The Death of the White Race


For years Aryan Nations has been warning our White kin that there was a conspiracy to Murder our White Aryan Race and that we were fast approaching the point of no return.

Now we have confirmation from U.S. Government sources. On the back of this leaflet you will find a reproduction of an article from the August 4, 1981, Rocky Mountain News. When reading the article, please bear in mind the following things.

Considering the lower-than-replacement White birth rate, the high non-white birthrate, the colored immigration and the fact that thousands of our young people (especially our women) desert their Race every day to marry non-whites, you can see that in ten years the child-bearing population of America will be less than ten percent White.

All history, as well as common sense, declares that no Race can survive without separation from others so they can promote, propagate and protect their own kind.

There are over two dozen all-Black nations engaging in no integration or the inevitable resultant, miscegenation, which decrees the death of a Race. The population of one Yellow country alone, China, is nearly four times all the Whites on the planet. They too are remaining racially pure. There are no all-White nations, at least in the Western world. We are the earth's most endangered species.

The famous American aviator, Charles Lindbergh, traveled America in the 30's warning that if we helped to destroy the tiny nation of Germany, which was the last and only White Racial Nation, then our Race was doomed. Was he right?

Today YOU can escape the terror of the Black ghettos and the Brown barrios. Your children and your children's children will have no refuge. THE DEATH OF THE WHITE RACE is neither imaginary nor far off in the distant future. History shows what "tender mercy" the few remaining Whites can expect from the colored hordes in the last days of our Race.

The JEWS, who have sworn to destroy our Race and who now own all three T.V. networks, the major movie companies, and nearly all newspapers and publishing companies, make it front page headlines, if they can find a non-integrated school or neighborhood anywhere.

Nations, economic systems, political systems, etc., will rise, fall and evolve as long as man walks this planet. THE DEATH OF THE WHITE RACE is eternal. Make no mistake, WHITEMAN, the death of our Race, the creators of Law, Justice, Technology, Medicine, Housing - virtually everything of value - spells the end of civilization.

Whiteman, look at the beautiful woman you love. Whitewoman, think about the future for your children. WHITEMAN, THINK. The decision is for this generation. Your children will be outnumbered fifty to one by colored people, who have been inflamed to hatred of our people by the JEWSMEDIA. Nature's laws are as impartial as they are harsh. Love your own kind, fight for your own kind or perish, as have many thousands of other species.


David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy