An Interview with Randy Evans

When one is asked to recollect events that made an impact on our people, as well as our movement as a whole, in more recent times, Robert J. Mathews and the Bruder Schweigen definitely would come to mind. The Silent Brotherhood consisted of a number of men whom made a great impact on society in their fight for the 14 words! We are pleased to be able to bring you this interview with one of those remarkable men, Randy Evans.

For those who do not know, could you give a brief history of the Order as well as the events that lead to your incarceration? First, I never heard the term "Order" used in reference to said persons. Smile. I did hear the term "Company." My personal involvement came about after 3 assassination attempts on my life when I was living in California. I received an offer to move to Idaho to work on a Forest Service Contract and I thought this was the prudent thing to do at the time due to having a family. Reckon it could be said one thing led to another after that. Wink.

What are you in for and how long did you receive? I'm serving a 40 year sentence for RICO and Conspiracy to RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations). RICO requires two "crimes" (predicate acts). I was charged with robbing an armored car for 3.6 million and spending the money as the "acts" within the "enterprise." I wish I could tell you how innocent I am. Chuckle.

From your perspective, why was The Order formed? Why were you a part of it? According to the "gubment" my role involved being part of a robbery cell. As to why I was part of it: Oooh one thing led to another. The movement was dying and now it lives.

You have a parole case pending, can you give us any insight into that? I'm sorry to relate that on 7-7-99 the 7th Circuit, Court of Appeals at Chicago, IL. decided to affirm the lower court's decision. Said decision did not rule on the fact the U.S. Parole Commission is denying my parole while claiming that because of my beliefs I'm a danger to society. So, it's back to the drawing board for further litigation. I've caught the parole board lying numerous times and when caught they charged the criteria for denying parole until they finally admitted openly/blatantly, their decision is based upon past religious/political activity and current beliefs. I'm rehabilitated I tell ya!!! Smile.

You have a few children - are they being raised racially aware? Do you get to see them often, if at all? Tough question. I have 3 children ages 16 (girl), 14 (boy) about to be 14 (girl). I can't speak for them or their beliefs. They're Evans' and have their own minds. I didn't see my youngest daughter until she was 10. I've seen her 4 times, but have always had contact with her. My other two children I've seen once a year except for one time we went 2 years without visiting. Its been a year at this point with no end in sight as my parents are getting up in age and it's hard for them to make the trip from California to Pennsylvania.

Are there any words of advice, or insights into raising our children to have pride in their race and people that you would like to share with our readers? Be a living example to your children. Let them see in you the meaning of the terms honor, duty, loyalty and courage. Let them see in you the love for our folk. Encourage their continued self-improvement and education with true Aryan love.

What do you feel is the most important thing we must do to enable our children have a prosperous future? Let me ask a question. Can we live with ourselves if we do not insure a future for our children? Or are we weak? Teach the children all they can absorb about our folk, survival and whatever field suits them. Our future demands educated people.

Do you feel religion plays a part in our struggle? If so, what part? How big/small? Are you religious? What doctrine do you follow? I was ordained as a Pastor by Pastor Richard G. Butler on 8-22-82 (Aryan Nations). My cousin is the widow of Wesley Swift (founder of Church of Jesus Christ Christian). I don't feel that I'm a Pastor, perhaps a warrior-priest is more appropriate. So yes, religion works for me. However, there is no room in the Aryan National Army (imaginary) for religious strife in the ranks (Please see poem). I believe Odinism, Druidism, Buddhism, Brahmaism, Greek and Rowan Gods all are part of the collective unconscious of our folk and therefore should all be considered in their perspectives by individuals. This is "Aryanism."

What do you see as the gender roles of people involved in our cause? Do you believe we should adhere to any? The ancient Kelts allowed their women to sit in counsel and ride to war with them. Could I have told Kathy Ainsworth not to stand? What about Joan of Arc? On the other hand, who will bear and take care of the children? These are individual decisions. Certainly, there is a role for women in this struggle for our people in the capacity that person chooses.

How do you feel about polygamy? Do you think it plays a role in our cause? Do you find it justifiable? I am a former polygamist. I'm now a noigamist. Tough question for me…I cannot tell others not to be polygamists. I can tell them that women are not raised that way nowadays and that jealousy between women could be a factor. Thus, polygamy is really up to the females, as I doubt seriously if too many males would object. The justifying of polygamy that has been used is to increase our numbers. Having both women leave, I would personally consider a man lucky to find one woman to stand at his side no matter what the circumstances/consequences.

Inspirations? Are there any books and/or people that have and do inspire you? Or made an impact in your life? Whew, Yes. some I cannot name unfortunately. I've been blessed to be around the greatest leaders our movement has known such as Tom Metzger, Pastor Butler, late-great Bob Miles, Louis R. Beam and of course Bob Mathews. Inspirations? From a personal standpoint my children's eyes and children's eyes.Have you ever seen them? They're full of love, wonderment, questions, innocence, and trust. Look into them and promise them a future.

Many racialists claim that they want to help but they do not know exactly how to go about it. What can our readers do to help you in your present situation? Develop women prisoners. There's nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a woman in chains. Write them. As for me, I'm fine. You can write or otherwise monitor my ongoing situation.

Anything you would like to add? We must continue to build a society within a society. That means we need people in all walks of life, i.e. doctors, engineers, chemists, nurses, electricians, mechanics. You name it - we need it including computer technology. The only thing holding us back is ourselves. Our own inhibitions, fears and lack of vision.

Closing comments: All things in a racialist's life comes down to: "If it's good for our race then it's good. If it's bad for our race then it's bad." Everyday, ask yourself, "What have I don't for my race today?"

It's Time to Reclaim Every Way

There is no conflict between Odin and Identity,
The late-great Bob Miles had it right,
Odinism gives Genesis Six clarity,
To these truths we must broaden our sights.
Understand Our Folk Lost It's Way.

The fruits of the spirit does Odin explain,
It identifies the spiritual pieces,
After years of study folks say I'm insane,
But I tell you the faith only increases.
Understanding Total Truth Is The Way.

We cannot stop there for spiritual heights,
Buddhism and Hinduism also Aryan did start,
These teach how to achieve spiritual insights,
Through time these holy ways we did depart.
We Lost Our Understanding Of The Way.

Brothers and Sisters I beg you to see,
All these parts are ours to claim,
Each in it's perspective is our destiny,
To once again be men of renown and fame.
We Must Study And Practice The Way.

Don't you understand these things were taken,
They were shattered unto the four winds,
Divided and conquered with the Aryan Forsaken,
They were used for and against various kins.
The Must End For The Way.

Druidism, Odinism, Buddhism, Identity are one,
We have been looking at them as separate,
Each looking at the other and poking fun,
This is not the path because for the desperate…
It's Time To Reclaim Every Way.

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy