Reality Check

It has appeared for some years now that the Zionist New World Order crowd have a Kabalistic timetable for the formal completion of their plans. Students of the so-called "occult traditions" could make educated guesses as to the reason for a timetable, but only the insiders know for certain. Whether the formulae they use are merely to communicate with each other, or if there are in actuality powers invoked by occult ritual makes interesting speculation. Unfortunately we are over the abyss and cannot afford time on conjecture.

What is evident is that a consolidation of tyranny is taking place at an increasing rate. On the 19th of September 1997, the Canadian ZOG filed additional felony charges against George Eric Hawthorne and his two Canadian kinsman of Resistance Records & Magazine. They are charged with Inciting Racial Hatred and Conspiracy to Incite Racial Hatred. As an aside, be aware that in many countries laws are already on the books that can bring prison terms for derogatory statements about any of ZOG's protected and favored groups. For now, the Fourteen Words, when repeated by themselves, have not been deemed criminal by de jure law, although of course, they are illegal and punished by the de facto law. De facto is the law enforced by media vilification and perversion of de jure law. To advocate the survival of our own race is now a "hate crime."

On October 4th, a Christian group called Promise Keepers held a rally in Washington, DC, which attracted upwards of one million men. They announced that a major portion of their agenda is to defeat "racism." This echoes the Pope in a speech in Brazil the same week. Former football coach Bill McCartney of Colorado University heads Promise Keepers. Coach McCartney is most famous for sacrificing his own 15 year old white daughter to a Negro player in an attempt to build a national championship team. The girl got pregnant and now Promise Keepers sing a Christian song, "black or yellow, red or white, all are precious in his sight" with a personal agenda. Compare the million there to the paltry few dozen racialists attending an Identity rally once a year. Let's be honest about the history and effect of Christianity. We were free and masters of our destiny with Wotan. Now we face extinction, and no man dare say White except as an insult. You cannot make fine wine with deadly poison. If Identity must have the bible, then use the Old Testament, but the new is certain suicide. Better yet, return to our organic and indigenous religion of Wotanism.

I hope your thoughts will be with all the Bruders Schweigen, and in particular with my comrade Richard Scutari, as the ZOG is subjecting him to extraordinary suffering. Worse than Marion is what they call "Diesel Therapy," in which a person is sent from prison to prison, always kept "in the hole." His property never arrives, mail lost, health is endangered by nutrition and sleep deprivation. During the constant disorientation of traveling, a so-called "high security prisoner" is forced to wear a tortuous device called "The Black Box," which injures the wrists. Richard has been in the hole, or at Marion or on Diesel Therapy for 13 of his 14 years of incarceration. Truly a great man is unjustly persecuted for doing nothing but resisting the Judeo-American murder of his own race.

We have been asked our position on National Socialism, or as the Jewish press calls it, "Nazism." We do not think it is productive to tackle 70 years of demonization of Adolf Hitler and the swastika by waving the name or the emblem in public. We honor the concept of National Socialism and all sacred Aryan symbols, both of which are timeless and important elements concerning our racial survival. We are displeased that the swastika is often dishonored by those who have no idea of the ancient historical relevance and the arcane significance it represents.

The second-guessers feel they are qualified to criticize Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. They should be aware that the leaders of the Reich were prisoners of geographical nationalism. Germany had been raped by the Versailles Treaty; anti-Polish and anti-French feelings were unavoidable. The two-front war was, also, unavoidable, since the Soviets were amassing millions of troops for a sneak attack on Germany. In the final analysis the Teutonic people of central Europe, now called Germans, were simply performing their ancient role as defenders of the White race in our European homeland. Against overwhelming odds of 10:1 in population, 100's to one in land area and 1,000's to one in resources, they were magnificent!

No revolution or power system is ever exactly duplicated, however. What worked for Hitler in a country that was 99% Aryan with a history of culture and heritage will never work in a polyglot, cultureless nightmare called America. There is no way to secure our existence by peaceable means here.

We are often asked about the spiritual aspects of our gnostic religions, especially Wotanism. It must be understood that civilizations have cycles. There are times for spirituality, for scholarship, for peace and tranquility, etc. But, when the survival of one's race is threatened, then it is a time for action within Midgard, not for speculation on afterlife. The books "Creed of Iron -- Wotansvolk Wisdom," "Temple of Wotan" and "Might is Right" will help explain how to reach a higher Wotan consciousness. But, no one must use his moments alone with the Gods as an excuse to shirk action in this reality. We will not substitute hiding in the basement casting runes for hiding in the basement listening to Wesley Swift tapes... not while little children are bussed into hell. That is totally disgusting cowardice befitting whipped curs.

I will never tell anyone what to "believe." Forced belief is a tool of tyrants of Church and State. I will tell you what the ancients taught, and why. Also, understand that the New Age movement has taken the ancient "Mysteries" and perverted them. So, while there are similarities, it is only because they use a few truths to agendize their distortions of truth. The two great deceptions of the New Age movement are these:

1) They teach universalism, and 2) they teach that the Creative Force we call God is permeated with an emotion called love. The Creator made carnivorous animals to kill and eat herbivorous animals, hawks to kill and eat sparrows. There is no love, just law, natural law... brutal but divine law. Also, the Creator formed diverse races and species. Universalism, which destroys diversity, also destroys the unique races and species which were formed by the Creator. The ancient "Mysteries" rose from meticulous study of nature which declares New Age doctrine a lie.

There is a fundamental basis for all occult, magical and ancient religious teachings. It was taught that there exists a common plastic mediator throughout the universe. This ethereal substance has been called the ether, orgone energy and many other names. In Christian terminology it is called the Holy Spirit, while American Indians called it the Great Spirit. It is the unseen, which homing pigeons tune into to locate their dwellings. Through it the cosmic mind forms nature and matter into the geometric shapes like pentagrams and hexagrams, which appear to be the result of intelligent design. When speaking of the unknowable cosmic mind and original creative forces, the "Absolute" God is a concept distinct from the major folkish God called AllFather Wotan. We have no personal relationship with this Absolute force and intelligence, for it is devoid of emotion, or more precisely, devoid of anthropomorphism. The Absolute set creation in motion with iron hard rules called the Laws of Nature. Within those rules each race, each species and each individual must struggle... with survival to the fittest.

An adept in the Mysteries realizes that our five conscious senses are extremely limited in what we can perceive. All that exists is the result of specific vibrations and wave lengths. An easy analogy to demonstrate the purpose and function of symbols and rituals in religious or occult rites is the radio or television. We cannot see, hear, smell, feel or taste the radio waves that pass through and around us at all times. Yet, we postulate that they exist, because with the proper receiver (a radio) we hear the results. Religions, occult rites and symbols are similarly the receivers for vibrations, wave lengths and resulting intelligences that exist in spectra beyond our perception. Incantation (i.e. vibrations) and mantra work in concert with depictions of nature's fundamental forms to attract the spirits (i.e. intelligences) of other realms.

On considering the nature of thought and idea, modern science tells us that a thought is a result of specific electro-magnetic patterns within the structure of our physical brain. The ancients taught that the entire universe is an inter-connection of what we now call electro-magnetic forces and patterns, from the macrocosm of stars, to the microcosm of atomic structure. Every thought or idea of a man was then considered to affect the totality of all. It was additionally taught that by mental effort, the Universal Mediator could be molded into intelligences beyond our immediate senses. These then are the Gods of distinct nations. Although created by men, they become superior in some ways, and they live as long as their creators and their offspring nourish them. When formed as the protectors and benefactors of a race, they serve that race. Wotan is the God of the Aryans, and will continue to live and inspire so long as Aryans choose to live.

A destructive Universalist God was created by those who despise All-Father Wotan and his people, the Aryan race. He is a jealous God, for he will die when Universalism dies. Thus, throughout the ages at the hands of his followers all wisdom is persecuted:

- Eve and Adam are banished from Paradise for pursuing wisdom, i.e. eating from the tree of knowledge.

-In the story of the Tower of Babel mankind is scattered and their languages confounded, lest their wisdom grow.

- Jesus demands that his followers be as little children, who of course "believe" all they are told and have no power of reason.

So, the church began by murdering every scientist, every philosopher, every custodian of the Mysteries and every Pagan priest, which brought the Dark Ages of ignorance, superstition, disease and death. It is important to emphasize again that these are the teachings of the Mystery Religions. One's own conclusions and beliefs are one's personal property.

It is vital to remember that religious myths are allegory, parable and code, and not to be taken literally. For those who must know, yes, the ancients taught the immortality of the soul. They taught reincarnation. Valhalla is symbolic, earned by a lifetime struggle in repeated incarnations until deserving of divine rewards. But the soul is perfected by struggle within this physical realm, on this earth, in this reality, by obedience to Natural Law.

And Nature's highest law for an Aryan is expressed in these 14 Words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

They are a divine command of the Absolute by the impersonal Laws of Nature, and a divine command of AllFather W.O.T.A.N., as the Will Of The Aryan Nation.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy