Sending Money

We get a lot of questions from our kin regarding sending money to Federal Prisoners, particularly how to send money to members of the Bruder Schweigen. Below you will find information that was written up by Bruder Schweigen member Richard Kemp. We would suggest sending USA money Orders when sending money. Comrades in other countries can send money via Western Union, you will need the following information for Western Union..

1) Valid Inmate Eight Digit Register Number
2) Committed Inmate Name
3) Code City: FBOP
4) State code: DC

Please note that the inmate's committed name and eight digit register number must be entered correctly. If the sender does not provide the correct information, the transaction cannot be completed. The Code City is always FBOP and the State Code is always DC.

FTO Staff

Send Money Orders, US Treasury; State local, Government checks to:

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Name and Register # of Prisoner
PO BOX 474701
Des Moines
50947 0001

This is a collection site ONLY. Do not send cards, letters, photos or literature to this address, as the staff there will destroy anything other than MO, Checks or currency. They will not return items to the sender unless a problem with the financial transaction occurs.

Money sent to the Des Moines address is entered into a computer which can be accessed on a “read only” basis by the prisoner at any prison in the federal prison system.

Richard Kemp..

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