My last article. Not because I am giving up the struggle. It appears that my destiny and role in this war for White Survival is to set an example of utter defiance until someday dying in the prisons of my enemies. So be it!

Not my last article because I am planning to kick the bucket in the near future either, although such is known only to the norms.

This is my last article, barring unforeseen circumstances, because everything necessary has already been said. If not by me, then Rockwell, Hitler, Yockey, and a host of others.

Thousands of our folk at least, and perhaps millions, know that our White race is facing extinction, and they know it is a plan of tyrants who are wealthy beyond conception, in a league with mindless universalists.

This genocide, meaning the murder of our race, has seldom been resisted except with words. It has been written about, read about, gossiped about, and sung about in millions of works. If words without swords had any value whatsoever, we would have beaten our enemies to death long ago.

But unfortunately, compromise, comfort, and cowardice are the predominate traits in the modern White male. They are a total disgrace to the memory of their ancestors. So now our race is little more than a walking corpse.

When the Supreme Court struck down the laws against interracial marriage, were there nine black robed devils found hanging by their necks the next day? No! Why not? Because the modern White man, the CRAP, is a castrated, selfish pussy.

When the U.S. Military used bayonets to push White girls into colored schools, was there rebellion? No! Why? Because the modern White man is such a stinking maggot that he makes camel shit smell like roses.

Shall I continue with forced bussing, movies, and television, promoting interracial marriage, the destruction of the racial basis of our European homeland in World wars, etc. etc., ad nauseam without end? Why should I? It is only more words.

Once upon a time, when White men still had some integrity, words did have value. But speaking to walking, talking piles of camel shit is a waste of breath and ink.

I have told the CRAP for many years that in the wars, revolutions and assassinations that America has financed and participated in, from Dixie, to Cuba, to Mexico, to Panama, to Italy, to Germany twice, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to Iran, to Libya, to Bosnia, to Serbia, to Waco, to Ruby Ridge, to Afghanistan and on and on, the dead and maimed victims number 200 million or more, half of them white, many of them women and children.

Determined to destroy the integrity of races, nations and cultures for the Zionist New World Order, The Red, White, and Blue traveling man’s murder machine has been an engine of holocaust, genocide, and death unmatched in human history.

But still the CRAP wraps logic five times around a crooked tree to proclaim themselves “American Patriots” who support “Our Boys” as they bomb helpless nations into the Stone Age and blow tens of thousands or millions of women and children into tiny fragments. Always looking for someone else to blame, the CRAP screams, it’s the Jews, it’s the Jews. Well I’d be the last to deny that the media is dominated by Jews who have an agenda of world domination and of extinction for White Aryans.

But it has been Christians who for centuries have been giving the White man’s food, medicine, wealth, technology, and education to the colored races. It is the CRAP who now surrenders the last of the White man’s women, power, and territory to the colored races.

White Christian Civilization is a catchy and idiotic phrase used by the CRAP. It was the Christians who destroyed our indigenous civilization and brought on the dark ages. It was the Christians who persecuted all men of science, philosophy, and reason for many centuries.

“Oh, that was those OTHER Christians,” the CRAP declares. It was the Christians who slaughtered each other in the Catholic versus Protestant wars, including the horrible Thirty-year war.

The Inquisition, with people torn to pieces on the rack. It was the Christians who burned at least tens of thousands of White women at the stake as witches. It was Christians who hanged nineteen women as witches in Salem Massachusetts just 84 years before the American Revolution. It was the Christians who persecuted, tortured, and murdered all followers of our native indigenous religions, especially Odinists (Wotanists or Wodenists). It was Christians who forced our folk to profess literal belief in supernatural myths, which deny the laws of nature, knowing full well that when the gates of the mind are opened to the first irrational premise, then there are no barriers to a flood of insanity.

So now our folk are literally insane. Suicidal insane.

Two-thousand years ago, Julius Caesar said that as long as he could invent an enemy of the Empire, he could remain in power by employing calls to patriotism. The CRAP are so insane that they still fall for the same game as they go off to kill and make hundreds of millions for the Judeo-American/Judeo Christian empire.

Our race cannot survive without nations in which we are the only inhabitants. Anyone who claims that America can be made a White Nation is either totally insane or a deliberate deceiver. Unfortunately, almost all so-called White leaders since the civil war in America have been compromising deceivers.

As far as I know I am the only one who has ever told the whole truth about America, Christianity, philosophy, history, and natural law religion. At least for the moment most of my writings are available at or at


If we are to accomplish the 14 words, then we must become revolutionaries. A revolution in fact is preceded by a revolution in the mind. We cannot continue to worship, or compromise with our executioners’ institutions. Overthrow them or leave them, but you cannot procrastinate or compromise any longer.

14 WORDS and 88 PRECEPTS to Victory or Valhalla
David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy