What to think V's how to think

In the 88 Precepts the 58th reads: "Tyrannies teach what to think. Free men learn how to think." As our White race now goes over the edge of the abyss into possible extinction, it is imperative that if there is any chance of saving our kind we had better learn not only how to think, but how to do so with inspiration and logic.

But first, as always, let me point out the realities of our situation, so that you will know that we must now speak with the eloquence of emergency and act with the fanaticism of desperation. The life of a race is in the wombs of its women. Today, about 2% of the earth1s population is White female of child-bearing age or younger. In other places I have detailed how this came about, so I will not repeat it here. The occupation governments of America and the other once White countries deny us not only White nations, but White schools, White organizations, White neighborhoods and everything necessary for our survival as a biological and cultural entity. It is deliberate, malicious genocide. An example of their deceitful words is the term "minorities" for the colored world, while we approach extinction. We have watched as American police and military powers were used to destroy us ever since at least the Civil War.

Examples are the 101st Airborne using bayonets on young, White girls to integrate the schools of Dixie. Our enemies knew full well that the inevitable result of racial integration is a percentage of interracial matings each year, leading to the death of our race, as has happened in India, Persia, Carthage and many other places in the past. This time it is happening worldwide. Then, we remember how mounted Boston police under Federal edicts beat the White mothers of South Boston into bloody submission when they protested the integration and destruction of their neighborhood schools. Translate: "The murder of their race". Then there was the destruction as a racial state of our ancient and sacred European homeland by American forces. This, after the Germanic people attempted to perform their traditional duty as defenders of the race, just as they did against the North African Moors and the hordes of Genghis Khan. Were it not for the Germanic peoples of our race, the beauty of our women and the Western civilization we enjoy would have been aborted long ago.

Today, we have the rewriting of history to credit the deeds of our ancestors to the colored races, the never-ending promotion of mixing between the last White women and colored males, the murder and false imprisonment of White people who resist the Judeo-American, Judeo-Christian murder of our race. The murders of Bob Mathews, Kathy Ainsworth, Gordon Kahl, Arthur Kirk, the Weavers and others are further evidence that the Zionist occupation government will stop at nothing to accomplish the extermination of the White race. I could continue almost without end detailing the genocidal intent and practices of America, but if the preceding is not sufficient evidence, then you are beyond reason or logic.

So, what has this to do with learning how to think instead of what to think? Well, it does not take a genius or rocket scientist to learn from history. Our masters taught the French, the Russians, the English, the Spanish, the Italians and others for thousands of years that the country or political system they were born in or lived in was superior. So, by the hundreds of millions we have slaughtered each other in senseless wars. Earlier we had Persians, Greeks, Romans, Goths and others doing the same thing. Although not of our race, we see Sunni and Shiite Moslems butchering each other simply because they were reared to believe a particular religious tenet. Religious belief has been the single biggest weapon against our kind, too. More people have been murdered, tortured and destroyed in the name of Jesus than any other cause in all history, including the artificial war between the two Jewish concepts called capitalism and communism. In the 30 Years War alone over one third of Western Europe slaughtered each other over whether Jesus was Protestant or Catholic. It still goes on in Ireland today. Of course, 3The propaganda of the Victors becomes the history of the Vanquished2, so we never hear of all the millions the church murdered and tortured in its 1000 year war to destroy the White man1s native and organic religion of Wotan/Woden/Odin. How many know that Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Emperor, called a treaty meeting of 5000 Wotanist Saxon leaders from central Europe in 787 AD? As was the custom among Wotanists, arms were not carried into treaty conferences. The treacherous Charlemagne then surrounded the Saxons with a Christian army and beheaded them in front of an audience of church dignitaries. By such methods a new belief was forced on Europe. In effect, the Jews hired the Roman Empire to murder anyone in Europe who would not accept a new religion with Jews as "God's Chosen People". The White world has been collectively insane ever since.

Oh, I know that those with emotional or financial investments in the existing religious and political power systems will attack what I tell you with their versions of history. I have shown in my books how to verify truth in historical claims. One concept is to look for who benefits? No one but Jews can possibly benefit from a religion in which Jews are called "God's Chosen People". Yes, I know the propaganda says the church persecuted the Jews. The fable of persecution is central to Jewish power. Indeed, the alleged Holocaust is the religion of Jews. Torquemada, the sadistic butcher of the inquisition, was a jew. Many popes, including the current Polish pope, were Jews.

The "signs" are there, but you must learn how to think. Look at the Great Seal of the United States. I think both sides of the seal are on a dollar bill. You will see the Star of David over the head of the eagle, just as it appears on the Israeli flag. And you will see the All Seeing Eye of Judah over the pyramid. In the book "Mystery Religions and the Seven Seals" I showed how to decode the Jewish cabalism in the forming of both America and the Judeo-Christian religion.

You see, my friends, if you are reared to believe that God should be called Thor and that thunder is his war wagon in the sky, then you will believe that fable unto death. Once you might have been reared to believe that God was called Zeus from the top of Mount Olympus. With enough torture and murder our people were taught that God was a Jew, born of a virgin, who raised himself from the dead. Undoubtedly, our people will believe that the cow jumped over the moon if indoctrinated early enough in life. Self-evident laws of nature are ignored, even denied, when belief controls the mind.

Political indoctrination is no different. Wave a flag and announce that it stands for liberty and our people will mindlessly kill each other by the millions. Does "forced bussing" sound like liberty? Does the murder of our race sound like liberty? Do America1s never-ending wars from Dixie, to Italy and Germany, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Panama, to Iraq and dozens of lesser wars and occupations sound like liberty?

It is centuries past time that we learned how to think. Perhaps one fourth of the children in America at this time are White and our women are leaving us by the droves under the prodding of Judeo-Christianity and the Jewish media. Over a decade ago I told you that the day was coming that America1s police and military powers would come to murder the last true White men and carry the last true White women and children off for integration and sport. I told you that both sides in this final death of our race would be singing "God bless America", waving the Red, White and Blue, because you continue to worship your executioners institutions.

Well, you have seen the Federal execution of the Weavers. You know that the directors of both the FBI and the CIA are Jews. You know that the director of America1s latest foreign atrocity called Operation Desert Slaughter was a Yiddish speaking Negro named Colin Powell. Both Clinton appointees to the Supremely Obscene Court are Jews. You know that the director of the Federal Reserve board is a Jew named Alan Greenspan. You know that they own and control every power point of industry, finance, media, religion, politics and law in the once White nations. You know you cannot vote out the majority, and as Tom Metzger stated, "If voting changed anything, it would be outlawed." You know our kind will very soon be an extinct species if we do not soon learn how to think and act appropriately. We can no longer worship or support our executioners1 institutions. We must no longer allow ourselves to be controlled by buzz words or unsubstantiated belief. We must look at central Africa and at our ancient European homeland and decide what the future shall be. We must look at the beauty of our women and decide if their images should continue to exist on earth. We must decide if White children shall have a place in the sun. All else is irrelevant at this time.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy