An objective study of history will show beyond dispute by rational men that religion has been a major force, if not the major force, in shaping our conditions and destiny. A religion can preserve or destroy a people depending primarily on its structure and the motives of its agents. Fundamental to any religion is its God, Gods or Goddesses. They are what distinguish the religious entity from the secular. The belief that one serves the will of whatever higher power the "Gods" represent is a motivational force that has inspired both men and women to perform acts above and beyond the ordinary. Indeed, many have made the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, in service to the will of the Gods. As one who has made his reason for existence the preservation of his own race, I have given literally thousands of hours of study and reflection to the religious teachings affecting the Aryan race. In this treatise, I would like to show why I believe in a higher power which men call "God," and why Wotanism, Odinism, Wodenism, is the best representation of that power. In other articles I have shown why a biblical religion is incompatible with racial survival, so that will not be the subject here, other than to briefly summarize: First, prior to biblical religion, the Aryan race was secure in its nations and existence, as well as dominant throughout the known world. Today, after nearly 2,000 years of biblical religion, including inquisitions, the dark ages, the slaughter and murder of millions in the name of Jesus, the Aryan race faces near certain extinction. The effects must now outweigh the "could have been's" and "would have been's." Second, a Folk preserving religion must follow a God of the whole Folk, not a personal God of personal advantage.

Third, a Folkish religion must teach fertility, not "sex is sin" and woman-hatred (as Paul in Corinthians 7:1, John in Revelation 14:4 and Jesus in Matthew 5:28). I could continue, but the purpose is to promote my religion, not attack others. I have been asked why, considering my judgements regarding biblical religion, that I do not endorse the atheistic concept known as the Church of the Creator. I've expressed admiration for those portions of COTC teachings which seem valuable, but I am not an Atheist any more than a Theist or biblical religionist. In the tradition of the ancients and of many great thinkers of our race, I am a Deist. Echoing the words of far greater thinkers than myself, I see an intelligent motivating force throughout the universe and behind Nature's Laws.

Our Norse forefathers in uncompromising intellectual integrity admitted that there are things as yet beyond our understanding. Eternity, infinity, the origin of matter, energy and species are still subjects of inquiry today. As in other religions, nations and teachings, our Wotanist forefathers used symbols to represent abstract concepts. Allfather represented the unknowable mysteries of infinity and eternity. However, unlike the practitioners of priestcraft in biblical religion, Wotanists did not and do not pretend to speak for God. The Gods speak to every man or woman directly through the evidence of Nature's Laws. The whole purpose of priestcraft is to allow the priest or the people he represents to control or have power over others. The power of the pulpit and of "Divine Right to Rule" rests on the words "God said," and a claim of superior access to God. Wotanists denounce the whole philosophy of one man having power of compulsion over others. To Wotanists, the Gods and Goddesses with names such as Wotan or Woden, Thor, Frigga and Sif represent forces of Nature, fertility and noble ancestors. They provide linkage between the past, present and future. Their deeds are parables which teach courage and other Aryan virtues. Even a treacherous God like Loki teaches a lesson in the dangers from internal subversion. Regarding "belief" in a God or a motive intelligent force throughout the universe, let us again define the word "belief." Belief can be blind faith, which is the mark of ignorance and which allows the adherent to be led anywhere, like sheep to the slaughter. A constructive belief is a onclusion based on the best available evidence, where such evidence is insufficient to warrant a statement of fact. I "believe" in the God of my understanding, but to make a statement of fact or demand that others conform to my belief would be intellectually dishonest. The biblical religionists (sometimes called creationists) and the evolutionists have quarreled for many years over their beliefs. As usual, no one considers other alternatives such as intelligent guidance in an evolutionary process, or a kind of genetic engineering or other possibilities. To the limits of my capabilities, I have tried to find a possibility of evolution as an answer to all life. But, it simply will not work without intelligent intervention. I have read many volumes on evolution and biology. Nowhere can I find an adequate explanation for the development of male and female of the same species. Throughout all the lengthy dissertations on cellular divisions and the growth of ever more complex organisms, there is never a rational, acceptable explanation of when the first man fertilized the first woman or how they developed separately, yet complimentary and in need of each other. Furthermore, modern geneticists tell us that a race of people cannot descend from one couple because the inbreeding would destroy them. So, we are faced with the necessary premise that numerous couples of identical men and women evolved at the exact same period in the eternity of time.

Darwinian evolutionists, also, tell us that White people are merely Negroes who migrated north from Africa eons of time ago and there in the cold northern climate we evolved light skin, hair and eyes. Yet, by their own teachings of natural selectivity, the first thing we should have developed is fur to protect us from the cold. Blue or green eyes, fair skin or light hair are not profiles of needs or characteristics developed as defense against a cold climate. One could continue almost endlessly on the problems with the theory of evolution as a random circumstance guided only by natural selectivity and survival of the fittest. But it seems the evolutionists have become as doctrinaire as the biblical religionists, so why beat one's head against the wall? We should all agree that we are subject to Nature's Laws. There are many other reasons to consider Wotanism, some concrete, some abstract, some esoteric. Having studied the words of Carl Jung, I believe the old Gods are a potential colossus within our collective subconscience. The old Gods and the old religion were exclusively ours and thus, relate to our race-soul. Through the myths and legends we find a link to our past and a rudder for our floundering racial vessel.

We shall find it necessary to use the vehicle of religion to expound our message of racial survival. It is exceedingly difficult for our enemies to deny that the worship of the old Gods is a bonafide religion, since it has a history of at least several thousand years. Here, one might, also, consider that in the courtrooms of the occupation government a "religion" without a God will soon be judged not to be a religion and outside the governmental guarantees of religious freedom. Wotanism has the authority of antiquity. Despite 2,000 years of persecution, such as Charlemagne's beheading of 4,500 Wotanists before a gathering of Christian bishops, Wotan lives in our blood. The rich and powerful symbolism stirs our racial souls. Wotanists are not intolerant. Like others, we expound our beliefs, and that naturally involves pointing out the errors in the beliefs of others.

But, we do not excommunicate kinfolk of other beliefs from our company, as long as they share our goal of racial preservation. We should not "slay all those who would not have our God rule over them" as followers of an alien religion have done to us and our kinfolk by the millions. Robert J. Matthews was a Wotanist and the finest man I have known. In Valhalla he waits for those of us who fight for the life of the Folk. I do not think he cares if you are an Atheist, a Christian or a Wotanist, but only that you are White and Proud. But, for my part, his Gods are the Folk's Gods and they are my Gods.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy