Sex and Women

It is the first necessity for reproduction and preservation of a species. It is a preoccupation of men and women alike. It is the driving instinct of males. Sex is used to sell everything from automobiles to zircons. It is a woman's power and a man's curse. It is the catalyst in the "Battle of the Sexes." It both unites and divides, bringing both pleasure and pain. It unleashes emotion too powerful for logic or reason to control, yet it is vital to life. It is a misused tool of merchants, priestcrafters and statecrafters. Without a natural outlet a misdirected sex drive can lead to all manner of neurosis and conflict. Sex is perhaps the single most important subject that those who struggle for the life of our people should understand. Yet, due to centuries of mind-poisoning from alien religions, most are unable to discuss sex with total frankness. But the taboo must be broken. The question begs to be asked, "Is the natural way and the upward path even possible in the modern, industrialized world?" Self-evidently the natural way and the upward path are impossible within nation-states ruled by those dedicated to the mixing and extermination of the race which created so-called "Western Civilization."

In olden times a woman taught her daughters, "Tis far better to be mistress of a king than wife of a servant." Of course, in those days, kingship was determined by valor and other valuable genetic traits, like cunning and determination. So, a woman knew that if her children were sired by a king, or other nobility, the chances were greater that her offspring would develop into exceptional individuals. In this foul age, when the kings of the earth are usurers, word-twisters and degenerates, the olden ways do not apply. The systems under which we live are craftily constructed so that the White folk who obey the instincts given them by nature find that obedience to authority, to law, to religious precepts or to sociably acceptable mores is racial suicide. And by nature, most Aryans are not anarchists. In the cold climes of the North, social cooperation was necessary for survival. When living exclusively among our own kind with benevolent leaders, acceptance of higher authority was then our greatest strength. Conversely, however, in a multi-racial society, ruled by Zionists, acceptance of authority is the Achilles heel of our race. It leads us to fraternal wars, acceptance of genocidal practices like forced bussing and the insanity of a statement like, "My country, right or wrong!"

Because we are by nature an open and honest people, we assume that others are like us. And this makes us the most gullible race on the earth. The minds of the masses are almost exactly analogous to blank computer disks which can be programmed however the operator desires. Years ago I was with Bob Mathews in a large city. We saw a White girl get off a bus; she was flirting with two Negro boys. While we felt great anger surge through us, our anger should not be directed at her. For that little girl, feel sadness. From the time she was a toddler she had been programmed by teachers, preachers, TV, radio, magazines, movies, songs and every influence in her life that race-mixing was noble. Could she be expected to make a judgment contrary to her entire perceived world? Anger should be directed at the programmers. The programming carries into every aspect of the lives of the masses, both male and female. If young girls are taught that being cheerleaders, wives and mothers is a praise-worthy life, then this is what will make them happy and fulfilled. But if they are programmed to believe such lives are demeaning, and that careers as soldiers, construction workers, police, firemen, lawyers and the like are fulfilling, then they will demand and follow the Feminist agenda. Men are equally susceptible to programming. So we see them fixated on multi-racial athletics, on artificial political systems and so on. It was in recognition that minds are programmable that our ancestors built fertility rites into our organic and indigenous religions, realizing that reproduction is Nature's divine command for the preservation of our race.

All of the above serves as a necessary preface to what follows, because while we have precious few women dedicated to our cause, the few we do have are so extremely valuable that they must not be alienated. Nevertheless, it is, always has been and forever will be male testosterone that decides all things. The male sex drive of a race that would survive must never be diminished, thwarted, misdirected or slandered. History shows that from the dawn of time, those out of power raised armies with promises of plunder and the seizing of women. Those exceptional women who already share our cause do not need to react in horror at the word "seize" with visions of rape and mistreatment. It is the duty of the Aryan male to treat women with chivalry, whether they come voluntarily or are captured. When this discourse speaks of the masses of either women or men, the exception should not take umbrage. The mind of the exceptional man or woman is as different from that of the masses as night is from day. The unenlightened masses are asses -- dangerous asses, but nonetheless asses. So do not judge yourselves by them. Bearing this in mind, let us plunge into the "Battle of the Sexes" with total frankness and brutal honesty.

The great hermetic (or nature) philosophers have taught throughout history that the creative force and intelligence (whatever that means to you) formed all we perceive as duality, light and dark, hot and cold, positive and negative, male and female. Existence, as we know it, requires polarity and by extrapolation the tension or struggle that results. Indeed, life would be true Hell, or a living death, without competition. Be it war, a golf tournament or the Battle of the Sexes, the joy is in the struggle. On a false intellectual level we can speak of the equilibrium of "peace," but it is sugar-coated deception, whether in the realms of religion, politics, sex or anything else. An eternity of sitting on a cloud singing, "Jesus loves me" would be a torture just a step behind the Christian alternative lifestyle called hell. True pleasure comes from struggle, from achieving, from accomplishments which require time, effort and sacrifice. So why would anyone think the Battle of the Sexes would be different? The word "battle" is absolutely appropriate and those who would abstain from the contest deserve neither life nor pleasure. In a primitive and natural society the strongest or otherwise most successful male captures the most females and the most desirable females. Thus, the greater share of the best genes are passed along for the strength, beauty and preservation of the race. In species with social structures, the female then attempts to "tame" the male who has captured her. This she must do in order that the hunting and providing skill of the male will aid her offspring.

Few of us today would want to return to a society as rugged as in ages past. Although we have reached the ridiculous in pursuit of plastic gadgets, not many would give up flush toilets, anesthesia, electricity, housing and other things that require cooperation in a social structure. However, the basic instincts given by nature do not change. The tension between male and female does not end with a ceremony, a pronouncement of marriage or a sanction by artificial entities like Church and State. May the Gods forbid it -- for the absence of tension and struggle is found only in death! Scientists have been telling us for years that the sperm count of White males is dropping. And why not? The brain is the largest sex organ, even though symbolically it is common to judge a man with the hoary phrase, "he has a lot of balls." The White male has been effectively castrated by subtle feminist and zionist poison that has infected all of our people -- of both sexes.

The male is meant to capture females, not beg for their favor like some whipped spaniel. In our now alien-occupied countries a man "woos" a woman with promises of material goods, with $60 or $100 bouquets of flowers; he is an emasculated idiot. Jewish movie producers, magazine editors, television network owners, stock brokers, bankers, lawyers and assorted billionaires offer the most beautiful of our young women the world on a platter. Sports cars, penthouses, roles as movie starlets, as centerfolds, buckets of money, jewelry, glitter and adulation awaits any pretty White girl. We who are racially aware and active can offer them poverty and the chance to share in the abuse heaped upon our heads. We can attempt to reason with our beautiful women until blue in the face and they will reply with the buzzwords "racist" and "sexist." Neither human nature nor female nature have changed. As long as the destroyer owns the media, the money, the military and the minds of the masses our slide to extinction will continue and accelerate.

Until our males realize that death in battle is far better than the slow death of racial extinction, or the mental torture of watching our women be defiled, there is no hope. Until thousands emulate Bob Mathews, the enemy will laugh at our own feeble efforts. Until White men show the courage of our ancestors and do whatever it takes -- welcoming what awaits on the other side -- there is no chance of victory. Only a people whose males accept and welcome death over slavery can be free. Again, males are designed to capture females, not beg for their favors. Males of the same species put aside their rivalries over females when necessary for hunting or defense of the tribe or race. But once external threats are over, the competition must resume, for nature declares "the best should reproduce the most."

Whether that means polygamy is decreed by nature is a subject for legitimate debate. That strong and lasting bonds are often formed in monogamous pairing is evident. Equally evident is that social systems of the last two centuries and the last two millennia have been disastrous for the Aryan race. In the final analysis we must remember that allowing the meddlers of Church or State to dictate sexual relationships or marital affairs opens doors to endless tyranny. Decisions must be made by individuals, based on personal circumstances, folkish needs, common sense and the conditions imposed by external factors of the age. True Aryan men, of course, recognize their duty to provide for and protect their wives and children.

By conditioning and false intellectualization the modern woman convinces herself she should "own" one man, rather than be the possession of a superior man. But the fire fades. The spark dies. Her orgasms are weak and faked. Because once a man is "tamed," the natural attraction is gone. He is now her working drone, she no longer needs to compete with other women. In her heart of hearts she despises "her man," while her innermost being longs to be taken by a dominant male. Her sexual nature is sublimated and she adopts any false and destructive doctrine that captures her attention. Preachers and anti-nature religion become her substitute masters. Jewelry, make-up, possessions, universalist social causes become obsessions. Mindless sophistries turned to slogans become her code of life. Cats and dogs substitute for children. Her instincts are denied. One only has to look at the groupies who flock around rock stars, movie stars and sports figures to see that the instincts given by nature never change. These groupies know full well they are but one of many in the virtual harem of such public figures. Degenerate though these figures may be, they are perceived as extraordinary by the groupies who desire them.

Part of the Battle of the Sexes is a woman's need to be recognized as valuable. In the natural world, that means first of all sex appeal, especially for young women. A woman is in competition with other women. The book "Might is Right" proclaims that women dislike and distrust each other intensely. Women authors have written the same thing. Whether true or not, the competition is real. Men lust for women. Women in turn can meet the competition of other women by sharpening their "weapons of war" or by attempting to "tame" a man. The former is good, the latter she will inevitably try in this unnatural age, to her material benefit but sexual frustration. A man cherishes what he desires and for which he has labored or struggled to attain. While there are exceptions to most rules, a man does not mistreat that which he cherishes. So a wise woman keeps herself desirable.

Virtually all White women are blessed with natural beauty and attraction. Aryan women keep their beauty until late in life if they keep fit. Inevitably youthful beauty fades with age, no one can change that, but there is no greater treasure to a man than a woman old enough to be a companion, yet with the discipline to keep herself attractive. Hopefully men having such a woman will appreciate her. Women should not be deceived that jew-elry makes them attractive, neither does nail polish, pancake make-up, fancy hair styling or gaudy clothes. These artificial devices serve to enrich Jewish coffers, and as an ill-conceived attempt to impress or depress other women.

Nature made sex enjoyable to ensure propagation and preservation of the species. Men without the courage to fight for women, either as individuals or as a race, do not deserve the pleasure of sex. Because of the long time it takes to rear and nurture our offspring, nature made sex a pleasure even when not specifically for conception, so enjoy! The alien religions made "sex is sin" a major part of their doctrine. They made it the insane idea of "original sin," because sex is unavoidable for survival of the race. Priestcrafters needed an unavoidable "sin" from which to "save" the sheeple. It is all a lie. Sex is both duty and pleasure. In our indigenous religions sex was elevated to the status of a sacrament. The marital or sexual affairs or arrangements of the folk are not the business of government or guilt-laying priests. Bear in mind that the primal law and moral absolute is preservation of one's own kind and it will provide a guide to proper sexual mores. Then enter the Battle of the Sexes with all the joy that competition is meant to bring!

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy