We need both laddies and lassies contributing to their fullest potential if we're to succeed. And we must have 100% cooperation and appreciate and recognize one another's talents and abilities and use them to the fullest advantage.

You may ask, what gives me the right to write an article about the roles of men and women in the Movement? Well, while I will not elaborate, I will admit that I am chief amongst those who have sinned against our women. And, from that vantage point, I can look back in retrospect at my mistakes and see where I have gone astray.

Some have been heard to say we need our women to resemble Playboy models and serve only as Breeders. The model types are extremely rare, seldom possessing genuine parts and frequently conceited and lacking anything resembling dedication. As for "Breeders", as they're so crudely described, God give us more of such women who are willing to forego careers and risk their lifetimes, and time in anguish and pain of giving birth that few men could endure. We must cherish and honor our women, and encourage and praise their worthy efforts. Any fool can demean and criticize, and most fools do. But Great men show their Greatness by acknowledging and encouraging the efforts of others.

Why do we demean our women-folk, anyway? In part, many of us are caricatures of men. We don't know ourselves and have some misguided ideas and false images of what real men are (most likely we got these ideas from the media or insecure men). I did at one time. We've some idea that MEN need to be heavy drinkers, carousers, boasters, arrogant, demeaning , mindlessly aggressive , etc. These are some of the characteristics of petty and insecure men. And none of these traits are those of Noble men, nor will they further our cause.

Beside bearing, raising, and molding the next generation of our race, without which we cannot survive, women do and occasionally must fill other positions within the struggle. Nor should we eliminate the possibility. NO wise man ignores 50% of his resources. Nor should we.

Women won't be needed to fill these gaps when men are men and step forward to fill the vacancies. In the meantime? So lets stop carping, complaining, demeaning and degrading our women folk and recognize their incalculable potential and use them when and where we must - until we succeed.

Bruce Carroll Pierce

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity .