Crossing the Rubicon

Over two thousand years ago Julius Caesar led his army across the Rubicon River into Italy to wage war with rival forces loyal to Pompeii. Once across the river there was no turning back. It was war to the death, winner take all. So for over two millennia the phrase "crossing the Rubicon" has signified a dangerous commitment from which there was no turning back.

Now, as these words are being penned on the historically significant days of April 19 and 20, another Rubicon is crossed. It has long been my policy not to name names when discussing the treachery of so-called "leaders" of the alleged resistance to the forced mixing and murder of the White Aryan race. It is counter-productive to get in the middle of the never-ending bickering. Furthermore, who is to know what is in the hearts of others?

But, now as our race slides into the abyss of extinction at breakneck and exponentially increasing pace, some lines must be drawn, some rules must be set and every aware Aryan must cross his or her personal Rubicon. The fence-sitters, the lukewarm, the hobbyists and the C.R.A.P. (Christian Right-wing American Patriots) either do nothing or they continue the exact same losing and genocidal tactics as their predecessors over the last century or more. Those who speak and act with the eloquence of emergency and the fanaticism of desperation, with their focus on racial survival as elucidated in the 14 Words are friends. All others, at best, are blobs of inconsequential proto-plasm, and more likely, mortal enemies.

The cowardice and treason of sports figures, judges, lawyers, politicians and preachers is as nothing compared to the treachery of Right-wingers and Conservatives who use duplicity to mislead potential opposition to genocidal tyranny. When the deceivers are called to task they reply that they are "sneaking up" on the Jew by attacking his front men and the tentacles of the Hydra. Of course their bogeymen like Masons, Trilateralists, Bilderburgers, the Council on Foreign Relations (C.F.R.), etc., are precisely the devices by which the Zionist insulates himself from attack, as are his puppet politicians like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. One cannot fight an enemy if one does not even have the courage to identify him!

That the vast majority of White wing and Right wing "leaders" are paid government agents, hired to identify and mislead the disaffected is now a conclusion that is difficult to deny. But then, such deception by those in power is a practice as old as governments, so why would any sane person think today would be an exception?

Before tearing into the deceivers of the C.R.A.P. with an anger that has been repressed for decades, it is vital to remember: religious, political and economic systems can be destroyed and rebuilt, but the death of our race will be eternal. The race of Edison, Bell, Shakespeare, Marconi, Galileo, Kipling, Tesla, Rockwell and Mathews now goes the way of the dinosaurs, because the C.R.A.P. loved the empty words of constitutions, the lies of politicians, both past and present, and unholy holy books more than the reality of the flesh and blood of their own kind. The beauty of the White Aryan woman perishes from the earth forever because egotistical cowards found it safer to tilt with windmills, to discuss economics or anything but identify the Zionist colossus that rules the world and has sentenced the White race to death.

A bane upon them! May all the vile curses ever sworn in every language ever spoken befall them. May they be buried beneath outhouses, wrapped in their constitutions and flags, that they receive fitting tribute for ages to come. Bob Mathews did not sacrifice his life, and others and I do not rot forever in prisons so that the unjustified egos of cowards and deceivers can be molly-coddled. Be they Knights of the Ink Pot or agents of ZOG, they deserve no honor.

Leaders? How about Mark Thomas, Identity preacher from Pennsylvania, who turned over and testified against his own recruits? How about Glenn Miller, who testified under oath that he received hundreds of thousands of dollars from The Order Bruders Schweigen? He was an Identity teacher and White patriot. He testified against his own recruits and against The Order.

How about Tom Martinez? He was a leader of a National Alliance group. He claimed he accepted money from the Bruder, then testified against us after betraying Bob Mathews. How about Pastor Dan Gayman? He is an Identity pastor who gave the government thousands of dollars he said he received from The Order, then testified against us, yet he remains a major C.R.A.P leader. How about the top three leaders of an Identity community called C.S.A. (Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord)? Their names are James Ellison, Kerry Noble and Randall Radar. All three testified against their own recruits and against the Bruder. Ellison testified against his own recruit Richard Snell, who was subsequently executed by the Arkansas State ZOG.

How about Pastor Millar, leader of an Identity community called Elohim City? Pastor Millar now harbors the vile traitor James Ellison, and even had him married into his family. Pastor Millar, who has been identified in sworn testimony as a paid FBI asset, is another major C.R.A.P. leader.

How about certain other "leaders" of the White wing who were identified in testimony to have received large sums of money from the Bruder, but refuse to support them, who have never sent money for stamps or necessities, who do not even send their publications to the POW's, who will not give the Bruder a voice? Is it fear or are they ZOG agents? You wonder who they are? Well, the Bruder do not talk, but we do remember, and we have lots of time to reflect on the concept of justice.

How about Bo Gritz, self-proclaimed assassin on behalf of the CIA? Why were his assassinations not against those who deliberately and maliciously exterminate our race? Could it be because he has a Negro godson, or because his first wife was Oriental, as are his sons, or because he is a member of the Jewish Defense League (JDL)? Are you surprised that he declares his "Covenant Community" is open to all races? Are you surprised that he wore an FBI bug as he attempted to set up the Weavers at Ruby Ridge? There is no better-known or influential C.R.A.P. leader than the arch race traitor, Bo Gritz.

How about the leader who promotes a "new and different" 14 Words? In 1836 would he have changed "Remember the Alamo" to "We must change the thinking of Texans?" Should one dilute a sacred motto?

How about all those "leaders" (who shall remain unnamed) who spend the majority of their time attacking other alleged "leaders," or whose issues are, at best, peripheral to racial survival? While the known, proven traitors must never be forgotten, there is no use for endless gossip, bickering and personality conflicts to become public debate.

How about the "Militia?" It smelled fishy when it sprang up overnight. Only governments can organize such "instantaneous" events. The three best-publicized Militia leaders testified before Congress a couple years ago in a carefully orchestrated, ZOG television farce. Two of the three leaders have admitted being on the Federal payroll, according to published reports. Whether that is true or not is of no consequence because the third "leader" was a Negro with a White wife. So the three comrades sent two clear messages to our folk. First, of course, they were sanctioning marriage between colored males and what are becoming the last White women. Secondly, they were declaring to the White man that he shall have no exclusively White organizations for the preservation of his race. So all suicidal, White lemmings rush to join the Militia. It is safe. It is approved. It is genocide for Aryans.

It is often suggested not to tackle the C.R.A.P., particularly "Don't discuss Christianity or the bible." Well, there are still people to reach. Nothing is gained by preaching to the choir, not even a Wotanist choir. I do not wish to rehash the same old litany of despair that the right wing has done for decades. The folk need ammunition with which to counter the "C" in C.R.A.P. A wise man knows his enemies' rule book. So, it is imperative to understand what the bible, and particularly the English language King James (KJV) bible really is.

There are some things that Identity adherents of good heart and bible believers in general must understand.

First, when the religion from Rome was imposed on Northern and Western Europe, it was done by torture, murder, bribery and deceit. So, Adepts or Priests in the old, Aryan Mystery or Pagan religions simply infiltrated the Church. In particular during the Dark Ages as monks or lesser clergy they kept alive the art of reading and writing as well as science and philosophy. The Church began by killing scientists and philosophers, and burning libraries, thus engendering the Dark Ages of disease, superstition, slavery, inquisitions and misery.

Second, bible scholars recognize that throughout the ages the great nature philosophers developed coding devices to both preserve and conceal their wisdom, so it would not be misused by tyrants. Examples of their coding devices include (but are far from limited to) the architecture of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, including the Great Pyramid at Gizeh, gematria, cryptograms and hermetic number pyramids. The KJV is a supreme example of their art of coding.

Third, the bible is comprised of many writings, from many ages and many authors, which are then divided into conflicting Testaments or philosophies. The Adepts who constructed it were, of course, under the scrutiny of higher ecclesiastic authorities and therefore had to be extremely careful regarding what to write, what to translate and how to do so. So, apologists for the bible's thousands of direct contradictions should quit wasting their time studying dead languages and attempting to turn the last generation of young White men into monkish, love-thine-enemies, turn-the-other-cheek scholars. Monks are the last thing we need right now. Many bible errors, especially those of a mathematical nature, are deliberate constructions designed to call attention to the coding system, for example, the difference in the number and names of patriarchs in Matthew 1 and Luke 3 with 14 more in Luke.

Fourth, there is great significance in the meaning of "God Said." These two words are the tools of priestcrafters and can be used for either good or evil. The oldest book of the KJV, Job, is probably a Persian book, circa 400 BCE and the protagonists were likely called Ahura-Mazda and Ahriman in the original, rather than God and Satan. In Job 12:7-9 there is advice to look in nature for truth, because nature is God's work. That is the essence of Wotanism and all ancient, Aryan, pagan religions. The great nature philosophers, then, after meticulous study of nature determined that the first, the primal, the absolute and highest law is preservation of one's own kind. Now, the masses, being too lazy to study nature and demanding always that an authority figure give them moral codes, the nature philosophers created religious mythologies in which "God Said" what nature declared.

In the case of the Israelite scenario, where they are commanded to drive out or exterminate all other races from the lands they conquer, it is simply an honest interpretation of the territorial imperative necessary for racial preservation with nature's declaration metamorphosized into "God Said."

It makes no difference who claims to be Israelites today. It is mythology combined with many ancient stories of both Aryan design and, as in the case of Esther, Jewish design; the point is the philosophy. Jews followed the philosophy of the Old Testament and conquered the world. It teaches taking power, plunder and taking women. Its rewards and punishments are for the whole tribe and within the reality of this world. See Deuteronomy 28. In accord with natural law its moral absolute is preservation of one's own kind, as demonstrated by all living things. Genesis 19 (especially v. 32) makes it clear that all secondary laws, be they about sex, money, government or anything else, must conform to the first or primal law, the preservation of the seed line. Secondary laws are the invention of men and may change as fits the age or the circumstances, but reproduction and preservation of one's own kind supersedes all else.

Fifth, it is time to face reality. To demand literal belief in the supernatural and impossible religious myths of antiquity is to remain dismally ignorant of the truths of science and nature. Religious mythologies have a purpose, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but only the credulous and simple-minded take them literally. The credulous will never conquer the cunning minions of ZOG.

Sixth, the New Testament, lock, stock and barrel, is racial suicide. The overt content was invented by degenerate Romans and Jews to emasculate the Aryan race. While the Old Testament has picked up traces of Jewish poison over the ages, its core has many similarities to other ancient, Aryan religions. For example, heroic battle deeds, the seizing of women, the slaying of giants and tricking of enemies are typical of Greco-Roman and Norse religions.

But almost nothing of the New Testament philosophy is remotely Aryan. John 18:36, "My kingdom is not of this world" is its major poison. The few verses, transparent frauds used to tie the two testaments together, cannot reconcile diametrically opposing philosophies. The New is saturated with suicidal, anti-nature and anti-sex concepts designed to propagate the insane idea of "original sin," this, so that priestcrafters could have both a carrot and a stick, i.e. heaven and hell (I Corinthians 7, Revelation 14). All Aryan religions were fertility religions because lust, sex and reproduction are nature's plan for the survival of each race and species.

Seventh, the coding system of the KJV is undeniable under the mathematical laws of probability. It conceals two basic precepts of the ancient Mystery schools and religions. By meticulous study of nature and its geometry, cycles, spacings, etc., the philosophers postulated a force and intelligence which they called the grand mathematician-geometrician of the universe. The second precept teaches that the words of men can forever be twisted, interpreted and translated, but the relationship of number is constant forever. These are the reasons why the KJV is a number code.

To reiterate the seemingly obvious, there is no time for self-delusion or escapism, or for attacking each other without absolute proof and undeniable necessity. All men are defenseless against character assassination, so why pay attention to it, regardless of the source? It is the law that we obey, not other men. The law, the primal law, the moral absolute, the divine command is the preservation of one's own kind. Each and every aware White Aryan must cross the Rubicon, each must help to make the concept underlying and permeating the 14 Words into a sacred battle cry. It is God's will and command, no matter what name you use for the Absolute.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy