Wotanism (Odinism)

History is replete with innumerable examples of the power and importance of religious creeds. The purpose of this dissertation is not to demand, or even expect absolute conformity between various individuals who call themselves Wotanists or Odinists. Indeed, there are ``Wotanists" whose beliefs would conform to the popular definition of Atheist.

However, when I decided some twenty years ago that a religion was a necessary and vital weapon in our struggle against genocide, it was with the knowledge that the vast majority of our folk possess what I call a ``Godsense." That then is a power that must not be ignored.

But before a subject so vital to the survival of the white race can be covered accurately it is necessary that terms be defined with precision.

Let us start with the word religion. A religion is a philosophy or creed which incorporates a God, or Gods, and sometimes other beings beyond the comprehension of mortals.

The proponents and perpetuators of a religion may design its creed for any number of purposes, some constructive, some destructive. Unfortunately, the base, power hungry, and unprincipled men who have dominated the Western world for 2500 years were not about to permit the growth or continuation of any religion which might interfere with their control, wealth or authority. And of course any religion restricted to a particular race or nation was a hindrance to imperialism, which we now call one world government.

On the other hand, a universalistic religion would serve to unite the races, nations and cultures of an empire. And so, under the orders of Constantine, Emperor of Rome, in 325 AD, as Christians reckon time, a new ``Catholic" religion was created. The word Catholic means universal in Latin. (See Websters 3rd International Unabridged Dictionary for example)

The diligent and honest researcher will discover that Constantine's new religion was an almost exact parody of Mithraism, which was the major religion of the Roman legions. The events which formed the dogma of the new religion were then ascribed to Palestine, an area over one thousand miles away, and back dated over three hundred years so that denial was difficult.

And additionally the money powers behind Rome had themselves inserted as ``God's Chosen People" in the new religion, along with a fraudulent history.

Now at this point the defenders of Christianity are undoubtedly going to protest, saying that the Catholic church persecuted the Jews. But by their own dogma one of ``God's Chosen" named St. Peter was the first bishop (Pope) of Rome. And the most infamous torturer of the inquisition named Torquemada was one of ``God's Chosen." There were internal power struggles which were then exploited and mislabeled by the internally persecuted ``Chosen Pets of God."

Now at this point it is necessary to clarify another word, to wit: `` Semitic." There exists on this earth three root races and mixtures. The root races of man are Caucasoid (white), Mongoloid (oriental) and Negroid (black).

For many centuries the Eastern end of the Mediterranean sea was the crossroads for trade between Asia, Africa and Europe. To form alliances the sons and daughters of the merchants and bankers were married off to each other, often of other races. And so a mixed race of people called Semites was formed carrying the genes of all three root races. Today they are called Arabs and Jews.

Both are Semites.

The next word we must clarify is ``God." In the teachings of Hermetic philosophers, both ancient and modern, there exists a force and intelligence in the universe. Today we would call it a ``Cosmic Mind." Because of the shapes into which nature forms, among many reasons, God was called the â?~Grand Geometrician/Mathematician of the Universe. As modern man understands that all things, from the tiny solar systems of atoms to the massive solar systems of the universe, to human thought, consists of electro-magnetic forces and patterns, we discover that the Hermetic philosophers were perhaps wise beyond their times.

Of course when defining words used in religion we should also be aware of the Cabalistic coding which is so often included. For example, when Sir Francis Bacon and the British Royal Society created the coding system of the King James Bible, they also added letters to the alphabet, set them in order, and formed many new words.

Let A = 1 B =2 C = 3 D = 4 etc., and you discover the following. This is the word God:

7 / 4

74 - The Sun, not the son.

Again, lettering A = 1 B =2 C = 3 etc., here are some words from the King James bible and their occult (i.e. hidden) meaning.

The G 7 of the M 13 is 74

O 15 J 10 E 5
S 16 E 15 S 19
P 16 S 19 S 19
E 5 U 21 I 9
+L 12 +S 12 A 1
+H 8
74 74 74

Seventy four is the first function of an ancient mathematical device called the Magic Square of the Sun.

This coding was inserted so that an appointed time the permanent disclosures, i.e. (opening and shutting) of Isiah 22 verse 22, and Revelation 3 verse 7 would take place. The King James Bible was then shepherded down through the centuries with the coding clarified as it became safer to do so. The ``Shepherds" were adepts in secret societies which have also been the powers behind the scenes in the creation and destruction of nations, religions and philosophies.

Unfortunately, priestcrafters, in service to greedy and power hungry tyrants discovered that if they anthropomorphized the God force into a kind of glorified man, they could control people with the words ``God said." On this deception has rested the power of priests, usually for evil purposes, for thousands of years. ``Holy books" filled with ``God said," have served the interests of kings, emperors and presidents for dozens of centuries.

Nearly thirty years ago, with all of this in mind, I began to search for religious concepts which would preserve our people. Things to consider were the history of various religions adopted by or forced on, the Aryan race, genetic memory and the collective subconscious as explained by Carl Gustav Jung, the nature of Gods, Goddesses and myths, appeal to the racial soul, an entrenched priesthood, alleged holy books, modern science, and on and on.

At the time, I began to search for an appropriate religious approach to aid in the struggle against genocide, the only existing creed was that known as Identity Christianity. And to be just as honest as possible the doctrine did inspire some good men such as Gordon Kahl and several members of the Order Brûder Schweigen. But, its adherents did not total one in ten thousand of those who call themselves Christian. Additionally, Identity teachers demanded literal belief in bible stories which conflicted with science and natural law.

Even worse I discovered that Identity believers spent more time denying that their holy book said what it said, than teaching something useful. Love your enemies, turn the other cheek, sex is sin, only virgin men are preferred by God, give unto Ceasar, God is love, or alternately God is vengeance, and on and on, pollutes their holy book. And then of course history shows that Christianity is the most powerful weapon ever used against the freedom and existence of the white race.

Well, my purpose here is not to attack others whose goals are noble, even if I don't see any chance of success in their creed.

I looked for a religious creed that might appeal to the genetic memory of the largest body of our folk. Also a creed that would stir the warrior soul. The logical answer was Wotanism, although at the time I found only one small organization headed by an elderly lady named Elsie Christianson which embraced a form of the doctrine. And they called it Odinism. However, in the nineteen eighties some other small publishers showed up, also calling themselves either Odinist or Asatru. Asatru meaning true to the old Gods called the Aesir.

Unfortunately, or perhaps in some cases by malicious design most of these publishers denied the natural law of racial self preservation and separation in an attempt to be politically correct and respectable.

So, I first chose the name Wotanism over Odinism. First because W.O.T.A.N. makes a perfect acronym for Will Of The Aryan Nation. Secondly because he was called Wotan on the European continent and only called Odin in Scandinavia.

Therefore Wotan appeals to the genetic memory of more of our ancestors. And finally because a split had to be made with the game players, deceivers and universalists who had usurped the name Odin.

My next step was to form a doctrine or creed for modern Wotanism. Of course the whole reason for the project was to stop the forced mixing and murder of the white race. So it had to be true to natural law, the highest law of nature being the preservation of one's own kind. It had to accommodate not only my own 'Godsense' but that of others. And it had to totally destroy the New Age kind of suicidal deception being spread by the ``respectable" Odinists.

Perhaps the greatest and most dangerous or suicidal deception of the New Agers is that the force and intelligence we call God is made up of, or infused with an emotion called ``love." The fact is, the Creator made lions to eat lambs, wolves to eat fawns, hawks to eat sparrows, and the races of men to fight for life, women, food, territory and power. There is no love love love!! There is just law law law!! Harsh, sometimes cruel, but still divine law!!

Divine law demands exclusive territorial imperatives and exclusive hegemony, i.e. control, if a race is to survive. That is a truth no other religion but Wotanism will teach.

It is not my purpose in this dissertation to discuss the meanings of the Gods, Goddesses, myths or runes of Wotanism. By studying the philosophical concepts attached to each rune a person can develop a complete and natural personality. We have more Gothi learning and teaching natural law through the myths every month.

So let me leave you for now with one of my own proverbs, perhaps my favorite, to wit:

``Nature and nature's laws are the work of the Creator. Therefore nature's laws are God's laws. And the first and highest law of nature is the preservation of one's own kind."

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy