Thank You

From David Lane March 2006...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend and comrade, G for his many hours of work, as well as financial contributions, in keeping my writings and philosophy before the public eye on the Internet.

Georg Baldursson, like others I believe has been called to our sacred cause by "higher powers", those which I symbolize as the "Gods of Folk", or whatever, they may be.

While I'm at it, let me also thank the dedicated Women of W.A.U. for their help too. You have restored my faith in the White Aryan Woman as the Goddesses of our Ancestors beliefs.

If I do not live to see Victory in this realm, then I will see you all in Valhalla.

Defiance Unto Death
Victory or Valhalla
David Lane

WAU would like to thank..

G for all his hard work, without your dedication David's written works would have taken a lifetime to get online, building this website was the easy part. Thank You Brother!

We would also like to thank RJM Brigade for his work on the Pyramid Prophecy banner "we love you" thank you so much.

June 2009 - WAU would like to thank Bulldog Drummond for his financial donation, with this donation we were finally able to get David's written works back online, thank you brother. We are elated to get everything back up. Your support during this time is immeasurable. 14 Words Always

May 2011 We would like to thank WAU Australia for taking over Adopt a Bruder and for taking over ownership of

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