PS it only gets worse Tim

I am writing this post-script to my open letter to you in order to further clarify both the details of what you will face in the federal courtroom and what must be shown the jury if you are to have a chance. Above all things, Timothy, it is necessary to destroy the false illusion of moral authority that power systems, both religious and governmental, have always contrived. Be aware that the media, by any name in any age, exist to control the masses and create that illusion of moral authority for the police powers of church and state.

With that in mind, in response to media questions on the specific issues they pick to demonize you, always attack. For example, they will ask you about the children who died in Oklahoma City and seldom focus on those burned alive at Waco. I would in response say, "Perhaps the only reason the Federals were not dancing about giving high fives and cheering for the real Oklahoma barbeque as they did in Waco, is because this time they did not want to take credit for their own work."

Mentally you must prepare for the worst. Do not think that one victory will end it. Double jeopardy laws were subverted long ago by the injustice system and the federal judges. As I told you, I was jeopardized in federal court three times in two districts for the same offense, and your judge, Richard Matsch, was instrumental. If necessary, they will whip saw you back and forth between state and federal courts and deny it is double jeopardy. They might shuffle you from one federal district to another and try again. They add or change a motive in the indictment and claim that makes it a "new offense" and so, another trial is not double jeopardy. They can try you for the act and then for conspiracy to commit the act and claim this is not double jeopardy. They may try you for violating civil rights and then again for conspiracy to violate civil rights. You see, Timothy, they have made a total mockery of the plain meaning of the English language, of the words and intent of the Bill of Rights and of any concept of justice. And still the media are able to maintain that false illusion of moral authority for the police powers of the government.

Let us discuss the jury. You can probably forget talking to the jury about jury nullification rights. The perverter of the Constitution, forced-bussing judge, black-robed and black-hearted tyrant, Judge Richard Matsch will have you gagged before permitting discussion of common law in his star chamber of injustice.

Recognize that in advanced stages of a democracy, (i.e. mob rule, which wise men have always known to be the worst form of government), a country becomes divided between the parasites at the public trough and the producers, whose blood is sucked. Many, if not most of the producers, long ago realized the futility of voting and are no longer on the voting rolls. But the jury will probably be picked from the voter rolls. So, they have a built-in bias in favor of the government. That is one reason the government gets a 98-99% conviction rate in federal trials. The jury is an enemy, not peers. By no accident your trial is in Denver, home of the system hatchet man, Hangin' Judge Matsch. His record is so damning that the media have begun their predictable propaganda push to deify Judge Matsch in the court of public opinion. (See Newsweek, January 29, 1996, page 30.) If I remember correctly, Denver has the second highest federal payroll in the country, at least it is one of the highest. A huge percentage of the population in the Denver area receives checks of one kind or another from federal, state, county or city government, or from industry relying on government. The jury picked from such an atmosphere will not look favorably on someone who does not worship their God, their God being government. A federal trial is not like Perry Mason with surprise witnesses or startling testimony. Every iota of evidence and testimony is agreed to in advance by judge, prosecutor and so-called defense attorney before the farce begins. The trial is as carefully orchestrated as a Shakespeare play. If there is a hitch in the railroad leading to the defendant's conviction, then the judge calls a recess. He sends the jury out of the room while the train that runs over the defendant is repaired.

The Federal Rules of Evidence in conspiracy trials state that hearsay evidence in furtherance of the conspiracy is admissible, but hearsay evidence denying the conspiracy is not admissible. In other words, only evidence against you is allowed, no defense. Then the government hires or blackmails some witnesses to say, "He said he did it." This is another way they effectively bypass the jury system. There is no defense if you play by their rules. And a system lawyer always plays by their rules.

Their rules allow the defense attorney to attack the credibility of the perjurer the government has hired or blackmailed. But the defense lawyer may not attack the federal agents who created the perjury. To do so would destroy that false illusion of moral authority wrongfully given to the tyrants' police powers. For their injustice system to function the jurors and masses at large must be led to believe that the motives of the police powers are benevolent and moral. And therein lies the crux of the problem you face. If you establish moral authority, you have a chance. If the Federal devils maintain their artificial and false moral authority, you lose. I am reminded of a line invariably used by lawyers assigned to pretend to defend folks labeled as extremists or racists by the media. Without fail the defense lawyer begins his opening statement to the jury like this, "The views held by my client are despicable and disgusting to all of us, but that does not mean he committed the crime." He might just as well hold open the door to the prison or death chamber, for he has just told the jury his client is a scumbag. Conversely, the prosecutors, as opponents of the scumbag, are now canonized and sainted as holy crusaders. These system devils called lawyers know exactly what they do and whom they serve.

So, how do you go about exposing the immoral and murderous mentality of the federal oppressors? Railroad Richard, a.k.a. Hangin' Judge Matsch, will oppose you every step of the way. For example, if you wished to call a hundred witnesses to establish a pattern of federal criminality, these are the exact words you will hear from Railroad Richard: "It is you who is on trial, Mr. McVeigh, not the government." Strange, since it was likely BATF agents who blew up the building. At least that is my guess. It may be that they mouthe the words "innocent until proven guilty," but as long as government and media force the image of "bad guy" on you and confer an image of "good guys" on the tyrants' bully boys, it means nothing. It is a fixed game.

You have to use deception to sneak messages past the black-robed tyrant on the federal throne and his evil henchmen. Let me again use my own experiences as an example. I allowed a system lawyer to pretend to defend me in Seattle, Washington in 1985. I was jeopardized for a crime that happened in Denver, Colorado. A second indictment jeopardized me by alleging I conspired to commit the crime. I pointed out to my so-called defense lawyer that the first indictment violated the 6th Amendment to the Constitution, which says they cannot try a man outside the state and district where the offense occurred. The second indictment was double jeopardy, specifically prohibited by the 5th Amendment. My lawyer refused to argue the Constitution in court, just as he refused to argue the almost certain defense I designed. But, I learned from the first trials I was subjected to. My last trial was a high profile case tried in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. I defended myself, destroyed the government's case and was acquitted. I began an opening argument by showing the jury that the Bill of Rights denies powers to the government. I related the 1st Amendment denying restriction on speech and the 2nd denying restriction on guns. When I got to the 6th Amendment I said, "The 6th Amendment says a man must be tried in the state and district where the crime happened and the government will not claim that I was ever in Arkansas." The judge immediately interrupted me and told the jury, "What Mr. Lane says is true, however, we have statutes that say we may try him anyway." A small point perhaps, but it demonstrated to the jury that federal courts ignore the Constitution.

If you defend yourself, then short of taking the stand, you get the most latitude for accusations against the government during opening and closing statements. Do not become obsessed with details. Remember, evidence is not the issue. Emotion is the issue. You must make the jury like you and distrust the Federals, if not downright hate them.

Individual cases are unique, so I cannot offer specifics. But for what its worth, here is how I would present my defense (attack), even if I had to do it under oath. Of course, I pull no punches in exposing Zionism or stating that I intend to stop the forced mixing and murder of my race by forced-bussing judges like Railroad Richard or by other federal schemes. You will have to design your own defense (attack).

I would begin with a blown up picture of the so-called Great Seal of the United States as seen on the back of a dollar bill. As usual, the prosecution would have demonized me with words like "racist" and "anti-semitic." I would point out that the seal is over 200 years old. Then, I would show that over the eagle 13 five pointed (pentagonal) stars form the six pointed Star of David. Then I would ask if they were surprised that the Pentagon is the police department for a world Zionist government of those who use the Star of David. Next, I would point out the words "E Pluribus Unum" (one out of many) and "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (New Order of the Ages or New World Order). Then, I would relate the wars, occupations and assassinations by America from Dixie to Mexico, to Panama, to Grenada, to a dozen other Latin American countries, to Libya, to Italy, to Germany twice, to Japan, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to Waco, Texas, Ruby Ridge, Whidbey Island and on and on. From encyclopedias and other sources I would document the tens upon tens of millions of people killed and maimed, both directly and indirectly in pursuit of this E Pluribus Unum, Novus Ordo Seclorum. This determination to mix and destroy the integrity of every race, nation and culture on the globe for a New World Order denies the instinct given by nature and nature's God to every race to preserve their own kind. But, it appears that the powers do not care if they must kill half the world's population in order to control and integrate the rest. I would point out that America imprisons more people than anyone on earth and imprisons more people per capita than any nation. Yet, still the system clamors for more prisons, more police powers, more erosion of the Bill of Rights. I would show that since governments were first formed, they created incidents like the Oklahoma City bombing to advance agendas such as wars or greater police powers.

I would point out some of the many atrocities of the Federals in collusion with the media. How they lied about the Branch Davidians, claiming child abuse, drug dealing and illegal weapons, even after the State of Texas had investigated and found the claims baseless. How they could have arrested Koresh at any time, out jogging or eating at a local cafe. How they had no legal warrant. How they doctored a video to demonize him. He was accused of getting a seventy-some year old woman pregnant and joked that if he could do so, he must be God. The Feds and media took the last three words, "I am God" and played them alone and out of context repeatedly on national TV to demonize Koresh. Then, there were 51 days of mental torture as the Federals broadcast the sound of animals being slaughtered into the church grounds filled with terrified women and children. And finally, as men, women and children were burned alive, the Federals danced about giving each other high fives and cheering for the real Texas barbeque. At Ruby Ridge federal assassins set out to murder a White family because they were White and wished to live among and preserve their own kind. But that was not E Pluribus Unum, so they had to die. They shot a boy in the back and killed him. They blew off a woman's head as she held her baby. They sniped and injured two others. They knew the mother was dead. Then for nine days they broadcast taunts into the terrified survivors, including little children. What manner of inhuman, murdering, torturing thugs and devils do such things? Then, I would tell the jury, "The same ones present false evidence and perjured testimony against me in order to draw attention away from their own atrocities."

Now, one last thing, Timothy. You must show a motive for the Federals to commit mass murder at Waco. Common sense shows it was not for the reasons they claim, but it does not show the real motive. Do you remember that Koresh flew the Star of David flag and spoke constantly, even desperately, of opening the Seven Seals of Revelation? I can show you precisely what he was talking about. It is an ancient wisdom that Jews call Cabalism and Gentiles call Hermetic Philosophy. Its exposure would destroy the Judeo-Christian foundations that underlie the governments of the western world. It is undeniable by those who recognize the mathematical laws of probability. If possible, get a hold of a pamphlet called "The Hermetic Bible" from 14 Word Press for an introduction and see that the secrets known by David Koresh would destroy the world Zionist empire. That is the motivation of the Federals. The brutality in immolating the innocents was a message of deterrence, just as when the bodies of Hypatia, Jacques DeMolay, Giordano Bruno, Gordon Kahl, Robert Mathews and uncountable others were burned, often alive. The tyrant allows no competition and makes crispy examples of really dangerous opposition.

Timothy, I wish you the very best. I hope you realize that throwing yourself on the "mercy" of the court or system is futile. You are dealing with pure, malignant evil, in religious terms, devils incarnate. It appears you are their designed patsy and will be used to deflect attention from their own crimes. Go to the struggle with absolute defiance and accept what the Norns declare in the same manner. A Federal is not fit to suck the sweat from your dirty socks. Give them no satisfaction. I am sure that with the strength gained from the certainty of moral rectitude you will bring honor to a thousand generations of your ancestors.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy