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The goal of this site is to bring the writings of David Lane and Der Bruder Schweigen to the folk. Although they were only active from 1983 to 1984 their deeds and sacrifices have been an inspiration to many White Nationalists around the world. We hope that their memory and example of bravery shall live through this website and continue to be a beacon of light and truth in a world of confusion and darkness. The Bruder Schweigen were a group of fervent European patriots that stood up and against the corrupt United States Government. For the last 25 years the men who once belonged to Der Bruder Schweigen have been upstanding and model prisoners, avid readers and writers and have offered much knowledge to their Folk both in prison and outside of prison. These men are no longer active on the streets in any sort of revolutionary capacity.They are busy trying to catch up on the 25 years that was taken from them. The handful of Bruders who have managed to taste freedom are law abiding citizens who are happily enjoying their new lives outside of prison walls. Our aim is to help educate others on their past as Der Bruder Schweigen.

Former members of Der Bruder Schweigen who are still living do not support or condone violent behavior from people who claim to fight on their behalf. The organization ceased to exist when their members were incarcerated, this site is only here to share an important part of our movement history.

Der Bruder Schweigen , or The Order as they were commonly known, was a White Nationalist organization that fought to reclaim America for the people whose ancestors struggled, sacrificed, and died to build it. They were men and women of different socioeconomic backgrounds bound together by the ideals of racial solidarity and the creation of an autonomous White homeland.

At their peak The Order claimed more than 50 revolutionary activists both legal and covert. The above ground or 'legal' operations of the Bruder Schweigen included speaking engagements, literature distribution, recruitment, meetings and creating a logistical structure to support the more militant aspects of the organization.

The American government began a domestic campaign against The Order in the 80's, which resulted in the imprisonment or death of most Order activists. Federal Agents burned their leader Robert Mathews alive in his home when he refused to surrender. Today the remaining members of The Order have served over 25 years in jail. Many of them have surpassed their release dates according to Federal Sentencing Guidelines but remain incarcerated in the worst prisons in the United States by a government which continues to oppress and destroy its White population.

The acts being perpetrated against these patriots on a daily basis are not only criminal, but life threatening to some of them. Several of the former Order members have been the victims of brutal beatings by blacks, gangs, and even the prison staff. We have seen over the last decade or two people in the media come to the aid of prisoners who they say are being "mistreated" and they give them a voice, you can go find hundreds of blogs online supporting prisoners who have murdered, raped and tortured people. We want to be able to support the men who were once active as the Silent Brotherhood without being labeled as a domestic terrorist, or a person who supports one. None of the men who were once called Der Bruder Schweigen were ever convicted of Murder, Rape, drug use or distribution, or any crimes against women and children, and yet 25 years later 4 of them are still in jail.

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