the most primitive natural law had to be tempered with reason and common sense.

For example, if all men fought to the death over women with very few surviving the carnage, then the number remaining could not defend the tribe or race. So laws and rules of conduct were necessary.

Over eons of time the monogamous family structure proved to be the most beneficial, providing security for women and children, and the basis of an orderly society.

However, this does defy natural law which declares that the best must breed the most. So what was the answer devised by our ancestors?

The solution, as always based on observance of natural phenomenon was to divide men into three classifications, termed Thralls, Karls and Jarls.

Thralls have always been the slugs of society. Today some examples are government employees, word twisting preachers, welfare bums and politicians, just to name a few. In a natural world they have no right to the pleasures of a woman, or to reproduce. They should rightfully be enslaved, deported or executed.

The second classification was the Karls. In times past they were farmers, metalworkers and what we would now call a "Citizens militia." They are the salt of the earth and the backbone of a civilization. Today they are ranchers, farmers, inventors and craftsmen. They should, and must pass on their genetic inheritance with a wife and children. And monogamy is the time tested best marriage structure for the Karls who make up the largest mass of an Aryan society.

Although, let me hasten to add, that in a Wotanist society, government does not force structures on the folk. In ancient times if a woman's sister's husband was killed, she might well ask her husband to take her sister as a second wife. We might accurately say that what was "good," was "right."

The third classification was the Jarls. Jarls are few and far between. Jarls are superior men who prove their right to rule by demonstrations of tribal (now racial) loyalty, by service to the folk, by courage, perseverance and determination. The survival of the folk depends on the wisdom, courage, altruism and genetic makeup of Jarls. And because they are so rare, their genes must be passed on in abundance. Thus Polygamy is nature's desire for true Jarls.

Instinctively women know this to be true. Thus we see so called "Groupies" following to the bed of Rock Stars and Sports Stars or other celebrities, even though they know they are but one of many in a virtual harem. And even though the celebrities of this age are scum.

The true Jarl who sacrifices and fights for the life and welfare of the folk deserves a multiplicity of the most beauteous maidens of the folk. Not only so that his genes and their beauty unite in grand offspring, but also because sexual pleasure is the proper reward for a defender of the folk. Again, all our folk instinctively know this as they forgive the sexual peccadilloes of Presidents like Kennedy or Clinton. And again, even though our politicians are falsely perceived as Jarls.

Robert Mathews and George Lincoln Rockwell were Jarls who never received their just rewards in this cycle. Undoubtedly, if our ancestors' teachings on reincarnation and Valhalla are true, their reward is with the Valkyrie. I like to hope that someday some Valkyrie will be mine, although it appears that age and prison deny that possibility in this cycle.

Hopefully the above will clear up any misconceptions or misapprehensions about Polygamy. The rewards of multiple beautiful maidens must be EARNED by EXCEPTIONAL service to the folk, BEFORE the pleasures are claimed.

The rewards are necessary in order to inspire our young men to heroic deeds in this desperate age. But this does not endanger the common family structure of our folk over all.

One last point, however. If this is the time of Ragnarok, then the coming chaos will be such that civilization and its structures will be irrelevant. At that time remember, "What is good is right." Morality will consist of reproduction and survival and little else.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy