Robert Jay Mathews
January 16th 1953
December 8th 1984

May 2017

It is not easy to write something about Bob. I met him on 4th June 1984, and he was killed on 8th December of the same year. I only knew him for a short time. Be that as it may, he and I became very close during that short six months. We traveled together and lived together the whole time except for a few brief months.

Bob was an exceptional individual whose life was dedicated to creating a White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest. He believed in it so much that it only took four days after meeting him to convince me. Bob was the type of person whose drive drew others to him. He was the only one in the racial movement to be able to get so many different personalities (and egos) to work together. I used to laugh at how well he could manipulate people into doing what he wanted including when he was doing it to me.

Bob truly cared about those following him and the men loved him for it. In my mind, Bobs only fault was that he was too trusting. He could not picture in his mind anyone, who professed the same beliefs in our Race as his, betraying those beliefs. Tom Martinez is a perfect example of this.

Bob also never thought he was a leader. He was always looking for someone to take over the leadership of The Order. No one at that time or today could have replaced him. My fondest memory of Bob was when we were on Whidbey Island and he would take me out from his busy schedule and play with Frank and my daughters. He so loved the children of our Race, you could see it in the way he interacted with them. But you could also see the sadness of not being with his own. I will not go into his death as it has been told many times before. It was an honor to have had him as a friend and to have stood beside him in this struggle for the Fourteen Word Cause.


For Our Folk

Robert RIP and thank you for the effort to defend and advance our Folk!(Ireland)

Robert was a hero of our Folk. He read the Turner Diaries and he lived the Turner Diaries! (USA)

Best man! He fought for our folk and he gave everything a man can give for his ideals and ideas. We won't give up Robert! (Poland)

Robert Jay Mathews--like so many never forgotten. (USA)

What level of devotion do YOU have compared to Bob Mathews? We should ALL ask ourselves that. 1488 (USA)

Hail to our comrade Robert! The system took you down, but your memory will live for a thousand years and inspire our Folk to stand up against those who want to destroy us! They only made you a hero. (Ireland)

This man is a role model for all European folkish Men. Don't just sit there and just think about doing something. DO IT!!!!!! (USA)

Always we will be proud about this brave man. Honour to Robert Mathews, David Lane, and The Order! (USA)

Robert Jay Mathews (January 16, 1953 December 8, 1984)...R.I.P.! 14/88 from Italy!

Amazing man! Let's honor him by striving to be like him. Victory forever, defeat never.

The martyr is gone, but the vision remains. Hail Robert J Mathews and Hail The Order!

Train. mentally , physically, spiritually. it is gonna happen. it is inevitable. never walk away from it or quit. 10,000 hearts! (USA)


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