The Former Yugoslavia

A wise man once said that when trying to fathom the often apparently senseless happenings within religious and governmental power systems, we must remember that "crooks have falling outs." We ordinary folks are the cannon fodder and pawns in the games our masters play. But, we should, also, remember that whatever happens serves the real powers. There exists today what is essentially a World Zionist Government World Order. Self-evident to those retaining the ability to reason is that the Jewish powers have long been attempting to mix, overrun and exterminate the White race. Whether it is a universalist religion forced on Europe in which our masters are called "God's Chosen People," or a war and occupation to destroy the racial basis of our ancient European homeland, or forced bussing or the murder of a White family in Idaho who wanted to live among and preserve their own kind, the underlying motive is always the same. They mean to exterminate the White race.

Eastern Europe, the former communist countries, are the only remaining White nations. Fifty years of occupation of Germany and central Europe by America's colored troops chasing White girls has destroyed the Aryan gene pool of central Europe. Remember, it only takes about 2% mixing to seal the fate of a White country, for the parents, relatives, friends and associates will usually defend the interests of the mongrel offspring. It is now the turn of Eastern Europe to "experience the joys" of America's multi-racial occupation. This time the troops were "invited" in, although behind the scenes, the invitation was a threat. But the ultimate purpose and result are the same.

For years the CIA and other Intelligence agencies of the world, all under Jewish control, have been formenting warfare among the disparate groups in order to prepare for the farce we now see. The former Yugoslavia has many ancient grudges to exploit. Several centuries ago, when Moslems first occupied part of that area, the Christian population regarded the indigenous population, who converted to Islam, as traitors. That stigma still exists. In the second World War some Croats aligned themselves with Germany, while most Serbs were allied with the Soviet Union. So, there is a lingering animosity from this period, also. There are, too, those with a sense of identity with other ancient regimes, both Imperial and Royal.

But to those of us who are aware that the White race is a small and rapidly disappearing people in the world, the only issue that should be of interest is Jewry's ultimate goal, which is the extermination of our kind. That is the bottom line intent of the American occupation government. Since religious, political and economic systems can be destroyed and replaced, while the death of our race will be eternal, we should not debate the deceptions which the media places in front of us. Until all White people see the Fourteen Words as the only issue in the world, they will continue to be used and to walk in suicidal darkness.

Unless White men soon find the courage to face reality and name their executioners, we are doomed. You cannot fight an enemy or a conspiracy if you deny the enemy exists. You cannot cure cancer by treating symptoms. The cause of the cancer must be removed in its entirety. Until we see and understand the big picture, the lesser struggles will continue to appear baffling and that is exactly how it is planned by the tyrant.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy