May 28th 2015 - Various images and memorials added to the main page and Davids Memory page in remembrance of the 8 years since he left us.

November 27th 2014 - Robert J Mathews last letter is now on the site under written works!

November 25th 2014 - November 25th 2014 - 30 Years gone this coming December 8th 2014 - Never Forgotten RJM - Graphic added by WAU

January 16th 2014- Happy 61st Birthday Robert J Mathews, from the women of WAU - We know you are feasting in the halls of Valhalla!

- November 2nd 2014 - Happy 76th Birthday David, We always miss you, you are Loved - Always Missed - We are still fighting and spreading your word.. The WAU Girls

December 8th 2013 - Hail RJM - January 16th 1953 - December 8th 1984 - Always Remembered -

November 2nd 2013 - Happy 75th Birthday Dear Friend, Always Loved - Always Missed - We are still fighting the good fight.. The WAU Girls

September 2013 - We (WAU) got to bury more of David's ashes this past weekend in a very special location, WAU would like to thank the Crew38 girls from Australia who took part!

May 28th 2013 - 6 years in Valhalla, it only seems like yesterday friend, till we meet again David Eden Lane...

Dec 21st 2012 - Winter Solstice Greetings from Davidlane1488.com Staff...

November 2nd 2012 - Happy 74th Birthday David - We love and miss you..

Oct 29th 2012 - Various graphics and pages aligned correctly...

May 28th 2012 - Gone 5 years, only seems like yesterday friend. REST IN VALHALLA David Eden Lane...

March 26th 2012 - It has come to our attention that not only have the Creativity Movement of Australia plagiarized this entire site, not by only using graphics we made but by also reprinting David's entire site, a site that David himself asked us (WAU) to make, yet the Creativity movement has time and time again slandered WAU and our work, stooping so low as to use vulgar terms towards racially aware white women that we wouldn't even repeat. The Creativity Movement also works alongside C18 which is another group that David did not support, so please know that we NEVER gave them permission to use the graphics we made, we never gave them the permission to repost personal letters that we decided to share and much more. Decent racial folk would just link our site, but it would seem other people would just prefer to take years and years of hard dedicated work and post it as their own rather then build up their own tribute to a man they never bothered with when he was alive...

May 14th 2012 Happy Birthday Bruce Carroll Pierce, much love to your family today as they celebrate your life.

March 3rd 2012 RIP Betty Tate, an amazing woman has crossed over. Much love to David Tate on the loss of his mother...

January 1st 2012 More Quotes have been added to the Quotes section of the site,we'll be adding more written work over the month of January & February 2012

January 4th 2012 The email for Adopt A Bruder has changed, please update it to adopt-a-bruder@davidlane1488.com

November 2nd 2011 - Happy Birthday David - We love and miss you..

August 27th 2011 We added Der Bruder Schweigen / The Order documentary to the video section of the site.

August 27th 2011 We added two old images to the Bruder Images section of the site.

August 27th 2011 We added an old interview with Randy Evans to the written works section of the site.

August 27th 2011 We added a Quote by RK to the quotes section and also added two thank you letters to the Adopt A Bruder section of the site.

August 16th 2011 It's been 1 year since Bruce Carroll Pierce left us, we hope his family are happy and celebrating the life and works of their beloved husband, brother, son, father...R.I.P. BCP!!

August 2nd 2011 A new Video dedication for David Eden Lane was added to the video section of the website titled "Aryan Hero David Eden Lane". Enjoy

August 2nd 2011 We added a video of David Eden Lane being interviewed by Meredith Vieira in August 30th 1995. The quality is not 100% perfect but you can still hear the audio. Enjoy

August 2nd 2011 We made The 88 Precepts into a pdf file for easy download, we will also be doing "KD Rebel" as a PDF file along with a few other written works, check back soon for these updates...

August 2nd 2011 Staying the distance by Frank DeSilva has now been added to the written works section of Der Bruder Schweigen on this site..

August 2nd 2011 We added a downloadable pdf file for our "Adopt a Bruder" program please distribute and support.

May 28th 2011 Today the 28th of May, marks the 4th Anniversary of the passing of David Eden Lane, whilst David is now free and has joined with Odin's best. Please honour his memory & remember his Bruders that are still locked away in ZOG's Prisons.....WAU Australia

May 17th 2011 www.davidlane1488.com purchased

March 17th 2011 Der Bruder Schweigen Video page added to the site.

January 16th 2011 Happy Birthday RJM in our thoughts as always. Hail The Order

January 1st 2011 Der Bruder Schweigen archives added to the site

December 29th - We added Focus 502 - 607 and 608 to the site.

December 25th - Adopt a Bruder information updated

December 21st 2010 - Winter Solstice Blessings to you all.

November 2nd 2010 - Happy Birthday David

October 31st 2010 - 14 Why's Added to the site.

July 31st 2010 - Focus 14 writings added to the site.

April 20th 2010 - New images added to the site.

January 16th 2010 - Happy Birthday Robert J Mathews - Rest In Valhalla Bruder..

November 2nd 2009 - Happy Birthday David Eden Lane - We love and miss you.

July 1st 2009 - We are officially back online and very excited to be so.. We have added a few more sections to the site, if you have anything to submit to any part of the David Eden Lane site, then please contact me at wauirehqs@hotmail.com

The new sections are various images from the old 14 words website, some pictures of David, some Video dedications to David, letters David sent to friends, and an interview we @ WAU did for Blood and Honour magazine with David..We still have some written works to add to the site and we'll be doing that over the coming months.

Thank you for your all the patience you have showed while we worked at getting Davids written works back online.


June 22nd 2009 - Its been awhile since we were online, since Davids death we have all been in a slump but that has finally broken and we are back online. We would like to thank each of you for your support over the last 2 years since David left us. We are excited to be back and we plan on staying online for good this time, it was a promise we made to David that when he passed we would make sure his written works would be available to all. We have added some older artwork and written works from Focus 14 and Wotansvolk and we will be adding snipits from letters letters David wrote to his friends. Keep checking back. 14 Words Always.

November 28th 2009 Two year gone and we still miss you David. RIP Bruder..

May 20th 2007 - David has been moved to Terre Haute IN pending transfere to another prison, it would seem that nobody wants him in their prison since he is a "terrorist".

May 19th 2007 We are at present working on new PP findings from David, we hope to have them online shortly. Check back for updates.

January 9th 2007 - For all those who have read KD Rebel and those of you that have not you can find it on this website. David is writing a sequel to KD Rebel since there has been so many request. It will take part in the early years of Trevor teaching and how he was corrupted.

David has also been busy writing new works. C.R.A.P , New findings his Pyramid Prophecy research for 2007-2008, and a few more little works that he is keeping me busy typing up for the site.

Lane is also trying to transfer to Englewood, Colorado so he can obtain some new false teeth but as always "the paper work is still processing". If he can not transfer to Englewood he is going out in for WI were they make teeth so it will give him a new trade. If this does not go through we will be having a fund raiser and talking to his attorney...

As always he is still ping pong champ and going strong. He dares anyone to compete with him.

For Yule he gave his very first Blot ceremony and will be writing about that so as soon as he is done it will be posted on his site. Which reminds me we are working on a new project and that is a Wotanist booklet for all how is interested.

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