Technology leads to our Extinction

Over the many years that I've watched and participated in the resistance to the genocide practiced against the White race, many tactics have been tried. Among them were attempts by the religious and national entities to the resistance.

But today, let's talk about some less obvious but infinitely more important motivators. Almost exclusively, those who have not resorted to nationalistic or religious dogma as a motivation to resist genocide have relied on the history of our technological achievements, extrapolating that future advances in so-called civilization depend upon White racial survival. This could be called the "intellectual" approach. And it has gotten us nowhere, neither in the number of recruits or in achieving our goals. The fact is, men are motivated by more primal instincts, such as sexual lust, than by projected technologies of the future.

But let us explore in depth why the "intellectual" approach has failed. As this treatise unfolds, please don't think it is meant to belittle the works of men such as Galileo, Copernicus, Edison, etc. Certainly there are not many of us who would want to return to an age with no anesthetics for surgery or dentistry. And, indoor plumbing with flush toilets will not lead us to total decadence. But equally apparent is the unfortunate reality that, as usual, the pendulum has swung too far. In Hermetic teachings, an imbalance between reason and instinct is called "The Fall of Lucifer." Lucifer, from the Latin, meaning "Bringer of Reason." By the malicious design of priest-crafters and of state-crafters, we have been programmed with false intellectualization to suppress or ignore Nature given instincts and true wisdom. Abstract theory overrides practical good sense. In high school, some forty-five years ago, I was subjected to classes on the abstract, although true, theorems of solid geometry. However, at all times my greater interest, a thousand times over, was in the perfect solid geometry evidenced in the legs and figure of a girl in a seat nearby. If we are to survive as a unique biological entity, we must deal with, and return to, basic instincts. First of all, because men are motivated by emotions, especially sex. Dry statistics do not inspire heroes or heroic efforts. Secondly, because we are not attempting to save biological computers called brains. At least 99% of my reason for taking up the 14 word struggle can be summed up in my personal 14 word motivator, to wit: "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth." This motivation is based on aesthetics and the primal sexual lust imparted by Nature to all male mammals for the singular purpose of reproduction and thus specie preservation. Any remaining motivation for fighting the materialistic system that rules all nations, is preservation of this spaceship we call Earth. Because, at the exponentially escalating rate at which we are now destroying our precious planet, there will soon be no quality of life for our folk, even if we do survive the genocidal plans of the world's rulers.

I frankly don't give a tinker's damn about Mars, the moon, or space stations. Life in prison is bad enough. Living in sealed containers on inhospitable planets, breathing bottled air, drinking recycled urine, eating preserved foods, not hearing birds sing, not smelling fresh breezes blowing through pine trees, not seeing our Earth's natural displays of beauty, all sounds to me like extreme torture. And that is what so-called "space exploration" really is. Meanwhile, our rocket ships blow holes in our ozone.

Billions of dollars are extracted from taxpayers so that techno-nerds can play spaceman games. Sixty railroad tankers of fossil fuel are wasted and blown into the air with each launching. In the mythological (perhaps) story of Atlantis, the continent is sunk because the inhabitants used some advanced technology wrongfully. Some versions say errors caused them to destroy themselves, while others indicate that they were punished by "the Gods," whatever that may actually mean, or symbolize.

At any rate, we again live in a world in which technology has run amok. In religious terms we might say we are not spiritually capable of handling the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons we have developed. Even worse, the materialist, genocidal and maniacal tribe that rules the world, also controls most of these weapons; weapons with the capability of destroying the planet and all life upon it. Those genies are, of course, out of their bottles now, and we have to deal with it. At some time in the future, if we accomplish the 14 Words and take control of the Earth's affairs, we will have to deal with what has been created. But for now, let us understand that harmonious balance of reason and instinct needed so that future generations may learn from our mistakes.

Again, while honoring those who brought us to a certain level of civilization, let us look at limits. In my opinion, in America at least, we reached the pinnacle of balance around the late 1950's. Let us consider automobiles for an example. Cars like 1957 Fords and Chevrolets had comfort, style, and simplicity but, instead of proper improvements, we spent hundreds of billions of dollars every decade on cosmetic changes. It was a status game. If those billions had been spent on seals, metallurgy, safety inventions, and efficiency, undoubtedly today we would all be driving 1957 Fords or Chevys that lasted a million miles, that got 100 miles per gallon mileage, that cost a fraction of what today's vehicles cost, that were virtually indestructible in accidents, and that had plug-in replacement parts. But, of course, planned obsolescence was part of the materialist plan of the world's rulers. And the wasting of Earth's resources didn't matter. The 16th Precept says, "Discernment is a sign of a healthy people." In a sick or dying nation, civilization, culture or race, substance is abandoned in favor of appearance. We were led by the liars we call leaders to abandon all substance in favor of appearance.

Speaking of liars, let me insert here that all preachers, politicians, lawyers, media personnel and others who make their living from words rather than honest labor, are liars. See the 59th Precept. Let us consider a Christian preacher for example. They are fond of this deceiving phrase, "In the certainty of life everafter through Jesus Christ." With all due respect to the "beliefs" of any religion, that is bald-faced lying. No true Wotanist will ever say for "certain" that there is eternal life or re-incarnation, or any such "belief." Many will tell you that such is common "belief" among Wotanists. But he who expounds an unproveable "belief" as a certainty is a priest-crafting, lying whore for either money or self-interest or the system. Next, let's discuss a lie told by all the prevaricators of the system. That lie being that "labor saving devices" are inherently good. Once again, I am not attacking all modern inventions. But when we have channel changers for our television sets, remote control garage door openers, power windows in our cars, and on and on, it becomes ridiculous. We lay around like couch potatoes, becoming ever more fat, ugly and lazy. Then, one day, we look in the mirror and in horror, we go spend thousands of dollars to join a health club. There we exchange the "drudgery" of honest labor, for the expensive drudgery of a treadmill or sit-ups or push-ups.

At age 15, I spent all summer working on a farm, at times stacking hay bales for 12 hours a day and I was not fat. A couple years later, I enjoyed changing the oil on my 1939 Plymouth, or tuning it up, greasing it, and making general repairs. Honest labor is not drudgery in all circumstances. However, our society tells us you must be a liar in a suit or with a degree, twisting words to make a living, or you are not successful. And perhaps, the ultimate gauge of success is the number of technological gadgets you possess; most of them being either to escape physical exertion or to show off for other shallow-minded, endless consumers of Earth's precious resources. The facts are that "comfort is the great destroyer." Beauty, wisdom and strength grow out of physical and mental struggle. Character is forged on the anvil of adversity. Beauty is formed from physical struggle and weeding out the ugly and unfit. The physical and mental cannot be separated without destroying both.

Consider health; because of technology such as chemical fertilizers we have destroyed America's topsoil. Now, grains have a fraction of the nutrients they once had. So, we eat several times as much as we once did to satisfy our bodies' cravings. So, a huge percentage of our people are fat and many are outright obese. We get fatter, unhealthier and uglier by the year. But, of course, we don't have to plow our own fields or do physical labor anymore. We can wear fine synthetic fiber clothes and call ourselves, "fullfigured" instead of fat. We even lie to ourselves. Technology gives government computers to follow and control every aspect of our lives. It gives police power chips to install in our bodies, surveillance of even the insides of our houses, chemical and surgical lobotomies and exotic weapons without end. Then, there are the health risks and moral implications of genetically altered grains, animals and even humans as the days of cloning advance.

I'll leave you with the thought that Aryan technology has increased Earth's population from a few tens of millions to six billion plus and growing. We use technology for birth control among our folk and other races use it to reproduce exponentially. Our technology leads to our extinction. 100 years ago we were 60% of the Earth's population. Today, after 100 years of unprecedented technological growth, we are 8% and hopelessly mixed with others due to the modern communications and transportation development. So, was technology a boon or a curse? The question must be answered honestly even by those to whom scientific advances are a dogma as rigid as any religion.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy